Political History of The Stelle Group – Mid 1970’s




… For those of you who have misplaced your copy of the PARMCAM minutes of October 18, 1970, I am presenting here Richard’s answer to the request for his definition of the function of the Trustees: …

March 28, 1970


Rapid Growth Within The Stelle Group (from Lee Whitten)

… The Stelle Group has gained a net average of eleven new members annually over the past nine years. Yet, if we expect to have 10,000 residents by the time the depression hits in the mid-seventies, we will have to grow approximately 200 times faster than our present rate of growth! …

July 8, 1972


From TSG Trustees

Richard’s announced, at the Founding Day Ball, [that he will be] “…leaving Stelle to do the Brotherhoods’ Work elsewhere for a long and indefinite period”…

April 1, 1974


Message to the Membership (from TSG trustees)

Richard Kieninger has announced that he will be working on other projects for The Stelle Group which will require his absence for an indefinite period of time. In view of this, he has made the following changes in the offices of The Stelle Group and Stelle Industries, Inc.:  … The Board of Trustees recognizes the considerable challenge involved in this new situation. We are certain that all who have come here in service to the Brotherhoods and Their Plan will accept the challenge willingly.

April 3, 1974


Richard Meets with Gail

… I visited Stelle and spoke with Gail about my intention to …

May 16, 1974


Richard G. Kieninger (TSG Board of Trustees)

Missing - [A directive to Richard prohibiting him from communicating with TSG members]

May 17, 1974


Trustees of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

I am in receipt of your directive of May 17, 1974 which bars my contacting members of The Stelle Group, interfering in the environment of Stelle, or attending any functions or meeting of Stelle people except by first written approval.

May 18, 1974

Casualties in Crisis (from David Cysewski)

… Personal crisis multiplied becomes group, neighborhood, and national crisis. A change has occurred in the structural fabric of The Stelle Group. Where someone had always been, there now exists a void. Functions which had been performed are still being performed but a human being is not only the function he performs. A human being is also a reference point. Some humans are reference points for only a few other humans. Some are like beacons along the coast and are used by many others to locate themselves and to maintain course. …

May 27, 1974


All the members of The Stelle Group (Richard Kieninger)

Subject: Delay in arrival of emissaries to teach Citizenship Training. I have been advised that there will be an indefinite postponement of the arrival of the emissaries who are to inaugurate instruction of members of The Stelle Group in a seven-year course in Citizenship Training.  As always, the right to receive special advanced instruction has to be earned, and it is the opinion of Those whom I serve that the level of consciousness and attitude of the members of The Stelle Group remains petty and bound to old-order concepts.  You who dream of soaring like eagles are still earth‑bound. Until a passion for truth becomes manifest, it is felt that the teachings of the emissaries will be disregarded and argued about as to their validity in much the same way that I have been listened to while translation into change within the hearers has not happened to any real extent. …

May 31, 1974


Business Meeting Report (TSG Trustees)

… I wish to apologize to the 15% of the membership to which the discussion tonight does not apply and to the newer members who have not as yet been sufficiently involved with Stelle to have been tested. … I would like to answer many questions which have been asked of the wrong people. By that I mean many of you have taken your questions to one another rather than to your orientation classes, or to the trustees when they are personal. Why is your approach improper? …

July 20, 1974


James E. Howery (from Richard Kieninger)

Inasmuch as the Board of Trustees of The Stelle Group has neither acted upon nor accepted my tender of resignation …

August 14, 1974


Mr. Richard Kieninger (from TSG trustees)

… It is the feeling of the Board of Trustees that we cannot allow you to function as an agent for The Stelle Group or Stelle Industries, Inc. at this time due to the many observed and spoken incongruities in your actions and statements relative to the philosophy as written in The Ultimate Frontier. …

August 14, 1974


To all the trustees of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

I have engaged myself in a journey of a couple thousand miles and have waited six days for an audience with the trustees. I came in response to what appears to be disturbing trends within the administration of both The Stelle Group and Stelle Industries.

August 19, 1974


To all Trustees of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

It has been reported to me variously that two main reasons why the trustees feel the general membership must be protected from my presence until after Philadelphia  is established are 1.) an apparent dependence upon guidance by astrological seerism on my part and 2.) an apparent departure from the sexual morality I’ve believed and taught in the past.

August 24, 1974


Mr. Richard Kieninger (from TSG trustees)

It is extremely distressing to both receive and answer a letter like the one you wrote to all the Trustees on August 19, 1974 because it is such an obvious ploy, self-serving and a negative drain of valuable time of the people who are working to accomplish the building of Stelle at this time. …

August 25, 1974


James E. Howery (from Richard Kieninger)

I have been informed that Stelle Industries, Inc. has been reduced to only two elected directors due to the recent resignation of John Stone and the failure of Robert Jensen to assume office. Please submit to me, in order of your preference, the names of qualified candidates for the office of director so that in my capacity as Voting Trustee of the stock of Stelle Industries I may elect replacements for Mr. Stone and M. Jensen.

September 8, 1974


Trustees of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

I am answering your letter August 25, 1974 in the same order that the subjects were presented by you. To the best of my knowledge I have been dealing only in historical fact; so if you think my references to subject matter which has been gone over again and again in the past constitutes vagueness, I will spell it all out for you in exhaustive written detail.

September 8, 1974


Dear Friends (from Gail Kieninger)

… Recently I have heard feedback that there is a negative undercurrent in the Group which be­speaks an uneasiness. It seems to include things like, “Oh, another policy statement from ‘them.’” “It seems like some people can speak up and say what they want to, but not everyone can.” “Look at Jack and Jill. They didn’t like RC, and they were disassociated.” “Why isn’t everyone given help or advance warnings before they are disassociated?” “Gail sure has favorites.” “We need more time to study, and if they were really teaching us how to precipitate and the other things, we wouldn’t have to work so hard.” …

September 27, 1974


TSG Business Meeting

Richard appeared unannounced at a monthly meeting of TSG to protest of all the restrictions imposed upon him by the trustees, and to suggest several changes in the functioning of TSG. At this meeting, the group found out that Richard must get permission from the Trustees to speak to the group. Whereas in previous years Richard had insisted that the group follow directives issued by himself and the trustees, at this meeting he stated that the group needed to develop methods leading to more grass-roots participation in the decision-making process, and he recommended the formation of a ru­dimentary judicial system.

September 28, 1974


“Meeting with 12 Reps”


September 28, 1974


Mr. Richard G. Kieninger (from James E. Howery & Trustees of TSG)

As you have so aptly stated many times in the past, “We are today the product of our thoughts and actions of yesterday.” It is extremely unfortunate that your manifestations of today are incongruous with the Stelle community and indeed detrimental to its integrity. … [3 directives are hereby invoked limiting Richard]

October 4, 1974


TSG Trustees (from Richard Kieninger)

Missing - … “I would be willing to accept whatever responsibilities the Trustees would place under my jurisdiction.” …

October 16, 1974

Dear Richard (from TSG trustees)

We desire that you return to Stelle and work with us as rapidly as it is feasible and for the greatest good of all concerned.  … The credibility gap is with you and not with the Philosophy. And while we would agree that lying and coverups compromise credibility, frankness and openness in a statement by you to the membership probably would not re-establish your credibility. The old adage, “By their works, ye shall know them, ”is applicable here. Stelle Group members should have no need to make a moral judgment of you, but they will accept what you write and teach in the future according to how well you seem to live the Philosophy. If you do not practice what you have taught, you cannot expect them to accept your words, for actions always speak louder than words. In view of the fact that we do not believe that a public statement by you on your reality of the past problems would be of positive value to the Group, we ask that you make no such statement. …

October 25, 1974


NOTICE (from James E. Howery, President)

I am pleased to announce that Richard Kieninger returned to the Stelle community Friday November 1, 1974

November 1, 1974


Mr. James E. Howery (from Richard Kieninger)

I, Richard G. Kieninger, voting Trustee, in accordance with the provisions of the Stelle Industries, Inc. Voting Trust Agreement of December 1, 1971, herewith elect and appoint myself (individually and not as Voting Trustee) a Director of Stelle Industries, Inc. effective this date, and continuing until the next regular election of Directors, in order to fill the position of Director vacated by the resignation of Mr. John Stone from that appointment.

November 4, 1974


To Whom It May Concern (from Walter Cox)

Last week I received a letter from Richard Kieninger in which he took exception to several of the statements in my letter of December 1, 1975 concerning past events. Richard also voiced concern about my motive for writing that letter and asked for a public apology, so I wish to express my reasons for writing the letter and eliminate any possible misunderstanding as to its content. ..

January 16, 1975


Richard Barred from Conducting  Open House (unsigned)

“Due to the continuance of your attempts to lead Stelle Group participants away from the basic philosophy of The Stelle Group by your statements of esoteric conjecture; general speculation about the universe;

January 27, 1975

Richard G. Kieninger (from TSG trustees)

Due to the continuance of your attempts to lead Stelle Group participants away from the basic philosophy of The Stelle Group by your statements of esoteric conjecture; general speculation about the universe; subtle rationalizations implying that your life style and behavior is above the philosophy; … It is therefore the decision and reality of The Stelle Group Board of Trustees that you shall no longer conduct “Open House” question and answer meetings for participants of The Stelle Group until further notice.

January 27, 1975


To The participants of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

In response to rumors and speculations about why I went away from Stelle last April 1st, I wish to share with you the many reasons for my departure as well as why I have returned. …

February 10, 1975


An Open Letter to Richard G. Kieninger from The Stelle Group Board of Trustees

Although your letter of February 10, 1975 was not delivered to us, your statements in the letter imply dereliction of duty and malfeasance of office by the Trustees of The Stelle Group. If this is indeed true, it would seem not only reasonable but mandatory that charges be brought against the Trustees in the performance of your position of accountability for The Stelle Group to the Brotherhoods. As you are well aware, we have made this statement many times to you in the past. …

February 11, 1975


Dear Friends (from Gail Kieninger)

I have had a number of phone calls and conversations with people in the last two days in which I have been asked what I was going to do or say. … Second, I do not share Richard’s reality that we are not now married, nor his reality that we have not been married for some time. … Third, I have heard from several people that the Trustees have been holding back information because they felt you could not handle it. …

February 13, 1975


Mr. David Cysewski (from Richard Kieninger)

On the basis of the search you made today in The Stelle Group files and because nobody else is able to recall having seen written rental agreement, it appears that The Stelle Group and I never concluded a formal lease on residence  A127-1. …

February 21, 1975


Notice to Beneficiaries of the Voting Trust Agreement (from Richard Kieninger)

At 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 29, 1975, at the Stelle School, an official meeting is called of the beneficiaries of the Voting Trust for the purpose of amending the Voting Trust Agreement. It is important that you attend the March 22, 1975 meeting at 3:00 p. in., notice of which has already been posted.

March 19, 1975


Dear Richard (from James E. Howery)

During the course of discussions which was held after the regular monthly meeting of The Stelle Group participants on March 15, 1975, you publicly asked for my resignation as a Trustee of The Stelle Group. … As I have offered my resignation as President and Trustee (verbal and written) to you when you have stated I was not carrying out my duties and responsibilities as I should, and you have accepted my offer verbally, I request only that you officially request my resignation in the following legal manner: …

March 25, 1975

To The Board of Trustees (from Walter Cox)

… Basically this difficulty centers around. the question, “Is Stelle to remain simply a school, or is Stelle to become also a citizenry with its government?” I believe the latter is rapidly becoming the case as people commit their lives, their fortunes, and their allegiance to Stelle as a community. …

April 11, 1975


Mr. Richard Kieninger (from TSG trustees)

Due to your total disregard of your duty to uphold the high principles of The Stelle Group as stated in THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER, a duty incumbent upon all members as stated in Article II, Section 2, of the By-Laws, you are hereby expelled from membership in The Stelle Group, effective at 12 o’clock noon, Sunday April 13. …

April 12, 1975


Charges Against Richard G. Kieninger Supporting His Expulsion from The Stelle Group (from TSG trustees)

Charge 1: You have actively sought to undermine the work of The Stelle Group and its leadership in a manner which far exceeds your right of petition and criticism guaranteed in Article II, section 6, of the by-laws.

Charge 2: Through your words and actions, you have repeatedly shown a disregard for the high principles in THE ULTIMATE FRONTIER, in contravention of Article II, section 2, of the by-laws. …

Charge 3: You have violated Lemurian Law #2: “No one … may take anything from another person … by force.” Dr. Stelle, in his lessons, explains that “force” under this law includes manipulation, trickery, deliberate deceit and taking unfair advantage of the ignorance of another. …

Charge 4: You have violated Lemurian Law #7: “No one has the right to attempt to operate in the environment of another unless asked to do so by that person.” …

Charge #5: You have violated Lemurian Law #9: “The sanctity of the home is inviolate.” …

April 13, 1975


Dear Richard (from TSG Trustees)

The charges against you which resulted in your expulsion from Membership in The Stelle Group on April 13, 1975, are as follows: …

April 14, 1975


AGREEMENT (from TSG trustees)

          WHEREAS, RICHARD G. KIENINGER, this 15th day of April, 1975, has expressed his innocence of the Charges 1 through 5, attached hereto, made by the Board of Trustees of The Stelle Group as grounds for his expulsion from Membership effective April 13, 1975 , in accordance with Article II, Sections 2 and 5, of the By-Laws, and,

          WHEREAS, RICHARD G, KIENINGER has requested a hearing of his case before a panel of his peers, drawn by lot, as provided in Article II, Section 5 , of the By-Laws , this document serving as said written notice of this request …

April 15, 1975

All the participants of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

The general meeting of The Stelle Group on March 15 gave rise to many questions about why the trustees are blocking me from both teaching philosophy and directing the course of the group. In response to repeated requests by participants that I define the issues at hand, I am writing this letter in an attempt to do so. …

April 16, 1975


Transcript of Richard’s Expulsion

[not yet digitized]

April 19, 1975


Decisions of the Review Panel

The following decisions were made on April 20, 1975, by a panel of peers as provided in Article II, section 5, of the by-laws of The Stelle Group regarding the expulsion of Richard G. Kieninger: …

April 20, 1975


Mr. Cox (from Richard Kieninger)

I have the distinction of being the first member of The Stelle Group to have had a trial before a panel of his peers, and I believe it was conducted reasonably and fairly, and I am satisfied with it. I had no expectation of winning an acquittal; for as Merrilie commented to Tom Valentine, there’s no way to defend yourself against charges of violating Lemurian Laws.

April 26, 1975


Mr. Howery (from Richard Kieninger)

A few minutes before 8:00 P.M. this evening I came to attend the annual shareholders meeting Stelle Industries, Inc. for which I received notice to attend per the April 18, 1975 letter from the corporation secretary, Gail Kieninger, sent to shareholders of record as of that date. I was told by the keepers at the door outside the factory building, Mssrs. Tom Hood and Malcolm Carnahan, that I was not entitled to enter the building or attend the meeting in the board room since my name did not appear on their list of current stockholders. …

April 28, 1975


Dear Mr. Raysa (from Richard Kieninger)

… I wish to file for an immediate court ruling on the validity of the transfer of the Voting Trustee to my wife….

April 28, 1975


The Stelle Group—A Preparatory School (from Gail Kieninger)

The Stelle Group is a Preparatory School for the training of aspirants to Citizenship in the Nation of God. … In March of 1974, I really knew that we were not getting our teaching program together, and at a Trustees’ meeting, we questioned Richard again about why we weren’t developing the lessons. He informed us that he had told the Brotherhoods that he “did not want to write the lessons and that we would not do to.” He further stated that he could do that, and They would back any decision he made.  And so the Brotherhoods seemed to take the old familiar stand, “His direction is his choice to make.” Shortly after that, on April 1, 1974, Richard passed responsibility and authority on to Jim Howery and myself, and he went his own way. …

May, 1975

Notice of Special Meeting to Amend Bylaws of The Stelle Group (from: 22 signatories)

Notice of Special Meeting to Amend Bylaws of The Stelle Group. We, the undersigned members of THE STELLE GROUP, under Article II, Section 6 of the Bylaws of THE STELLE GROUP and constituting 1/20th of the membership and under Paragraph 163(a)12, Sections 12 and 13 of the Illinois Revised Statutes, 1973, do hereby notify you that a Special Meeting is hereby to be held at the hour of … “Section VII REFERENDUM PROPOSAL: Any member of group …

May 10, 1975


Notice of a Special Meeting of The Stelle Group (from TSG Trustees)

… ARTICLE VIII – AMENDMENTS,         These by-laws may be altered, amended, or repealed, or new by-laws may be adopted in the following manner: …

May 12, 1975


To All Participants of The Stelle Group (from Walter Cox)

… Legal counsel, sought last week, revealed that: 1. Under Illinois state law (Illinois Revised Statutes, 163a12 - 13 and 163a13 - 14) members of The Stelle Group have the right to call special meetings and 2. According to The Stelle Group By-Laws, Article VIII. Amendments, “These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new by-laws may be adopted by a majority vote of the total membership.” Each participant of The Stelle Group has received, or will soon receive, notice of a meeting on May 24, 1975 to discuss and. vote on a proposed. amendment to The Stelle Group By-Laws. The proposed. amendment deals with the establishment of a referendum. …

May 12, 1975


Dear Walter (from David Cysewski)

… It is the decision of this Board of Trustees that the corporation will not supply the names and addresses which you requested because the procedure implied in the By-Laws has not as yet been complied with. …

May 13, 1975


To the Board of Trustees of The Stelle Group (from D. Livingston, W. Cox, J. Fortney, A. Davis, and G. Hines)

As proposers of the amendment to The Stelle Group By-Laws to be voted on at the May 24, 1975 Special Meeting, we wish to state our awareness of two amendment procedures: …

May 14, 1975


Gentlemen (from TSG trustees signed)

We regret that our schedules will not allow the Trustees to meet with the proposers on the amendment prior to Sunday, May 18, 1975, at 4:00 p.m. …

May 15, 1975


Beneficiary of Voting Trust of Stelle Industries (from Richard Kieninger)

  I am herewith presenting a pro rata bill for legal services contracted by me as Voting Trustee to determine the legality of an attempt made by Mrs. Merrilie Maull to amend the Voting Trust Agreement on or about March 22, 1975. It was shown by the attorneys hired by me that the only legal condition by which the Agreement could be amended would not likely be practically attainable since it would require a 100% agreement by all beneficiaries …

May 20, 1975


Stelle Participants (Steve Hartmeyer)

Today I was dis-associated from The Stelle Group. At the time I accepted that decision; but upon reflecting whether or not I could abide by that decision my answer has to be no. … Therefore, I must still consider myself a member of The Stelle Group and a participant in The Great Plan.

June 1, 1975


By-Law Amendment Committee Members (from Walter Cox)

We have during our several meetings been discussing policy and whether or not standing policies in The Stelle Group are in effect enforced. The statement has been made by several trustees that policies are not enforced, that compliance is purely voluntary, and that this is in keeping with our interim definition: …

June 3, 1975


To the participants of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

Various members of The Stelle Group have recently asked me to com­ment on the legitimacy of Gail Kieninger’s position as the Admis­sions Committee, and I am replying herewith to that request. My performance of the task of admissions evaluations was a natural part of my commission to establish The Stelle Group, and there was no separate authorization from the Brotherhoods that gives me spec­ific powers to conduct admissions work other than what is inherent in my title as “Judge of Israel.” …

June 4, 1975


All Stelle Group Participants (Gail Kieninger)

Steve Hartmeyer was disassociated from participation with The Stelle Group on June 1, 1975 … Jim Howery received a letter from Mr. Hartmeyer dated June 8, 1975, in which he stated that he did not intend to move out of the farmhouse. This will necessitate our proceeding legally to evict him. … For a participant to associate with Mr. Hartmeyer places that participant outside of Stelle for the period of association. To consciously put oneself outside of Stelle is the mental act which can precipitate a corresponding situation on the physical plane. … It is, therefore, my strong recommendation that all participants cease contact with Mr. Hartmeyer until he has moved from the farmhouse, ceases to trespass on Stelle property…

June 10, 1975


An Open Letter (from James Howery)

It is not my intent to respond to the open letters or gossip per se, but to pass along data which I believe will fill a glaring educational need in The Stelle Group and which I trust may be used as an analytical tool in the future, by all.. …

June 10, 1975


Merrile’s Draft Proposal (from TSG trustees?)

… The panel shall be chosen by lot from among the general membership provided, however, that should a class of membership be created as a result of advanced training, the panel shall be chosen by lot from among this class. The petitioner shall be present at the drawing of the panel by lot. … No policy, rule, or standard set by the departments of religion or education or the admissions committee designed to attain or maintain a quality of excellence within The Stelle Group shall be subject to change under the provisions of this section.

June 12, 1975


Trustees’ Draft Proposal (from TSG trustees)

… Rules, regulations, policies, or standards set by the Departments of Religion or Education or the Admissions Committee shall not be subject to change under the provisions of this section since their function is to attain or maintain a quality of excellence within The Stelle Group. However, suggestions or proposed changes will be welcomed by the above departments. …

June 15, 1975


The participants of The Stelle Group (from By-Laws Amendment Committee)

At the meeting of the By-Laws Amendment Committee this date, the four representatives of the 22, presented to the committee a proposed amendment to a procedure presently before the committee and after some discussion announced their intent to immediately present said proposal to the membership for vote. The reason given for this action was that they felt an impasse had been reached regarding basic concepts. This decision was unilateral. They refused the request of the committee to have a week to review the proposal as was the case with prior proposals. …

June 22, 1975

To All Participants of The Stelle Group (from M. Carnahan, W. Cox, A. Davis, and R. Hellner)

The By-Laws Amendment Committee today has concluded its negotiations without success. The Trustees were unwilling to agree to a middle position between that which was originally presented by us to the membership in a notice for a special meeting dated May 10, 1975, and the Trustees’ position which was presented to the above committee on June 15th. …

June 22, 1975


Notice of a Special Meeting to Amend the By By-Laws of the Stelle Group (from: 45 signatories)

We, the undersigned members of The Stelle Group, under Article II, Section 6 of the Bylaws of The Stelle Group and constituting 1/20th of the membership and under Paragraph 163 (a)12, Sections 12 and 13, Chapter 32 of the Illinois Revised Statutes, 1973, do hereby notify you that a Special Meeting is hereby to be held at the hour of …

Resolved that: Article II. Members shall amended to include: Section 6. Rights of Petition and Criticism …

June 22, 1975


Participants of The Stelle Group (from James E. Howery)

I have just concluded reading the June 22, 1975 letter from the fourrepresentatives-of-the­twenty-two, and have received the full impact of another attempt to destroy The Stelle Group and its appointed role in the Great Plan of Christ. These “works” whether manifesting wittingly or unwittingly are the continuation of a tremendous effort by those entities who would see the Great Plan and Stelle destroyed, an effort in which Richard has also participated and which has the net effect of diverting the collective attention of The Stelle Group from its correct path.

June 24, 1975


Participants of The Stelle Group (from Walter Cox)

On Friday, May 9, 1975, I met Jim Herr at the Stelle Industries, Inc. factory. … On Saturday, May 10, 1975, I picked up the completed draft at Mr. Herr’s office in Pontiac, Illinois. … No attempt was made to keep the proposal or the time of the forthcoming meeting a secret. … Jim Howery asked Mr. Herr whether or not it was legal for the majority to control a not-for-profit organization. Mr. Herr replied that the present structure of our by-laws allows majority control of anything …

June 24, 1975


The Trustees of The Stelle Group (from M. Carnahan, W. Cox, A. Davis, D. Hellner)

The Special Meeting to amend the by-laws of The Stelle Group was called to order at … Approximately 90% of the total voting membership of The Stelle Group was represented at the start of the meeting. Gail Kieninger voiced an objection to the legality of the meeting and stated that she was leaving. … Walter Stodd, attorney for the proposers of the by-law amendments, forwarded the legal opinion that the meeting was in fact legal provided a quorum existed. …

June 28, 1975


All Participants of The Stelle Group (from TSG trustees)

In response to your request of June 28, 1975, to incorporate the proposed amendments allegedly passed on June 27, 1975, please be reminded The Stelle Group is not bound by any vote or action taken at the meeting called for June 27 at the Cullom Community Center due to the fact that said meeting was not held at the registered office of the corporation as required by Chapter 32, Illinois Revised Statutes, Section 163a 12: …

July 11, 1975


Complaint For Declaratory Judgment, Mandatory Injunction And Other Relief (from Richard Kieninger)

… FOURTH: That on or about December 1, 1971, a Voting Trust Agreement was executed by and between the shareholders of Stelle Industries, Inc. and the Plaintiff as Trustee, …FIFTH: that the principal purpose of the aforesaid Agreement was to maintain continuity and stability of policies and management and prevent take-overs of the corporation by possible dissident factions. SIXTH: That on April 18, 1975, Plaintiff received a Notice of a Meeting of the Shareholders of Stelle Industries, Inc. which was sent out by the Defendants. That he presented himself at the meeting as was done in the past. That the Defendants refused to permit him to enter the meeting place. SEVENTH: that subsequently a copy of a so-called “Resolution” was delivered to him by the Defendants. … That since the date of the alleged Resolution Defendants have willfully and unlawfully refused and continue to refuse to allow Plaintiff to act as voting trustee, refused him entrance to the premises of the corporation, have usurped all of the powers of voting trustee, have elected directors and officers of their own choosing and have taken over the complete control and management of Stelle Industries, Inc., including but not by way of limitation have reissued shares of stock (formerly in Plaintiff’s name as Voting Trustee) in the name of the Defendant Gail Kieninger as Voting Trustee. …

July 14, 1975


Dear Malcolm (from Don Stauffer)

… “What makes the organizational structure of Stelle different from anywhere else?“ I know now what that difference is. The system of government at Stelle is one based on trust, while the govern­mental system of the United States, while built on a sound Constitution, is based on a system of checks and balances, which is by its nature a product of fear and distrust. This type of governmental system is no longer sufficient to further Mankind’s advancement. …

July 19, 1975


In God We Trust (from Jim Howery)

The foundation of any organized society or civilization is trust. …

July 24, 1975

All Participants of The Stelle Group (from Malcolm Carnahan, Walter Cox,  Richard Hellner)

… We believe the appointment of interim trustees by vote of the membership, with candidates stepping forward from both factions, will allow us the opportunity to resolve the enormous problems which will be ours to face during the coming months. We do not feel that The Stelle Group can afford to allow these problems to go unsolved any longer. We ask for removal of the present trustees from office, and the appointment of interim trustees to serve until the scheduled election in April, 1976; and we pray that those elected, with the support of the membership, will be able to establish a solid foundation for the future growth of Stelle.

August 3, 1975


Stelle participants (from Richard Kieninger)


… “I have been assured by my Teachers that because of the sensitivity of my job the Brotherhoods continuously screen out all mental influences, especially from Black Mentalists, that may be directed toward me.” …

August, 1975


To all the participants of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

A recent statement by the officialdom of The Stelle Group is that Stelle is becoming irreconcilably divided between a peripheral group of persons seeking to live a typical suburban life of mediocrity versus an inner-circle of persons who have taken the attitude of students striving for excellence. Such an idea is typical of the divisiveness visualized by the present trustees and further feeds precipitations of disunity. To my knowledge, all the members of The Stelle Group have aimed and con­tinue to aim for Egoic excellence and the success of Stelle, and this goes for most of the associates as well. I know of no participant who is seeking to destroy Stelle. The dream of the Brotherhoods’ Plan lives in the hearts of all. …

August 8, 1975


Trustees of The Stelle Group and All Members of The Stelle Group (from 90% of TSG membership)

Notice of Special Meeting to Remove the Trustees of The Stelle Group. We, the undersigned Members of The Stelle Group, under Article II, Section 6 of the by-laws of The Stelle Group, and constituting 1/20th of the membership under Paragraph 163a12&13, Chapter 32 of the Illinois Revised Statues, 1973, do hereby notify you that a Special meeting is to be held at the hour of 8:00 p.m. at Factory 1601 in Stelle, Illinois … Resolved that: James E. Howery, Gail Kieninger, David Cysewski and Gary Ennor be removed from Trusteeship of The Stelle Group and new trustees be appointed by majority vote of the membership to serve until the time of the scheduled election of trustees in April, 1976. …

August 12, 1975


Richard Kieninger (from TSG Trustees)

Missing “Trustees expressed doubt about Richard …”

August 25, 1975

Back Pay for Persons on Administrative Payroll in S.I.I. (from Malcolm Carnahan – President)

The meeting with Jim and the others covered two areas—the matter of back pay for persons on an Administrative Payroll in Stelle Industries and the matter of concern that Jim and the others expressed to the Trustees in the form of some direct questions. We trust that our efforts at giving direct responses will be of help to you in your understanding of the evolution of our thinking in the last three weeks. I think it is important to keep before the membership the fact that we take very seriously our responsibility to plan and make recommendations to the membership. We take equally seriously the fact that the decisions to accept or reject those recommendations must come from the membership. …

September 4, 1975


Ms. Gail A. Kieninger (from Richard Kieninger)

When I took leave of Stelle on April 1, 1974, I left you to continue in the same function relative to admissions work that you had occupied under my direction. I did not then, or ever, convey to you any authority from the Brotherhoods giving you any sanctions of power in terms of a commissioned office of admissions. Indeed, I have never myself received any such directly expressed office or title from the Brotherhoods; so I cannot pass along what I haven’t been expressly assigned. I have not authorized or have I by inference passed along to you any titles given to me. …

September 10, 1975


Mr. James E. Howery (from Richard Kieninger)

… Inasmuch as you have resigned from the offices and responsi­bilities of director and president of Stelle Industries, Inc., and you have also resigned as trustee and president of The Stelle Group, I herewith formally relieve you of all the author­ity I delegated to you to serve or act for me as an agent of the Brotherhoods, You are therefore removed from any chain of authority and responsibility I had assigned to you or that you may have assumed by self-proclamation. …

September 10, 1975


Open Letter to the Participants of The Stelle Group (from Gail Kieninger)

In reading the Trustees’ cover letter attached to the By-Law amendment proposal as well as the proposed by-laws, I find it necessary to reply to some of their statements and concepts. Because I have been asked by the Board of Trustees to submit alternative proposed by-laws, it is obvious to all of you that I am not in favor of the Trustees’ proposal. …

September 10, 1975


Kieninger vs. Kieninger (from Malcolm Carnahan)

Attached is an affidavit which contains information in response to your request of September 2, 1975, on the case referred above. … [contains financial history of Gail’s employment for TSG]

September 22, 1975

Meeting with Richard Kieninger (from TSG trustees)

At the invitation of the Board of Trustees, Richard Kieninger met with us at 10.00 A.M., November 16, 1975, in the Factory Boardroom, to discuss matters of concern to the progress of Stelle. Richard said he thinks The Stelle Group is moving where we are supposed to go as best he can determine. He said he has had enough discussion with various people in the group to feel that what we need is information and not his presence, that the acceptance of information might be a little easier for the group without his “enforcing” it. He said that henceforth he will put any information he has for us in writing instead of just talking about it. Relative to the information that he has to teach, he will put this into a book. He said that even though he is moving to Texas, he will remain available for consultation and will be no further away than the telephone. He said he had thought that during the first three months of the new administration, we would have many questions, but there have been few. He doesn’t know that he would benefit the overall program by remaining in the area.

November 16, 1975


To all the participants of The Stelle Group (from Richard Kieninger)

I wish to share with you my thoughts on why I have taken leave of the Stelle area and moved to Texas. My private discussions with two of the new trustees and then with the whole board of trustees on November 16, 1975, have provided me with ample indication that there is practically no effective way for me to be of service to The Stelle Group because of the large proportion of participants who not only object to my presence on the site but who can no longer place credence in the verity of my mission or teachings.

November 30, 1975


A Brief History (Trustees writing in the Stelle Letter)

During the past eighteen months many changes have taken place in Stelle. The sequence of events leading up to these changes is so complex that we have found it difficult to summarize all that has transpired. It is primarily because of this difficulty that we have not publicized the matters discussed in this article, yet we feel a certain obligation to the many persons interested in Stelle, and we wish to provide a basic outline of the events of the recent past. References to communications from the Brotherhoods to Richard Kieninger are as reported by Richard; the following presentation is simply our best understanding of the situation, and it is only in retrospect that the events outlined take on an order which was not readily visible at the time they occurred. …

November 1975


Dear Richard (from Walter Cox)

I feel it is necessary for me to respond to your letter of November 30, 1975, because in my opinion several distortions of Truth have been presented which I believe might better be brought to light. I do not know whether or not you intend to create false impressions, nevertheless this seems to happen with alarming regularity, and dealing with you on a rational basis can be quite difficult as a result. …

December 1, 1975


Dear Friends (Don Stauffer)

… I strongly believe that Stelle does not need Richard Kieninger and would be better off without him. I have vacillated on this for some time and this is my conclusion unless he could, by his actions, prove me wrong. …

December 6, 1975

Dear Walt (from Richard Kieninger)

There were a few things in your letter to me of December 1st to which I’ll take exception, and I wish to state my counter views. I gather that it is fashionable in The Stelle Group to regard me as “irrational” and “paranoid” since you use those phrases and infer­ences frequently in your communications with me including your letter of December 1st. Your statement to MaryAnn and me that my administration of The Stelle Group was insane and your insistence when I objected to the term “insane” that most of the people you’ve talked to who “survived” my administration agree that my methods were “insane” indicates to me the real level of the group’s possible acceptance of me and what I have to offer. Your habitual use of such loaded terms cannot help..

December 15, 1975


Dear Fellow Citizens (from Walter Cox)

Having just concluded a telephone conversation with Richard from Garland, Texas, I would like to share the information which Richard conveyed, specifically that today he was contacted by the Brotherhoods and informed that Stelle once again has Their support and is part of the Brotherhoods’ program. …

January 8, 1976


The Board of Trustees (from Richard Kieninger)

In accordance with my agreement to let you know immediately should I again have a contact from a representative of the Brotherhoods, I am able to advise you that my teacher, John, met me in person for a four hour conversation yesterday afternoon in Garland, Texas. I am happy to say that the areas of our discussion relating to Stelle consisted of what can be regarded as good news. …

January 9, 1976


Marriage, the Home, and Human Sexuality (from SII directors)

… 1. Human Sexuality. Malcolm said we are thinking of continuing the small group discussion format to discuss the subject of human sexuality within the group. …

February 17, 1976


Syndicated Interview of Gail Kieninger


Date unknown


All Members of The Stelle Group

Of foremost concern, as we move into discussion, will be deepening the communication among our­selves; however, it is anticipated that a natural result of this communication will be the evolution and definition of a group consciousness, parameters of acceptability, etc., relative to human socio-sexuality. This is not to suggest that we will evolve one “perfect” path that is to be considered moral and proper in Stelle

March 10, 1976


Mr. Richard Kieninger (from Don Dafflitto – TAO President)

… this syndicated interview given by your wife, Gail, is now appearing throughout the United States, the partici­pants of The Adelphi Organization have decided that it is best that you no longer represent them or act in any official capacity associated with The Adelphi Organiza­tion. …

April 30, 1976


Members of The Stelle Group (from George Watson – Trustee)

In mid-1974, soon after Richard Kieninger’s first departure from Stelle, David Cysewski wrote an article entitled “Casualties of Crisis” wherein he pointed out how a change in “reference points” usually causes a corresponding questioning of goals and directions in The Stelle Group, what he called a time of “waking sleeping dogs.” …

May 3, 1976


Richard Kieninger’s Meeting with the Board of Trustees (from Malcolm Carnahan)

… Richard shared very little of the information that he received from John with the Board of Trustees. His contact lasted approximately 45 minutes; the first five minutes was a clairaudient communication. Richard passed on that the Brothers were generally pleased with the way things were going in both Stelle and Adelphi. …

June 14, 1977


TAO Philosophy Discussion (Richard Kieninger)

They just didn't want to get involved because they thought they’d really be in deep water. They didn't have the background for it and they didn't want to get into it. That's okay in some things. …  That was the major problem that happened at Stelle. They didn’t want to get involved in anything. People said, “I don't want to know anything about government. I don't want to know anything about economics. I don't want to get involved in it. That's what we have experts for. We pick people who want to dig into it and we pay them and it's their job then to come up with all the details and make the decisions.” That's a cop out. Because there are some kinds of things like economics and government which everybody has to really get involved in. Otherwise, they don't understand what's happening. …

May 24, 1978


Covenants of Membership (from Richard Kieninger)

I hereby declare and affirm my dedication to the purposes of The Stelle Group as stated in The Ultimate Frontier and as disclosed from time to time by my Teachers. I believe in the Lemurian Philosophy taught by the Ancient Mystic Brotherhoods, and use it as my personal guide for right living. I shall ever strive to refine my character through personal application of the Twelve Great Virtues, and I vow to live in accordance with the Ten Lemurian Laws to the fullest extent of my evolving understanding of them.

October 19, 1978