I am pleased to announce that Richard Kieninger returned to the Stelle community Friday November 1, 1974.



Richard will be functioning in the following areas of responsibility at this time:


1.           Admissions Committee.

2.           Speaker at the monthly public meeting in Chicago.

3.           Conduct open houses.

4.           Counselor and advisor to the Board of Trustees.

5.           Chairman of the Board of Stelle Industries, Inc. Board of Directors.

6.           Writing the Stelle Letter “Observations”.

7.           Write and/or supervise the writing of lessons for the general public.

8.           Machine operator for Stelle Woodworking Co. (7:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Monday thru Friday)



All other organizational structure of The Stelle Group and Stelle Industries, Inc. remains as is.



I trust that everyone joins me in welcoming Richard back among us.


James E. Howery