January 9, 1976


The Board of Trustees

The Stelle Group

Stelle, Illinois

Cabery P.O., 60919




In accordance with my agreement to let you know immediately should I again have a contact from a representative of the Brotherhoods, I am able to advise you that my teacher, John, met me in person for a four hour conversation yesterday afternoon in Garland, Texas. I am happy to say that the areas of our discussion relating to Stelle consisted of what can be regarded as good news.


The Brotherhoods’ neutral, wait-and-see position was lifted several months ago, and They are again affording us protection, actively providing challenges and opportunities for us by which to learn and grow, and helping to transmute our karmic shortcomings. John urged that current financial liabilities be brought up to date in order to free up Stelle business activity and afford larger profit margins. He re-emphasized the need for real changes in social attitudes and interaction along the lines of my letter explaining the delay in the arrival of Emissaries to teach Citizenship Training.


John stated that the exodus of the former trustees and their followers was really the removal of those persons who were so engrained with certain old-order attitudes and values that they sought to maintain that status quo. Apparently, the former trustees are not guilty so much of leading their followers astray, but rather they were not strong enough or sufficiently knowledgeable to re-educate themselves or their followers toward the truth or to guide them through the un­certainties of the changes demanded by a new-order culture. That faction removed themselves out of their own reactionary rigidity. Therefore, the former trustees are not likely to experience any nega­tive karma for splitting off from The Stelle Group provided, of course, that everyone concerned returns all the money taken as “back wages” from Stelle Industries and they return all the materials and records belonging to both the group and the industries. Those people who left are now presently outside of Stelle and association with the Brotherhoods’ work. Except for a few of them who the Brotherhoods still consider enemies of the Great Plan, the majority of those who went to Wisconsin or who just left and went back home are at peace with The Stelle Group and are entitled to seek Egoic advancement by whatever other means they choose. This is not to say that they can­not again work in Stelle, but they must first prove their loyalty and steadfastness. All persons who labor for advancement, in or outside of Stelle, are so steeped in the errors of our parent society that the faults, illusions and myths that everyone has brought with them into Stelle makes for but a thin line between the Ins and the Outs. Not until a drastic revision in Stelle’s way of life actually becomes a reality does anyone have much cause to criticize another.


I have been given to understand, however, that two persons are in severe karmic jeopardy—Craig Zeilenga and James Dale. Whatever money is actually lost by the people of Stelle through the claims the two men initiated in order to be paid for their donated time must be shared as karmic indebtedness by the two. I am told by John that Stelle does not deserve having the Labor Department’s rule applied to Stelle’s free-will agreement between co-contributors to their own enterprise.


I have John’s encouragement to write a book along the lines asked of me by Walter Cox, and we had considerable discussion of what John would like to have included in it. I had a very pleasant con­versation with John, and for the first time our meeting was not on a teacher-student level but rather was more of a good humored chat between friends. I had the feeling that I was being treated as a person who had come of age, and He seemed to regard my opinions and ideas as useful and valuable. It’s funny how late in my life I had still felt like a child in His presence. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t respect His knowledge and powers. John became pretty emphatic when He restated that I am still responsible for The Stelle Group and am answerable for its conduct, and He gets His point across that He means business. John’s opinion that Stelle is moving more in the right directions than in the wrong directions makes me feel a bit more comfortable about my absence from the site. I ex­pect that communications between me and Stelle will be enlarged and bettered as time goes by.


Most of my discussion with John centered around my personal progress and the work immediately before me for the next several years. So most of what was said relative to Stelle I have relayed to you in broad terms. I expect this information has confirmed the correct­ness of your continued faith in Stelle during those bleak days of 1975. Your efforts have justified a reinstatement of the Brotherhoods’ support of your goal to advance civilization.



My sincerest best wishes,


Richard Kieninger