Brotherhoods’ viewpoint




When Life begins


Abraham: The ancient father of the Hebrew people and the Jewish church.


Offering tithes to Melchizedek





 Chakras and



Adam and Eve




Adelphi: The second city, forty miles east of Dallas, Texas, established by Richard Kieninger.


Behavior Guidelines



Citizenship training



See also Karma - Donations






Adept: After an Ego has passed the Seventh Degree of advancement, he is known as an Adept and need no longer function on the Physical Plane in physical incarnation. The Tenth Degree entitles one to be known as a High Adept. Tenth- and eleventh- degree Brothers are called High Adepts.


Advancement: Building our soul knowledge with Truths of existence, lifetime by lifetime.








Before Brotherhoods






Brachiation, retarded development









Difficulty, reasons for



Gurus vs. self-advancement



How to



Learning about the “universe”



Learning the “hard way”



Loss of



Loss within Brotherhoods



Male & female






Mental or emotional



More advanced than Lemurians



Outside of Brotherhoods



Quiet time



Rapid after achieving First Degree



Rearing, overcoming negative



Reason and logic






Stelle, in



Teacher is needed



Without technology



Affirmations:   Phrases, consciously and often repeated to oneself, that reflect characteristics and changes desired in your life. Reprogramming oneself with positive affirmations, automatically brings new levels of self-confidence and self-acceptance.


How they work



Agarthi:  One of the most sinister cults on the planet. They have lived in two Tibetan cave communities named Shamballa and Agarthi for thousands of years and refer to themselves as the Hierarchy. This group of ex-priests of the Mayan civilization were exiled, en masse, from the Atlantean civilization to the island of Thule. Since then they have repeatedly incarnated into the same group. Long-time archenemies of Christ they specialize in teaching astral travel (popularly called Eckankar) and mentally inducing illusory scenarios to ensnare such travelers. Agarthis also inspire false leadership in nations, lodges, and churches all over the world. They develop the lust for power in susceptible people and promote the misuse of magical powers. Agarthis work hand-in-hand with the Shamballists.


Generate confusion



See also Astral Travel



See also Shamballists



Agriculture: Activities involving the soil including, preparation, planting, harvesting, and yield quality and quantity increase.





Airships: Aircraft that are buoyant in the atmosphere. Early examples were the Zeppelins in the early twentieth century Germany.


Power source






Akashic Record: Also called the Book of God’s Remembrances, it is a function of the construction of the Etheric Plane that (1) records all human thoughts and (2) automatically records all karmic accountancy.


Free will



Causing our future



Future history



How it works








Not good for advancement


Angels:  Angelic intelligences exist on the Fifth Plane of Existence. They create planets and evolve physical life forms, step-by-step, through a conscious evolutionary process under their complete control.






Moon and












Types of Angels




From Master to




Different from Masters




Antichrist: An individual who is expected to take over total control of Europe and much of the Middle East. He is predicted to be called the Anti-Christ because of his strong actions against the clerics of all of the religions in Europe and his destruction of anything which is good and Christian in the world. The actions of the Nazis, and things even more evil, will be repeated with more force. The Agarthi and the Shamballists will be the ones behind it, in addition to the nether entities who operate from the spirit world. A man who will appear in the European continent and present himself as the savior of the European economy and a man of God. In actuality,


Appearance of




Development of




Economics, influence on




False prophet




Philadelphia, and




Religious similarities to Nazism




Who is it?




Antigravity Device:  A machine that generates a type of energy that neutralizes the effects of gravity in its vicinity.
















Apollonian—The Apollonian view is associated with the following things: the Occident, Western civilization, the Pfrees, patriarchy, efficiency, practicality, rationality, imagination, reason, logic, technology, and that which is cerebral, physical, or concrete.


Aquarian Gospel, The:   A historical novel whose subject is the life of Jesus. The content purportedly came from the Akashic Record but actually came from the portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Dowling, Levi




Archangels:  On the Sixth Plane of Existence, Archangels create matter and mentally hold together the physical universe. Every particle of matter and virtually every particle of energy on the lowest six planes of existence has been created by Archangelic Mind and continues its existence via the sustained mental precipitation of Archangelic thought.


See Christ




Ark of the Covenant:   A wood­en box about four feet long by two feet wide and two feet deep, made to carry the Holy of Holies.










See also Mercy Seat, Shekinah Glory, Tabernacle in the Wilderness




Armageddon: A series of wars which began in 1914. The last war, the final great battle called Armageddon, will end in wholesale obliteration of the inhabitants of the European and Asian continents.



Racial war




Armoring: A tensing of muscle groups in response to a real or perceived danger. This condition becomes chronic if the danger or thoughts of the danger are repeated often enough. The tensions built up by anxiety and anger block the flow of blood and reduce the movement of body fluids causing a burden on one’s life. (see “The Function of the Orgasm” by Wilhelm Reich, page 270.)


Blocks to memories




Little children



Origins and function





In Stelle


Aryan People





Astral Body





Astral Plane:   The Third Plane of Existence where all human Egos reside when they’re not residing in a physical body. This plane is where so-called heaven and hell exist. The lower Astral Plane is confused, dark, and dejecting. By comparison, the upper astral is bright, musical, joyous, and expansive. The third plane is also the level of the animal life essence, which is an energy that exists among the frequencies that comprise the astral electromagnetic spectrum and vitalizes animal cells. All animal organisms have an Astral Body; but when the dog or tiger or worm dies, it does not continue as an astral identity on the Astral Plane. Non-human animal auras do not have the colors, effulgent radiance or chakras seen in the human astral aura. On the Astral Plane, mental precipitation is practically instantaneous. The surroundings in which one perceives himself are the direct result of the kind of thoughts he sustains.


Astral projection




Awareness of




Astral Travel: Also mental bilocation, it is a condition in which the Ego’s Mind is able to impress upon his brain’s memory his Egoic experiences while traveling in astral form. It is a state identical to opening oneself to spirit control. The danger is that nether entities can mentally project environments and experiences so perfectly that the traveler believes them totally, and usually becomes an earnest disciple who spreads the deceptions.






See also Agarthi, Shamballa




Astrology: The Natal Chart infers the challenges an individual has set up for himself in his lifetime and can also indicate the strengths and Egoic skills he has already developed in order to cope with those challenges.






Stelle schools




Planetary Alignment




Atlantis: Archipelagos, in the Atlantic Ocean, that become a continent after Mu, in the Pacific, sank. Atlantis was our planet’s second-ranked civilization, in terms of fostering advancement. The civilization lasted 14,000 years.


Existence of




Flying machines









Auras: Astral—Egoic mental vibrations, emanating from the Fourth Plane, which are “visible” as colored lights around a person’s physical body or a spirit’s Astral Body, are determined by his emotions and character traits. These are not lights seen with one’s physical eyes.

Etheric—areas of light around the Vital Bodies of plants, animals or living persons.






Vital body




Autism:   A neuro-developmental disorder, manifesting before the age of three years, that results from a disorder of the human central nervous system. It impairs the functioning in three areas: (1) social interaction, (2) communication and (3) restricted and repetitive interests and activities.


Caused by vaccinations (mercury)











See also Hypnotism