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Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma): Every action, instituted by an Ego, puts into motion a reaction of equal value which will return to the Ego.


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Cayce, Edgar


Channeled information






Medical information good



Celestial Host: Synonymous with God. The Celestial Host consists of individuals who exist on the seventh plane of existence. They maintain the ether from which all things are made, and emanate perfect, divine Love.





British Intelligence





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Chakras: There are seven major plexi of the autonomic nervous system along our spinal column and head. Each of the plexi controls one of the endocrine glands. Chemical-electrical nerve energy on the physical plane flows through the plexi along with the etheric energy, which sustains our Vital Body. On the Astral plane, the animal life essence which animates the living cells also flows through the plexi. They are formed by the entrance and emergence of atmospheric Prana. To some clairvoyants they look like flowers slowly turning on the back and on the head. An Ego who is decarnate on the Astral Plane has no chakras. Various emotions, such as fear or anger, cause changes in the size, colors, and rotation rate of the chakras. Fearful, angry thoughts upset the endocrine glands and the energy flows through and the corresponding plexi of the central nervous system becomes imbalanced. This is evident in the disturbed chakras of the Vital Body.





Channeling: All spirit communications that come through mediums are highly suspect and, until proven correct, should be regarded as false, since only negative spirits and earthbounds hypnotically seize the brain functions of living mediums. You give up control of your brain to some extent in the process of allowing some other entity or mental force to function through you. If you do this a number of times, you begin to lose the resistance against having somebody just take over without your wanting them to. And this has become a very serious problem for many channelers. It can actually lead to no longer being able to function effectively in your life, and many people are in the insane asylum just as a result of that.




Stelle Group



Character: The essence of all that an Ego has learned of virtue through interactions with other people and has learned of cause-and-effect relationships through dealing with the material world. One’s character changes little from lifetime to lifetime and is what a person truly, basically is.











Congenital defects



Under water



Child Development


Brachiation & retarded development 


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Psychic Abilities






Vital Body





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Excluding negative influences



Religious program in Stelle



Christ: The elected Regent of our Archangelic Host, Who’s name is Melchizedek. Christ is not synonymous with Jesus, a High Adept who allowed Christ to use his body for a three-year ministry.


Aligning oneself with



Casting out demons



Cross, meaning of



Crucifixion, resurrection



Died on the Cross



Feared by authorities



Guide us (2800-2900)









Last words



Lemuria and Atlantis, in



Protective barrier



Rejected by Sanhedrin



Second coming



Suffered on cross, Why



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Suppression of



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Churchward, James


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Citizenship Training







Group of Egos who build






Clairaudience: You can become aware of what a person really means—the nuances of his intonation, muffling and vocal stressing— rather than just listing to the mere words of his communication. After some practice you can hear a speaker’s actual intention, which can be entirely different from what he says. This is hearing with the Mind added to hearing with ear and brain.





Clairsentience: Clairsentience is the next step up from intuition. The brain’s ability is called intuition, whereas clairsentience relies on your Egoic mind. Your Mind can pick up information from your own Egoic memory or telepathically from the Akashic Record.








Clairvoyance (controlled): The ability to perceive the Astral and Etheric Planes of Existence. A clairvoyant can perceive Vital and Astral bodies (auras) by transferring information perceived Egoically to the brain while awake. Controlled clairvoyance naturally results from character uplift and Egoic advancement obtainable through daily practice of the Twelve Great Virtues.


Accepted in primitive cultures



Achieved later in life



“Buddha’s Rule”



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Dreams and






How it works



Mystic awareness and



Protection, etc.








Tail of







20th Century Plot






Altered States



Barrier between Astral



Subconscious and advancement



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Correspondences, The Law of: As it is above, so it is below.


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Cosmic Consciousness: A requirement for Initiation into the Brotherhoods, cosmic consciousness includes both controlled clairvoyance (the ability to perceive higher planes at will while incarnate) and mystic awareness (a special form of brain awareness wherein reality may be perceived more wholly, in a supra-rational way).


After death






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Council of Seven


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Council on Foreign Relations: The Council on Foreign Relations, which is also closely connected to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, has been involved since shortly after World War I in trying to consolidate the British and American financial and industrial interests as they exist throughout the world. Through their information-gathering agencies, they, much like the British Navy has been for the past century, are the bully boys that keep people in line when they get aggressive or want to do things on their own. The United Nations, when it was established after World War II, is a part of this plan.


Creation of



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