The Meaning of the Cross Symbol


Q:     When Jesus Christ walked the earth when he recognized the crosses, what was the symbolism of the cross during Melchizedek’s time when He walked the earth? Why did they build this building in the shape of a cross?


RK:    It was not because it was a sign of crucifixion. A man in prayerful adoration: a symbol they used for that before there was a written language. Before Christ came along or before the Elder Brothers established the first civilization, people were more sun-worshippers than anything else. The sun was recognized as the source of warmth and light and life. There was a ceremony that was usually performed at dawn or sunset but preferably at dawn. It was where people would stand gathering in the light and the warmth of the sun as it came over the horizon. This is a cross. So, that was the symbol that was used for a person in prayerful adoration. That is the original meaning of the cross. It certainly is far more positive than the crucifix.


Q:     So, do you mean that everybody really did that? I mean people all gathered up before dawn and greeted the sun?


RK:  I think it was more or less a solitary type of thing. People did that wherever they were in solitude. Maybe not every morning.


Q:     Is it just something that was innate or was it something they learned?


RK:    I think they learned it over a period of time. All cultures that do not have any other input will have a very special feeling towards the sun. They will endow it with godlike or humanlike characteristics. Thank goodness the sun comes up because dark is a scary time. That is when all the animals are out, being predatory on whatever happens to the warm-blooded, and human beings being in the warm-blooded class, nighttime was a scary period of time. So, the sun was always a welcome sight. When the sun was low on the horizon, in the wintertime, everything kind of shriveled up, and when the sun was high in the summertime everything was lush and green and food was plentiful. So, it did not take them very long to figure out there was a connection between the sun and life itself. So, people anthropomorphized things of power: lightning and thunder.