End Days Suppression of the Catholic Church


The Roman Catholic church is one of the wealthiest churches in the world. This church has traditionally always supported the nobility and the nobility in turn has always supported the church. They work together. People who have really gotten into Nostradamus’ predictions, seemed to indicate that a political leader, arising in Europe, trying to consolidate Europe, to bring prosperity back to Europe, would eventually suppress the church—actually imprisoning priests and bishops and things of that sort. Ultimately, finding that in a new philosophy that is being established, Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic, would really stand in the way. Similarly, Hitler had to get rid of the churches in Nazi Germany. The church has been long suppressed in the Soviet Union for exactly the same reason. It interferes with the new philosophy so I would see there would be considerable suppression of all the churches including the Roman Catholic. Even though currently and up until this time they have supported the nobility.