Child-Rearing Methods in Western Civilization


“A whole new way of rearing children must be encouraged by you to prepare them from infancy onward for deep marital satisfaction and sublime contentment as adults. These new rearing practices should put an end to antisocial aggressiveness and the desire for power over others, which breeds the drive for money and materialistic possessions. The inborn human drive to please others and receive pleasure, which society has labeled as evil, is being strictly suppressed in children through shame and punishment. This puts people at odds within themselves for a lifetime. Such inner conflict destroys self‑esteem and causes suppressed body rage. As a result, the whole society is thus trained from young childhood to subordinate their basic human needs to disciplinarians of all types and to feel unworthy because of their thoughts of pleasure, which are held to be dirty. Authoritarians of Church and state take over where parents leave off, and they order entire populations to obediently do things which are destructive of human life and block civilizing influences. Egoic progress depends upon self‑direction, freedom, and the ability to love oneself and others; however, these are denied by the forces of Evil, which work their power over mankind through religious despots and secular tyrants.


“Most school systems traditionally employ a host of other negative reinforcement techniques to try to get students to study and behave, but mostly they quash a child’s natural love of learning and block his intellectual attainment through anxiety. Western institutions succeed in making people feel guilty, unworthy, afraid, and inadequate to reach out and direct their own destiny. The present system, and the parents who conscientiously help perpetuate it, teach most people to be failures and losers and, at best, mediocre.” (The Ultimate Frontier)