The Mechanism of Clairvoyance and Intuition


Q:    Either way, what we are talking about is willing yourself to be aware of what you are doing and getting out of your body, essentially.


RK:    Now, that was the first question that the lady asked: why can’t you be aware of everything that is in your Egoic memory? Why can’t you do that all the time? It is so set up that there is an inherent block to that that you can learn how to penetrate. Once you learn how to do that, you are essentially clairvoyant; you have learned how to impress upon your brain the information which you are picking up Egoically at another place.  Say, for instance, while your body is asleep and you as an Ego are traveling elsewhere on the Astral plane; which is what all of us do all the time when we are asleep. Our Egoic mind is never shut off. As a matter of fact, the brain never stops functioning, except that we as Egos are not aware of what our brain is doing when we are somewhere else. It is just going through its normal self-correcting processes that is accomplished much through dreams and other things that happen all the time inside the brain. We are aware of what is going on inside the brain on a conscious level only at the time that we are controlling our body while it is in its awake state.


Indeed, there are a lot of activities going on in our brain that never come to our conscious awareness; just never do. Intuition, for instance, where we process information that we already have stored away in our memory banks, through a normally logical process which never comes to the awareness of our censor—C-E-N-S-O-R. The point I was trying to make was that intuition has a process which is going on beneath the awareness of the censor or conscious filter. It will sometimes bring an answer that we are looking for just like it has been thought into existence all at once. We are not aware of the conscious process that we were going through, but we came up with a logical answer though we did not go through a conscious process of logic. It is the subliminal parts of our brain that are able to do that for us without our going through the desire, step by step, to process it in order to get that answer. And yet, we will recognize that and say, “Hey, that’s pretty good.” Then you can go back and test it with the things that you do know and say, “I am sure glad I got the inspiration to do that, because I never would have thought of it otherwise.” Now, it is something that you can test logically. (11-1981)



Opening the Egoic-to-Brain Memory Barrier


Q:    Is there something that you can use to clear away that blockage; whatever that blockage is caused by?


RK:    There is a way. A useful tool to get towards more clairvoyant abilities is to uplift our character. Much of the process of that is done through what is known as the Great Virtues that is just a great technique of overcoming the bad habits that we have picked up from our culture. Now, there are many cultures in the world that we consider primitive (that are matriarchal types), certainly not the highly, technically evolved communities that are generally patriarchal groups. Anyway, these other people in these primitive societies, in many cases, just grow naturally to a clairvoyant ability. It seems like they were always aware of things that were going on the other planes of existence: communicating with people who were discarnate, just as a matter of course. But, it is part of their philosophy: it’s accepted. Their mothers and uncles—all the older people in the community—expect that of the children. They talk about it constantly, relate real situations relative to what’s going on on the other planes, as well as this one, in any given situation, and so it is accepted. In our culture, when young children begin to report things that are going on on other planes, we immediately tell them they have an overactive imagination. We make it unsafe for them to report things that they see going on on other planes, and their ability soon shuts down. It diminishes their sense of anxiety about things. Actually, in any culture, sanity or what is considered sanity, is dependent upon the consensus of everybody around you in that culture. If everybody says, “Yes indeed, I see what is happening to a child. I see what you are describing on the other planes, and yes I am confirming that that is what they are doing and that is what they’re saying and you are perceiving it correctly,” that child is just going to go ahead and keep on having his clairvoyant ability.


You can see what happens in our culture, however. If anybody starts reporting those kinds of things, usually some neighbor somewhere along the line, suggests to the local authorities that they bring him in and have his head examined. Eventually, he ends up in an institution, because he is operating outside of the context of the society’s concurrence. That definitely suppresses the ability of people who have emerging clairvoyant abilities from pursuing them, because they really feel, “Gosh. Everybody I talk to about them says that’s crazy, so I must be crazy. I have got to straighten up and keep from losing my grip.” As a result of that, any chances of having awareness of past existences are suppressed as well. Therefore, one has, as an individual, to overcome all these cultural prejudices towards clairvoyance and being aware of prior lifetimes. The people who have written of such things have usually been regarded as strictly crazy or frauds or, indeed sick, misguided individuals with overactive imaginations. You see how we can suppress that emerging, but privately you can work on it. If you get yourself to the point by following the Great Virtues, where you have a highly uplifted character with obviously more refined vibratory signals that are inherent to you as an Ego, you begin to have a natural rapport and perception between both planes, and your natural Egoic ability to perceive other individuals and to have mind-to-mind contact on the Astral plane. Then, while you are physically incarnate, you can impress that same information on your brain as you’re receiving it Egoically. If you do that at a distance—go away from your body and perceive things that are maybe happening on the other side of the earth—but maintain a kind of a connection with your brain, because you don’t go fully asleep, you have sort of a twilight state. Some people call it a light trance state. Under those circumstances you are able to send back information to your brain while you are picking it up Egoically. Then, the very information you are picking up is then being translated into your brain’s memory banks, for later review. That is what we call astral traveling.


It may be my use of terms that are really kind of far out and crude. I am sorry to say that the English language really does not have precise terminology for these phenomena, because they do not recognize it. For instance, the Hindu’s know all the words necessary for this. But, if we start using Hindi words, nobody knows what they mean in English, so we stumble around trying to create pictures in people’s minds with English words, and that is not the easiest thing to do for people to pick them up. So, you are shaking your head trying to get clear what it is I am talking about I can understand that. If you play with the concepts, though, in private for a while, it does begin to clear up, and you begin to see how the mechanism can indeed work. If this encourages you to try it; all for the good. You may discover that, indeed, you have that ability. (11-1981)



Meditation Posture and Relaxation


Q:    When you are in a sitting position when you go about this, is it necessary to assume the lotus position? Is there something special about that physical position?


RK:    There is, but it is no better than what the Egyptian position is, and that is seated upright in a chair with the backs of your hands resting on your knees; when your forelegs are straight up and down and parallel.


Q:    What is the significance of having the palms up?


RK:    It seems to help but why, I do not know. For instance, just the act of lifting your eyes up about twenty-two degrees up from the horizontal—close your lids, lift your eyes up about twenty-two degrees—you almost immediately go into alpha What is the connection? We know that people in the alpha state automatically have their eyes up at twenty-two degrees. I do not know of any physiologist who has come up with an answer as to why.


Q:    Are the thumbs supposed to touch the index fingers?


RK:    It seems to be that there is an improvement of etheric currents which tend to give a greater sense of peace and relaxation. People who are in a state of peaceful relaxation will just stand this way: your hands just kind of halfway curled and your forefingers touched with the tip of your thumb naturally if you are in a relaxed state. If you are in an un-relaxed state it may be clenched or splayed out straight.


Q:    Would this bodily position where your body is relaxed but your mind is quite active, would this serve to rest the body where if one did practice this they would need less sleep time?


RK:    It seems to count as sleep time. If, for instance, you wake up in the morning, at six o’clock, and you have another hour before the alarm goes off, and you do not fall asleep again and you are just lying there thinking your body is still being relaxed; having a chance to regenerate. But, the Ego constitutes a drain on the physical constitution of the body, and so the body throws off the Ego when it gets to a certain point of exhaustion so that it can recuperate. As long as you are conscious within your body, you are pulling a lot of energy out of it.


Another thing, too, is that it seems like a conscious intention is involved in the generation of energy for running the body which is above and beyond the amount of calories you can take in the food that you eat. (11-1981)