Why Didn’t the Jewish Sanhedrin Acknowledge Christ?


Q:      When Christ left the planet, I am wondering why the Hebrew hierarchy failed to acknowledge who He was. Did they realize who He was and still failed to acknowledge it for reasons unknown? What is your opinion?


RK:    There were a couple of people who were part of the Sanhedrin who did recognize Christ for Who He was, but they already were members of the Brotherhoods. Others who were politically in power did not believe it, and they were primarily afraid of what Christ’s influence would do relative to the Roman Empire who was occupying the Holy Land at that time. They even said, “It is better that one man die than the nation perish.” Also, it was pretty evident that if He was going to create a nation of God on Earth, He was not going to include the Sanhedrin people in it, so why would they promote anything that he has to offer or acknowledge Him in any way? In the first place, a lot of the things Christ actually did were unbelievable. He was said to create food out of nothing and return life to the dead, cure those blind since birth, and cast out spirits that were possessing people. People who were deathly ill suddenly became well, and those who were crippled were able to walk. If somebody were doing that today, you would likely say, “There is some kind of fraud involved here.” Because your whole experience in life has been that those things are not possible. So I think the rulers had a hard time accepting some of the things reported by the populace of what He was able to do. If Christ did the same things today, I think He would have the same lack of credibility.


Q:      So they actually failed to recognize Who He was.


RK:    They said, “The Messiah is still to come.” And anyway, they were expecting that Messiah was going to free them from occupation by the Romans and to create a whole new world system where everybody believed as the Jews believed. And that did not happen. Of course, they helped keep it from happening. But that really was not His plan anyway.