The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)


The Trilateral Commission was formed probably within the last twenty-five years. David Rockefeller was the one who initiated the whole thing. He is also very much involved in the Council on Foreign Relations, which is also closely connected to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. That group of people, Council on Foreign Relations or CFR, which is easier to talk about, is pretty much the planning center for bringing all this about. They have been involved since shortly after World War I in trying to consolidate the British and American financial and industrial interests as they exist throughout the world.


There are a number of information-gathering agencies that they use in order to find out what the trends are in various nations—what the weather is doing, the finances, the political status of what is going on—in order to protect or expand markets. Their job, much like the British Navy has been for the past century, are a kind of the bully boys that keep people in line when they get aggressive or want to do things on their own. They are brought back into the sphere of influence of the British-American alliance.