The other component of Cosmic Consciousness, clairvoyance, is the Egoic ability to see occurrences and conditions on the Astral and Etheric Planes. That ability naturally arises from your acquisition of character uplift and intensification of your physical senses. Your conscious development of character, through practice of the Great Virtues, results in the refinement of the mental vibrations associated with each of the qualities of the Egoic character. Reduction of the lower vibrations associated with base thoughts and attitudes, plus the increase in higher vibrations associated with virtuous living, brings you more en rapport with the higher planes of existences upon which your Vital body and Astral body always are functioning.


Clairvoyance is strictly a power of the Egoic mind, just as seeing the astral aura of other people is a mind-to-mind perception Egoically recorded on the brain’s consciousness. A clairvoyant, whose eyes are blind, sees auras perfectly well. The decarnate Ego deals with other Egos in just this way all that time, without having any brain to get in the way. The whole trick of clairvoyance is to record the astral events and impressions, detected by your Ego, onto your physical brain. Fortunately, this tends to occur spontaneously and safely, upon your acquisition of virtue and refined character.


Clairvoyance should occur as a natural extension of your continued Egoic advancement, since as you continually uplift your mental state and develop proper attitudes, you become more naturally attuned to the upper Astral Plane. So, when your breakthrough to astral awareness does occur, you have an natural entry to the upper astral, where there are no lower entities.


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Question:     When at some point in time I achieve cosmic consciousness, will I have to meet the Dweller at the Threshold on the Astral Plane?


Answer:       No. Cosmic consciousness simply means that you acquire brain awareness of your Egoic consciousness while you are awake in a physical body. A person elevates himself by means of the improvement of his character and the acquisition of the Great Virtues (which is the result of the exercise of intellect). Even though a man never thought about the Great Virtues, he is still going through the process of evolution. The clairvoyant would perceive in the astral aura of an advancing individual a gradual brightening of the colors which are related to the various basic facets of his character. There is an elevation of the vibrational rate of the advanced person which manifests itself as ESP abilities. These reveal themselves just as flashes at first and gradually become of longer duration and more controlled. Clairsentience is one of the earliest evidences of intensification preceding cosmic consciousness. Hunches and intuition which prove correct are clairsentient. As you begin to hear what people are really meaning, not just the words they are using, you exhibit clairaudience. This does not mean you hear “voices from God” or anything like that, it means that you are able to detect intent behind the words and facial masks. Clairvoyance is the ability to see people as they really are. Their character, intentions, and emotional states become an open book for the clairvoyant. (01-1974)