Does The Stelle Group Do Any Chanting?


Question:     Does The Stelle Group do any Chanting?


Answer:       Any technique which would put all of our minds into one focus or on one beat we avoid. Several years back, the members decided that they wanted some kind of a Sunday service. We did not have a service to offer because we do not recognize a priesthood. They suggested that we have some sort of a meditation group where everyone concentrated on what Stelle would be like. I was talked into that because so many people really wanted it very much; so that is what they did. It turned out that one or two individuals came to transmit their thoughts to the others during the state of mutual attunement and finally almost controlled the thinking of the group. This was not consciously, it was just that their power of mental projection was so much stronger that the others picked up on it. Since the signal was so strong, they thought it was their own thoughts.


The reason we do not chant is because chanting is a means to bring everybody to one beat. It is a way of making all of the heartbeats the same, of pulsing and reinforcing thoughts. The thoughts of all become a master thought all too easily subject to control by the strongest mind in the group. It is very hard to get the feeling that one is really in control or in a free will situation. Anything that will weaken or endanger free will The Stelle Group stays away from. (08-1973)