How Do the Brotherhoods View Cultures?


QUESTION:  People who become Initiates into a Brotherhood come from all over the world; from different countries and cultures. I was wondering if the Brotherhoods adopted one of those cultures within Their organization or do They somehow manage to create a different culture unique to the Brotherhoods?


RICHARD KIENINGER:    Cultures are designed for people to get along with one another. That seems to be the main object. Technology, hopefully, increases comfort and security. I donít think the Brotherhoods worry too much about comfort and security, but the whole study of karma really boils down to, ďDo unto others as you would have them do unto you.Ē And karma, of course, exacts a penalty or gives a reward, depending on what you do relative to other people. So there is a kind of homogeneity within the structure of the Brotherhoods as to what is a good way to relate to one another.


Q:  Is that based on Their agreement on the concept of karma? It seems the Golden Rule exists in a lot of different cultures, and yet they have different ways of communicating respectful social responses that vary from one culture to another. Thatís why businessmen who try to go to other countries have to learn something about the culture, because things they might say could be innocuous or accepted or even expected in one country but could be offensive in another. Iím wondering how do the Brotherhoods communicate while working together with fellow Brothers from diverse cultures?


RK:    Iíd guess straightforwardly but with a politeness. Youíre right, though. Different cultures believe that there are different ways of being polite, which is more ceremonious than anything else. I mean, the Chinese and Japanese have certain ceremonious ways of greeting one another and in communicating which are different from the way we in the West do things. The British often think that Americans arenít very polite in our ways of doing things. We just come to the point right away instead of beating around the bush.


Q:  I read so much that within existing countries the different ethnic groups are a constant source of conflict, and any attempts to put them under one government doesnít seem to work. So Iím wondering how the Brotherhoods internally solve that problem? Because they have people from all over the world operating in one organization, and supposedly more smoothly than any organization that we know of. Maybe itís just a matter of Their maturity.


RK:    Any social convention which greases the wheels of communication is great. Different places have come up with different expected ways of doing things. Texans will greet each other in a different way than people in Massachusetts.


Q:  I wonder if there is some kind of personal awareness that comes along with working toward the requirements for Brotherhood among those who plan to get to First Degree that leads to a kind of cultural independence?


RK:    I think that is so.


Does an Initiate Loss Advancement in a Negative Society If They Donít Rise Above It?


Q:  If an Initiate incarnates into a society that has all kinds of negative problems and he isnít able to rise above that influence and become aware of his Initiate status again, when he dies, does he regain his Initiate status on the Astral Plane, or what happens to him?


RK:    He would resume his Initiate status unless he did anything to result in a negative balance during the recent incarnation.


How Does the Protective Prayer Work?


Q:  If somebody says the Protective Prayer when they feel like theyíre being harassed by negative spirits, and after saying the Protective Prayer the negative influence disappears, how does Christ or one of the Brotherhoods do that?


RK:    Iíve always used the analogy of jamming the signal of the negative entity. The negative entity is sending a mental projection, and somebody in the Brotherhoods or higher up can block that by sending a stronger signal.


Q:  They send an image of Their own?


RK:    I donít know about images. They just block the other image or projection.


Q:  But that takes a present-time conscious effort by that Higher Being.


RK:    Yes, right.


Q:  They could be very busy at the time.


RK:    Thereís a lot of very busy negative entities, and it takes a lot of efforts to keep blocking them so long as a recipient wants them blocked. Some people sink into acceptance of negative images, and theyíre not asking for protection. So the negative entities just continue to have their images received.


Can a Person Deflect Negative Thought Beamings on Their Own?


Q:  Isnít there a way a person could do that himself without asking for assistance from Higher Beings? Or is a negative entity always able to overpower a person?


RK:    Thatís not supposed to ever be able to happen. If a thought seems perverse to you, just put it out of your mind. If somebody is projecting a perverse thought to you, donít accept it. Just think of something else or say, ďThat doesnít fit me.Ē


Q:  So theoretically, a person should be able to function without the outside protection.


RK:    Certainly.


Q:  By simply being aware that all those thoughts arenít his.


RK:    Right. Just think, ďIím not comfortable with these thoughts; Iím not going to dwell on them. Iíll think something else.Ē


Q:  It sounds overly simple.


RK:    It really is simple. When some kind of an idea comes to most people, they just have to pursue it to the bitter end, realizing it may be coming from outside themselves. You canít tell where your thoughts are coming from. Most of them, of course, come from yourself, but thoughts originating outside oneself donít have any kind of warning signs, such as, ďThis negative thought comes to you from a black mentalist.Ē


Q:  So is there any way to exclusively maintain your own thoughts?


RK:    I would like to hope so. People who are generally of a positive frame of mind, joyful and happy with who they are and with the things that theyíre doing, theyíre not touched by anything like that; by any negative thoughts being beamed at them.


Q:  And another way is using the Protective Prayer.


RK:    Right. Thatís the way most people operate. A thought which is foreign or just too negative to think about, just donít dwell on it. Then the thought just flits through the mind and disappears without influencing you. Say to yourself, ďIím not going to think about that.Ē But some people go to see horror movies like the Chain Saw Massacre. Theyíre prime targets for dwelling on negative ideas beamed at them.


How Can Negative Entities Influence Joyous People?


Q:  Along the lines of C.S. Lewisí writings, if a negative entity really wanted to work on this person to get him off track, but the person is joyful, like youíre saying, and always maintains positive thoughts; the negative entity couldnít directly get to the person by his thoughts. But could the entity get to him through other people?


RK:    Oh, yes. There are people who are basically negative in their way of thinking. Theyíre hateful or fearful, and if theyíre in your environment, the things that they do can influence you, particularly if youíre close to them. If somebody is habitually negative that way, just stay away from them.


Q:  Can spirit mentalists do things like stopping you from getting the job youíre after, or if you have a certain income due to you keeping that from happening? Can they interfere to that extent?


RK:    If those persons who are those avenues through which those things are coming to you are influenceable, then I would say yes, it could happen.


Q:  When a person is able to control his environment well enough to avoid having negative people like that in their environment, then most bad things shouldnít happen to them.


RK:    Certainly minimized.


Q:  So then you could assume that challenges in your life are probably growth opportunities for you to overcome rather than assume that youíre being blocked by negative entities.


RK:    I think thatís a safe assumption. Unless youíre in direct competition with somebody who wants the same thing that you do, the world is wide open for anything that you want to create or do or for dreams that youíre trying to fulfill. Nobodyís going to be standing in your way.


Do Higher Beings Help Incarnate People Reach Their Goals?


Q:  Do we ever come into incarnation where our life circumstances are designed for us rather than us having a part of the decision making on the Astral Plane?


RK:    Whenever you incarnate, you incarnate into a time and place that already has a trend going. To that extent, I guess you could say the trend is being established by somebody other than you, and youíre putting yourself into it by incarnating then. But I donít know that anybody designs an environment for you. Youíre supposed to make your own oasis in the world, and when your life is comfortable and youíre doing the things that you want to do and in the way you want to do them, thatís pretty happy.


Q:  But if you get to a point where things are pretty hunky dory and you think everything is okay, you may wonder if you are learning anything. So you decide to change that by asking for a challenge, but one that could make life uncomfortable. I remember reading many times that without adversity you donít do much growing.


RK:    Thatís true, but also sometimes we need to rest a littleónot for a decade though. Itís nice to get to a certain plateau and kind of consolidate there for a while before you take on something else rather than having everything dumped on you at once.


Q:  But isnít it possible that a personís astral instructor would know that?


RK:    Sure.


Q:  But the person doing the asking doesnít know that. Is he going to get it anyway?


RK:    Yes. Because thatís the agreement you made before you incarnated. Any number of Higher Beings can act as a guide for you. And of course, you still have discussions with Them, especially when youíre asleep. The goals you set up for yourself to learn before you incarnated, some Higher Being remembers them. If nothing else, They can always look at the Akashic Record. You set up the challenge that you want to take on because of all the things that youíre going to learn by it. And Theyíll make sure that it happens. But in many cases, Theyíll set opportunities alongside your path. Itís usually not a stumbling block that you canít avoid. You have to decide to accept and undertake the challenge. You may say to yourself, ďThis keeps coming up. Maybe Iíd better face it now and see what I can do with it.Ē


Does Praying the Rosary Give the Same Results as Violet Screen Meditation?


Q:  It seems to me that praying the Rosary or any repetitive prayer might be similar to the Violet Screen meditation. Youíre praying one prayer after the other. Youíre putting yourself in a state of no brain chatter and in a quiet state. Are there similarities? Is that a good thing to do?


RK:    Repetitive prayer is almost a form of blanking. Not the same as the Violet Screen. You can mumble yourself into a state of kind of non-existence so far as consciousness is concerned.


Q:  Prayer seems to kind of keep you out of that non-existent state, but there seems to me to be some similarities there.


RK:    Prayer without thought is meaningless. There are people in the world who spin prayer wheels and finger beads and all those kinds of things. Each bead is supposed to mean something, but itís so by rote itís just essentially blanking. I think Shakespeare said, ďPrayers without thought never go to Heaven,Ē because if itís just something you repeat mindlessly over, it becomes meaningless.


Q:  I can add something to that. I was brought up as a Catholic and said the rosary more times than I care to admit. And since joining The Adelphi Organization, Iíve also tried the Violet Screen meditation, so I have actual experience in both of those areas, and I would say that thereís no resemblance at all as far as the benefits or similarity of experience.


RK:    Iíll agree to that also.


Is Mental Learning Physically Tiring?


Q:  When youíre trying to learn and assimilate new information, what makes you tired? Does your brain get tired? Do you get mentally tired? Is maintaining that focus what makes you tired? Sometimes I feel Iíve assimilated as much as I can. Iíve got to let it go for a little bit. What creates that tired feeling?


RK:    I donít know. It seems like nothing sinks in instantly, and struggling to understand is frustrating, if nothing else. I donít know if itís necessarily physically tiring, but if youíre not getting anywhere, you think, ďIíve got to do something else.Ē And I think thatís kind of whatís happening.


Q:  The reason weíre tired is because we donít eat the right nutrition in our food. Cayce, in all his readings, he said poor assimilation and poor elimination are the two main things he told every patient he had. So itís up to us to get the right nutritionóhave a good garden and raise our own food.


RK:    I agree with that. Otherwise, you donít know what youíre getting. Itís the only way you know what youíre eating.


Q:  Thatís right. Most food in the store is irradiated or processed or in some way has had the life destroyed out of it. Does that mean with excellent nutrition you could reach a state where if youíre writing something that really requires a lot of thought and/or learning new material, it would get to where it would not tire you? It would not be like work, so to speak?


RK:    Well, learning something by rote is not all that difficult. Penetrating to an understanding of things is something else again. What are your habits of thought? In this particular case, how rational are you in your ways of processing information? And if you donít have a good habit of doing that, well, itís going to be hard work to try and understand much of anything. I really donít know what the mechanism is, except if you keep hammering away at something and youíre not getting anywhere, you get frustrated. And I think itís a feeling of frustration. ďThis is too much; Iíve got to do something else.Ē The brain doesnít really take that much energy away from you. Itís not like itís suddenly drawing all the oxygen into your brain and thereís nothing left elsewhere. The process isnít the same as muscles. One of the big problems, too, is that there is so much less oxygen in the atmosphere now than there was fifty years ago that it makes it difficult to be healthy. You can get the right food and everything else, but you need oxygen in your system. A lot of people who live in the center of cities are really oxygen starved. So thatís another major factor over which we have virtually no control. Unless you buy a tank of oxygen.


What Is Involved in Controlling Oneís Environment?


Q:  This is a question on the ability to control oneís environment. Is it true that Christ said that the Kingdom of Heaven is all around you and itís inside you? Not buildings made of wood or stone. Split a piece of wood, pick up the stone, and you will find it. Iím wondering if the ability to control oneís environment is just an acceptance that everything is available for me. It doesnít necessarily mean that Iím going to be rich or be able to have absolute power, but just to be aware that Iím here to learn and realize that I donít have to worry about the things that are already provided for me such as food and shelter; that those things are always there.


RK:    Well, all things are available to us, but you have to make some effort to get them. Human beings have been surviving for a long, long time in a lot of different places and in different cultures, and they all seem to be able to live day by day. However, what their aspirations are can be very different from one place to another.


Q:  Oh, yeah. Itís not to say that thereís not an effort that you have to make. But if you fall down, you will eventually have to get up; therefore, you know youíre going to get up. So you accept that and trust in yourself and your ability to always provide for yourself.


RK:    I can agree with that. Itís also true that the Kingdom of God is within each of us, and as you say, in the world around us. Everything that we are exists within the Mind of God. Everything. Your Ego is a creation that exists within the Mind of God. The entire Universe was created by God and is encompassed by the Mind of God. Everything is part of the Kingdom of God. Plus the Kingdom of God is also referred to as an actual nation one day to exist as well as a state of mind within. So that phrase, Kingdom of God, gets spread around pretty well. It covers just about every aspect you can think of, if you want to extend it to that.


Q:  If you get an idea and you think about somebody who would be valuable to help work on the idea and plan, but you donít want to interfereó


RK:    Just talk to them. Otherwise, if youíre secretly aiming certain intentions at an individual in your Mind, youíre getting involved with sorcery. Another way is to put out into the universe a request for a partner without any specific person in mind. Then youíre simply putting forth your thought into the world that somebody else may possibly pick up on and somehow make a connection with you. 


Are Saints Evened Out As Far as Astrological Signs?


Q:  Would you say saints are pretty evenly divided between being born in all the astrological signs, or would you say there are more in a few signs?


RK:    Theyíre pretty well evened out.


What Is the Relationship Between Physical and Egoic IQ?


Q:  IQ is considered a level of intelligence, and weíre all capable of having very high IQís, and we can develop that along the way. But is our level of IQ in our physical life a measure of what our potential is on the Astral Plane?


RK:    Your intelligence while incarnate depends largely on what happened to you in the first six years of your life. If you were mostly ignored and restricted, youíre not going to be very bright. But if some caretaker knows all the stages of neurological development of the brain of an infant and stimulates them at that proper timeóIíve been told by one of my Teachers that what is today an IQ of 200 should be normal. Which means that somebody whoís really bright is maybe 300 on todayís scale. But not many people have been properly stimulated as an infant.


Q:  So the level of Egoic intelligence would probably relate to what weíre having to go through in incarnations?


RK:    Right. Mentation builds overall Egoic growth and knowledge and wisdom.


Q:  We may have had a higher level IQ in a previous incarnation?


RK:    Certainly. If Iím trying to find some kind of measure of comparative intelligence in our culture, we base that on verbal ability. But there are many other forms of intelligence besides what we call IQ. People who are born in the Amazon jungle are able to survive until old age, and they have to know an awful lot. And they could never pass an IQ test, no matter what language you translated it into, because thatís not the way theyíve been trained to think. But they are very intelligent. As a matter of fact, you would probably last three days at the most if you were transported into the middle of the Amazon jungle. And thatís it. Thereís a lot of dangers, a lot of things to look out for, a lot of ways to find food that you wouldnít recognize. And thereís emotional intelligence, as well.


What Is Emotional Intelligence?


Q:  Emotional intelligence? Could you explain that more? Iíve never heard of that.


RK:    There are ways of responding more intelligently to things. Who wants to be constantly on the end of an emotional yo-yo? You have trained yourself to have a more intelligent way of responding to things and putting things into perspective, rather than just being blown about by the winds of your gut responses. Some people are more emotionally intelligent than others.


Q:  What about stages of brain development? Can you go through the approximate years those stages happen in a child?


What Are the Seven-Year Stages of Growth?


Q:  After a person reaches 14, 21, in my experience, there seems to be an approximately seven-year switch or awareness change or different way of thinking. And I just wondered if you had anything to say about after a person is 28, and so forth. Does that continue?


RK:    Yeah, thereís another change at 35, and another at 42. It has to do more with perceptions. Thereís a holographic image that we as Egos carry as to the structure of the Universe. Now, Iím not talking about stars and atoms; Iím talking about what is the Universe like. Where do we reside from one stage to the next? Like Angelic, and Archangelic existence. Itís built into every Ego to aspire to certain kinds of things, and God built that into every Ego. Everybody has the same built-in aspirationóto unify with or connect with our Creator. To be like the Father, as it were. And we as Egos have a holographic overall perception of the whole plan. It seems like those seven-year stages allow for a little further breakthrough into understanding, but never while in incarnation are you able to break through into that holographic image. Masters have it. So at least They know where Theyíre headed and why as well as the exciting adventure ahead at each stage. The Universe beyond the physical is far more beautiful than this beautiful planet that weíre on in both perceptions of what beauty is and an awareness of goodness; real goodness. Itís awfully hard to explain it. Words canít describe it. So itís that old escape hatch, of being ineffable.


What Is Cosmic Consciousness?


Q:  Is that cosmic consciousness when the person at any stage or level breaks through and begins to understand the Universe?


RK:    Cosmic consciousness is a brain technique. Itís a combination of mystic awareness and clairvoyance. And both of those have to do with your Egoic Mindís control of your brain.


Q:  Could you say that the hologram you were just describing is an imprint that we all carry?


RK:    Yes. Itís a setup by God. He gave you certain powers of Mind and no others. The ones He gave you are all you will ever have. It all depends on how well you develop them as you rise through the various planes of existence. The aspirations that were given to you were set up also. You donít have other built-in aspirations. Thatís the one He gave you, to be one with Him, and so you keep moving in that direction.


Q:  So thatís a universal truth then?


RK:    Absolutely universal. We canít gain any further potentials other than what we were given when we were created. And so I say, itís a setup. He fixed it so that eventually you will become one with Him and do the same kinds of things for other human Egos as time goes by that He did in the beginning. So we become co-creators with Him. That doesnít mean weíre not co-creators already with Him, but certainly at a less sophisticated level than what God is able to do. So weíre all set up to eventually move in the right direction; but our culture tends to screw us up. So we have to overcome our culture.


Is There Negative Karma Associated with the Mass Media?


Q:  The people who work in the mass media influence the attitudes and beliefs of children, teenagers and adults. Would they be acquiring bad karma when what they produce affects people and our culture negatively?


RK:    All too much of the mediaís influence is destructive, so thereís got to be some kind of karmic penalty for that. They do what they do in order to serve their own selfish ends or the selfish ends of those who pay them to do what they do. But itís not to the benefit of everybody.


When Did the First Masters Evolve?


Q:  One time you said that people evolved to be Masters before Lemuria was even started.


RK:    No.


Q:  I thought you said that Masters had evolved.


RK:    No. There were Elders. Elders had evolved. That means some who were perhaps equal to the Adept stage, but there werenít any Masters yet. Not until after the first civilization began did Earth actually evolve Masters.


Q:  But some had already evolved to be Adepts.


RK:    Right. And thatís the way it should beónaturally automatic for everyone.


Q:  And so because they had no culture to overcome, so to speak, they just did it all naturally, without it being so difficult?


RK:    I think that had a lot to do with it. Because in order to fit in with the way the culture today has evolved, the way we were trained by our parents and by everybody in the cultureóthis is what you must do and how to do it and what to believe, and if you donít believe it, youíre a heretic or something. At least weíre not burning people at the stake anymore for not agreeing with the majority beliefs.


How Do You Learn to Think?


Q:  Is there an ideal process that I could consciously enter into to think? to process information?


RK:    Did you have geometry in high school? Well, one of the major advantages to taking that course is it teaches you how to think. Because you have to come up with a logical sequence in order to get from here to there. And maybe it wasnít easy, but it will teach you. Same thing with algebra. Setting up a word problem then solving it. Both examples of learning how to think. And thinking, I guess, is deciding how to get from this point to that point and then taking various alternatives and deciding which one of those is going to be the best and then how to do it. If you have goals set up in your mind of what you want to accomplish, you have to have a plan. And if you donít have a plan, youíre never going to get there. Geometry, incidentally, teaches you how to get from where you are to where your plans become reality. And then you have to have real faith that what you do and what you think and the action you put into place is going to produce the results that you anticipate. Sometimes you have to adjust your thinking as you go along because it wasnít exact, or you may run into a block somewhere. But nobody gets anywhere without a life plan. However sloppy that life plan may be, you donít get anywhere without it.


How Is Adelphi Doing?


Q:  Adelphi is celebrating its 25th year. I imagine that you would not think that we have arrived as far as you originally intended us to be at this point in time. But given the thirty-some people who are living here now, I think weíve accomplished quite a bit, and weíve built quite a bit with these few people. So thereís two parts to my question. How do you feel about that? Do you think weíve done a lot?


RK:    Iíve never been satisfied. I mean, Iím amazed that we started this outfit with only $100. Now itís worth a million and-a-half dollars.


Are Geniuses Frustrated by Nature?


Q:  In orientation, we were watching a Glenn Doman tape, and he said people tend to stereotype geniuses, and one of the stereotypes or labels that they use is that theyíre very frustrated people. He said, ďYouíre darn right; and well they should be. Theyíre frustrated because they see things that are not the way they ought to be. And they get frustrated that they canít make them the way they ought to be fast enough. So theyíre never going to be satisfied.Ē So maybe thatís good.


RK:    I would like to warn people that just because they feel frustrated does not mean theyíre a genius.


Q:  I heard the same tape, and the distinction Doman made was that the non-geniuses are also frustrated about things, but they never do anything about it, whereas the genius will start taking action to fix whatever he is frustrated about. And of course, once thatís solved, then they go on to something else.


RK:    I guess being a self-starter is part of that. If you just wait around for somebody to do it for you, itís never going to happen. But hereís a whole community of people who are looking for a better way to do things and have taken action in order to make that happen for themselves, and weíve got thirty-something friendly people here. So I think theyíre moving in the direction they want to go, and they still have further goals that they want to accomplish.


What and When Is the Golden Age?


Q:  The Ultimate Frontier speaks of a Golden Age to be started. Do you think that began with the Aquarian Age or will it not occur until the Nation of God is begun? Or are we starting it in Adelphi in a small way?


RK:    Well, obviously, this is not the Golden Age. I guess there can be small oases getting close to a Golden Age. Iíd like to think that this is one of those places. The Golden Age is supposed to be worldwide, and seers have been talking about it from many different backgrounds for a long time. They say this now is the age of the Kaliugaóthe closing of a negative period. There is a cycle that is supposed to last about 26,000 years.


Q:  So weíve had Golden Ages in the past.


RK:    Yes. Lemuria started out in a Golden Age. But of course, they still had conflicts and wars and other problems of that sort, even back in those days as civilization got started 78,000 years ago.


Q:  Will there be total freedom from disease in the Golden Age?


RK:    If there wonít be a Food & Drug Administration or an American Medical Association, I guess people will have a chance to be healthy. Through widespread vulcanism, weíre to have a natural re-enriching of the soil with the things necessary to have really healthy plants, which of course will produce healthy animals because they will then eat healthy plants. But right now, you have to add an awful lot of things to the soil in order to have all the micro-minerals that are necessary.


What Is Prana?


Q:  This life force, or Prana, that circles around the Earth from west to east and keeps everything alive, is that just for the Earth, or is it for the whole Universe?


RK:    Just for the Earth.


Q:  I wish I could learn how to store or accumulate Prana.


RK:    Even the Great Pyramid is able to focus it, or any shape that is the same shape as the Great Pyramid. You can store Prana in crystals by mental intention, and you have to take it out mentally. Itís all a matter of mental intention.


Q:  You have to pay attention to what youíre doing.


RK:    Right. You pay attention by intention.


Q:  But you have to know what it is to control it; right?


RK:    Well, not necessarily.


Q:  Just imagining it is enough?


RK:    Without knowing in detail what it is, you can say, ďWell, itís there; I know itís there; I know I can store it. I will store it.Ē


Q:  So what is Prana?


RK:    Itís an energy thatís part of the Etheric Plane. A life energy.


Q:  It also supports the Vital Body, correct?


RK:    Supports it. Prana has an action from the Etheric Plane on living cells. Itís not an easy concept to try to describe. And I donít want to give false impressions of what it is either. Our bodies are kind of an accumulator and a focus of what they call Prana. Some people in some cultures relate it to the breath energy, and they say once breath ceases, thatís it. Everybody dies of a heart attack, of course, inability to breathe any longer. So thatís not a clear picture either. But it exists withinóitís real, but itís not on the physical plane.


Q:  Okay. So it doesnít exist on the physical plane, but itís real, and you can mentally store Prana in crystals.


RK:    It has to be certain shaped crystals. Quartz is the best. And there are many jewels which are really quartz based. Thereís something about the shape of the quartz crystal, particularly the point of it, which concentrates it.


Q:  The molecular structure of quartz is silica and oxygen?


RK:    Itís the shape of the crystal. An individual atom of silicon dioxide ainít gonna do it. Itís how theyíve built themselves into a structure. But water can do the same thing. Youíve heard of holy water, havenít you? Holy water actually has Prana in it, and it has Prana in it because somebody has directed it into that water. So water is a liquid crystal, and silicon dioxide forms certain shapes which makes it possible to store Prana in it, but it doesnít store Prana all by itself. The human mind has to direct it into that.


Q:  So of what use is a crystal that has Prana stored in it?


RK:    Concentrated healing energy. Healers like to use them.


Q:  How?


RK:    Iíve seen most of them just pointing the point of the crystal at a patient and willing the Prana back out of the crystal. It works for them. Of course, if they hadnít put any Prana in it and stored it up to give it higher energy, itís not going to be there.


Q:  Do you have to concentrate for one hour on this rock?


RK:    Maybe. Just visualize the collection of Prana from the surrounding atmosphere into the crystal. Our minds have a lot more power than most of us give ourselves credit for.


Q:  Would you say that the human body is also an accumulator for Prana?


RK:    Iíd say so, yes.


Q:  So if a person just focused Prana on his own body, can he bypass the crystal?


RK:    For some strange reason, that doesnít seem to work as well. Anybody else can move the Prana to you in a healing way, and thatís much better than you can do for yourself. Maybe thatís telling us we need other persons for our optimum health and well-being.


Q:  So does the same thing apply when a person is trying to heal another? Would he necessarily need a crystal?


RK:    You donít need the crystal.


Q:  You can move the Prana directly?


RK:    Yes, directly.


What Is Natural Healing?


Q:  So itís just what youíd spoken of beforeójust directing healing thoughts toward another person?


RK:    Right. Weíre all healers. Mothers in particular are healers, mainly because they have little ones who obviously canít take care of themselves yet.


Q:  At what point do you think that a mother should start using the proviso if she wants to direct healing thoughts to her son?


RK:    She doesnít have to think about it. All she wants to do is to heal the little one, or soothe him in some way. And it works very well. She doesnít have to know that thereís Prana or visualize where itís coming from or how itís done. All she has to do is have the intention. Weíre back to intention again. But a great many of the healers like to use crystals because their patients realize, ďHey, thereís something being done here. Heís putting stuff out of this crystal into me.Ē He doesnít really need it. But it is a way of intensifying it. There isnít anybody here, I donít think, who hasnít done healing at one time or another.


Q:  If you use your hands in a certain way, will that help?


RK:    Or you can use a wand. Those are just outward manifestations that youíre doing something.


Q:  But it might help.


RK:    Well, if it helps, fine. Thatís what itís about. It may have a beneficial psychological effect on the patient.


Q:  You can visualize something coming out of your hands into a person.


RK:    Thereís an exercise you can do in near darkness. By holding the fingers of your opposing hands so thereís an inch gap between them, youíll eventually begin to see a glow beginning to move between your fingertips. Try it before you laugh. Raking your fingers alongside of a personís body is a very effective healing technique. You can pull all kinds of stuff out of a bad knee, for instance, in that way.


Q:  Can you do it for yourself?


RK:    No. You can do it for another person, and another person can do it for you. I donít know why that limitation exists.


What Was the Energy Christ Used for Healing?


Q:  Are we talking about the same energy, then, that Christ used in healing?


RK:    No, He used Mind. He could create things. If somebody lopped off an ear, He would actually create an ear.


Q:  If somebody was blind or if somebody had leprosy, Christ knew how to heal it instantly. How did He do that?


RK:    As an Archangel, He has the ability to create instantly. The physical body normally conforms immediately to changes in oneís Vital Body, which is very responsive to mental intention.


Q:  But He said we have the same powers and will do the same things He did.


RK:    Eventually, yes.


Q:  The Apostles evidently picked up on it and were able to do it.


RK:    Well, they didnít do quite the same things that Christ did. Raising the dead and things like that is pretty tricky stuff and definitely reserved to advanced beings.


What Part Does Faith Play in Natural Healing?


Q:  In Mutant Message Down Under, an Aborigine fell off a cliff and broke his leg. Then the other Aborigines ran their hands over it, but not directly on the victimís leg, and it was healed instantly because of their belief in being able to do it. Isnít that correct? Whereas we donít believe that we can heal that quickly.


RK:    Faith is only part of the answer, but admittedly an important part. They were also using a healing spirit on the other side to do stuff like that. Thatís psychic healing, which is controlled by an entity on the other side. Either a negative or positive entity can do that, when called upon.


Developing the Thinking Process


Q:  When you were talking about the thinking process and algebra, wouldnít another thinking process be inductive and deductive reasoning?


RK:    Why not?


Where Does the Power in a Pyramid Come From?


Q:  I canít think of any reason why not; thatís why Iím asking. That would certainly be another example. And then when you were talking about the pyramid, I canít remember who was interviewed on a talk radio show, but they gave directions on how to make a pyramid, and you could hang it on the ceiling in your bedroom for better health. Would that pyramid create power somehow?


RK:    Well, it concentrates and focuses Prana and they call it pyramid energy.


Q:  People who climb on top of pyramids say their hair will stand up straight.


RK:    Thatís just because of how high you are. Itís not from fright or spiritual powers.


Q:  Itís not from pyramid energy?


RK:    No. Thatís because of the electrostatic potential which bleeds off the point of the pyramid. Every foot that you are above the surface of the Earth has a certain electric potential. Itís a small charge per foot, but it adds up significantly when youíre hundreds of feet up. Itís what ultimately causes lightning.


Q:  So is that a positive for our bodies or what?


RK:    I donít know. Itís fairly neutral, so far as Iím concerned.


Q:  Why have we never felt that in a tall building or in a plane?


RK:    If you were on the outside, you would, but youíre always inside. And an airplane doesnít quite do the same thing in the same way. Itís got to be connected to the ground in order for the electrostatic potential to be there.


Can Mental Attitude Overcome a Weakened Immune System?


Q:  Would you say thereís a several-step process where your immune system gets weakened which allows other things to happen, would a first cause be mental?


RK:    I donít know about any mental attitude that will overcome cyanide. So there are some drastic things. But you donít know what youíre eating half the time. You go to the store and you buy whatever they put on the shelves, and they themselves donít know whatís in it. And thereís a lot of things that at one time were considered very healthful and theyíve since discovered have had a disastrous effect in the long range. For many years on the radio and early TV, we were told that smoking tobacco was good for your health. Do you believe that now? Nobody else does. But it was being put out there then that it had beneficial effects. I believe that everybody these days suffers from diminished immune function in this country. So, you know, you have to pay some attention to the kinds of things that you know you are being exposed to and minimize them and treat your body to things which strengthen immune function. Weíre a couple hundred million guinea pigs in this country, and companies experiment with their products on us, and they donít know the eventual outcome of this and that new thing. Some people hang a new shower curtain and are sick for a couple of weeks afterwards and they donít know why. Because itís the amount of vinyl chloride that gets in the air and stays in the house for a while. Not good.


Q:  The last one I bought, I hung it in my garage for about a week just to air it out.


RK:    If it were all polymerized, it wouldnít be much of a problem. But itís the monomer that gets you.


What Are the Problems with Food Irradiation?


Q:  Some on the markets now irradiate their food to keep better, but it kills the enzymes. How bad is the food when itís irradiated?


RK:    We donít know how bad or good it is yet. It takes ten or twenty years of exposure to some of these things before you see any results. Thereís no question that the various molecules that make up the food itself have been altered to some extent. How bad, we just donít know yet. We have to be experimented on for the next ten or twenty years to see what the results are.


Q:  I think people are getting weakened by it.


RK:    Itís been my contention for some time that we are all in a weakened state. You need all of your vitamins and minerals.


Reincarnate to Same Mother?


Q:  When I reincarnate, can I pick my same mom again?


RK:    If sheís in incarnation, yes.


Q:  If I start to tithe ten percent of my income from age ten, will I be rich when I become a man?


RK:    If you saved the other ninety percentóbut you have to work, too.


What Do Vital Body Auras Look Like?


Q:  Iíve always had this thought that the Vital Body was seen as an outline. If a clairvoyant saw the Vital Body, would he be able to see each of the organs distinctly in a silhouette form? Is that what he would be looking at?


RK:    Iím going to try to describe this as best I can. Clairvoyance is all mental. You donít have to have eyes in order to be able to be clairvoyant. You can decide which layer you want to look at as youíre observing a body. In which event you would be able to see organs. Otherwise, you just see a healthy-looking overall coloration. If thereís a bright green, very thin layer of light around the individual, then you know that everything is all well. But sometimes, around certain parts of the body, there will be brownish, or lack of light, in which event you can correlate that with an organ thatís nearby. That can give you some clues.


What Is Mind, Brain and Soul?


Q:  Is the soul part of the subconscious mind?


RK:    No.


Q:  Theyíre actually separate?


RK:    The subconscious is a brain function, not a Mind function.


Q:  But the soul isóis there another name for the soul, or how would you describe it?


RK:    ďEgoĒ is what we use, which is a whole package of Mind powers that all of us have, which also has memory as part of it. But the Ego, the Overself, is whatís running your body. It runs your body through your brain and through other chakras. But mostly through the brain.


Q:  Yoga people talk to what they say is the subconscious mind. Is that actually the soul or the subconscious mind they give suggestions to?


RK:    Itís their Mind talking to their brain.


Q:  Well, brains have a Mind?


RK:    Everything thatís ever happened to you, everything youíve ever seen or heard, is recorded someplace in your amazing brain. Iím not going to pick on you as being especially amazing; everybodyís brain is amazing. If all that information was in your awake consciousness all the time, it would just be a vast clutter of noise. So you want to deal with only some specific thoughts and be able to focus on one thing at a time. That means everything else is kept below conscious awareness. And some of it is buried so deep it becomes unretrievable and is part of what they call the sub-conscious. But those buried memories still have an effect on your life. Everybodyís past experiences color what their persona is and how they respond to people in various situations. But you canít necessarily put your finger on each and every aspect of that influence from your past, so it stays below the level of consciousness. As you say, it is sub-conscious. But itís there. And under certain circumstances, that information can be dredged up so you can look at it. Thatís what psychotherapy is supposed to do. And thereís ways you can do that on your own. But it has nothing to do with the soul. All of us are better than who we appear to be. Because of our experience from past lives, we hope we can bring that wisdom to some level of consciousness in this incarnation in order to be of value to us. But we operate to a great extent on the basis of conditioned reflex, and that conditioned reflex is based on what has happened to us and our responses to what happened to us.


Can You Talk to Your Soul?


Q:  Can you actually talk to your soul?


RK:    If youíre awake, thatís your soul, your Egoic Mind, functioning. When youíre talking, thatís your soul talking. If you want to talk to yourself, I guess thatís fine. At least youíll get some polite answers.


Do Advanced Egos Have a Subconscious?


Q:  Is there a certain point when a human being or, say, a higher-than-that being, when he doesnít really have a subconscious or soul conscious?


RK:    Well, a Fourth Degree Brother is supposed to be able to dredge up whatever he needs whenever he needs it. But he wouldnít want to have all of that vast clutter going through his consciousness all the time. He has to use a conscious filter in order to concentrate.


How Do Muscular Armoring Effect Us?


Q:  Do muscular armorings affect us though the subconscious, or how do they affect us?


RK:    Theyíre blocks to consciousness. We have body muscle memory closely associated to brain neurologic memory. And the two can work in conjunction with one another to have an influence, both positive and negative. Mostly, weíre concerned about the negative things that come from so-called muscular armoring, and thatís a protective device to make us more tolerable to ourselves. Guilts and fears are very frequently encapsulated in muscular armorings. And therapists who can break through those muscular armorings will dredge up a whole bunch of stuff from oneís memory.


Q:  Such as through craniosacral work and that kind of thing, as well?


RK:    Well, you donít have to have muscular armorings for craniosacral to work. But I guess it can be useful to some extent in that regard. But Iíve gone through Radix, as well as quite a few other people here, and itís astonishing the mental images that do come up when somebody is forcefully kneading your muscles. I guess my primary response to all of that stuff was astonishment that it would work that way. But again, Radix does not seem to be a cure-all. Mentation on your own part is the best thing in the world for overcoming your problems, but Radix is a key. It just opens certain doors for you, but you have to go through that door and change yourself on the basis of the information that comes up from your own subconscious.


Can the Violet Screen Be Used to Penetrate our Subconscious?


Q:  Would the Violet Screen meditation be a method of doing that then?


RK:    Not really, but itís a great quieting system.


What Is the Overself?


Q:  How would you relate the word spirit in the discussion on soul and Overself?


RK:    Some of those words that we use in the English language have such a burden of side connotations, itís hard to know what words are valuable to use. We say soul, Ego, Overself, spirit; theyíre all kind of interchangeable in most peopleís minds, but there is a distinction between those words; otherwise, we wouldnít have separate words. Spirit has to do with who you are; how you act; how much energy you have; what your attitudes are. And much of that is due to Egoic experience. So to that extent, I guess spirit can refer to the Ego. And soul is the knowledge your Ego has acquired and knows from experience in many incarnations, the vast majority of which you have not brought forward into this lifetimeís brain. So thatís part of your spirit.


How Does Dťjŗ Vu Work?


Q:  When you have a case of dťjŗ vu, a lot of times could you say thatís from remembering something thatís impressed on your brain as you were coming out of a dream state; is that correct?


RK:    Right.


Q:  But youíre seeing the future in that case?


RK:    Right. But you were probably seeing the future Akashic Record much more coherently and extensively before your alarm clock called you into brain consciousness again.


Does Dťjŗ Vu Tell Us About Past Lives?


Q:  Is it also possible at that point to be seeing things that happened to you in past lives?


RK:    On the Astral Plane, which is where your Ego is while your body is asleep, the Akashic Record is available both forward and backwards in time. So you could be reviewing something that actually happened in the past in considerable detail, but yes, you could bring some of that into awareness as youíre awakening.


Q:  Do you think that happens very much?


RK:    I really donít know how frequently. I have no conscious awareness of that ever happening with me. But that doesnít mean it hasnít. Iím pretty groggy when I first wake up after the alarm goes off.


Do Egos Rest on the Astral Plane?


Q:  Weíre so interested in the Astral Plane right now, I wanted to ask another question about it. When weíre asleep, our Egos rest on the Astral Plane?


RK:    I wouldnít say youíre resting. Consciousness never ceases.


How Do Sleeping People Relate to Discarnate Egos?


Q:  Do we intermingle with those Egos who have transitioned to the Astral Plane?


RK:    You might, but itís rare. The level weíre at on the Astral Plane while our body is asleep is really not the same level as those discarnate Egos. For lack of better terminology, your vibration is not really all that in tune with the upper or lower Astral Plane. Youíre usually more aware of things which are in your neighborhood, and sometimes you stay Egoically in the same room as your body when youíre asleep. Youíre not projected into Heaven when you sleep. Yes, youíre on the Astral Plane, but itís a different vibrational level than when youíre discarnate altogether. Teachers can make Themselves available to your Ego when youíre asleep at least once a month, most of which you donít remember when you come into consciousness again in the morning.


Why Do We Wake Up with Ideas and Insights?


Q:  Sometimes people wake up with ideas and insights. Could that be the result of maybe dreaming of the future or maybe having a Teacher there, or something like that?


RK:    Well, if you have a problem which is really distressing you or you have considerable impetus to resolve a concern in your daily life, some of that drags over into your dream state. Your dream state can be influenced by your Overself, or Ego, and sometimes there are pretty reasonable answers to be drawn upon as you awaken. I donít know that it necessarily works every time for everybody, but on occasion, itís still pretty amazing.


Q:  So would that be like a more objective view of a problem youíre dealing with, from your Egoís point of view?


RK:    Probably not. Just because the question is posed on the Astral Plane doesnít mean that all of a sudden you become very wise or omniscient. People carry on their same attitudes and views of things on the Astral Plane as when theyíre on the physical. So thatís a negatively moderating influence. If you could be sure you were tapping into Divine knowledge, that would be fine. Your personality, your attitudes, your Ego are all influencing your understanding of that kind of information. Maybe itís right and maybe itís not. You have to test everything.


Can the Brain Problem-Solve on Its Own?


Q:  Talking about our Overselves, our soul, Mind, Ego, and consciousness, weíre always observing and learning, living our life, and always figuring things out. The entity who figures things outóI donít know if Iím calling it right; that would be the ďIĒ to me, the observer, the liver of the life. Is that separate from these terms that weíve been discussing, or would you say that the Ego is the ďIĒ entity?


RK:    I would say itís a combination of things. Your brain is perfectly capable of solving problems strictly on the brain level. The incentive for posing the question is Egoic. But dogs can figure out solutions to problems. I clearly remember a small dog trying to get through a picket fence. He could fit through, but he was carrying a stick in his mouth. It didnít take him too long before he figured out if he turned his head sideways, he could get through with it. So thatís problem solving, and that requires a certain type of intelligence. And we humans certainly have that same ability. A dog doesnít have an Ego, but he has a brain. So I guess we have to say some kinds of things are strictly brain operations and some things are kind of assisted by the Ego. One of the characteristics of Ego is will, and thatís what drives us to go through the effort of solving a problem.


What Are Some Characteristics of the Ego?


Q:  Are we speaking of a bundle of energy or characteristics operating through the person to constitute the ďIĒ, the entity that lives in the body?


RK:    Ego, by definition, is a bundle of mental energy, and that energy is a part of what is the equivalent of the electromagnetic spectrum of the physical plane. Ego is part of the electromagnetic spectrum of the Fourth Plane that is analogous to the physical planeís spectrum.


Q:  And Ego perceives its own existence?


RK:    Right. One of the most fantastic things is how that energy is able to perceive itself. Some people think there is a similar phenomenon in that a collection of atoms in the brain of a scientist is able to perceive what an atom is. So thatís a supposition that an arrangement of atoms has consciousness, and I donít believe that. However, an energy on the Fourth Plane of Existence is what makes Mind power, and consciousness is one of its characteristics.


What Are Some Characteristics of Mind Power?


Q:  I have been studying astrology enough to believe that there is an influence from planets on us. I assume from what youíve said before that physical life on a planet ends when all the people achieve Mastership. And I was wondering if there was more influence on us through these planets when their inhabitants were in physical incarnation, or is it about the same when theyíre all dead and theyíve achieved higher spiritual levels?


RK:††††††††††† Iíll get to that, but Iím going to ask a question to clarify the answer. How do you feel about the idea that every human being associated with this planet, incarnate or discarnate, their mental activities have an influence on your mental activities?


Q:  I think that makes sense. Weíre like antennas or something.


RK:    Well, my Teachers were pretty adamant about the idea that the power of Mind is able to be experienced by the Higher Beings instantaneously regardless of where God is. Itís a very big Universe. And the Godhead has to be someplace. And if we want to pray to God, can we wait three million light years to get an answer back to our prayer? Well, obviously, we canít. Itís kind of like applying pressure to a liquid. That pressure is distributed throughout that liquid instantaneously and undiminished, because the liquid is not compressible to any real extent, even though itís just a whole bunch of atoms bouncing around. The same sort of thing happens with our Minds. Our Mind power is not limited by the inverse square of diminishment of radiation as other radiating things are on this physical plane. Our Mindsí thoughts penetrate to the farthest reaches of the Universe instantaneously, undiminished. So your thoughts have an influence on people in other galaxies. I donít want you to get a swelled head over that. Because youíre one of quadrillions of quadrillions of Egos throughout the Universe. And they all have an influence on everybody on their planet, and they have as much influence on you and this planet as you have on them on their planet. Now, you are one influence among incredible trillions; so in the aggregate, what human Egos think about, do, their dreams, their thoughts, negative and positive, all have to be taken together as to their influence. Now weíre talking about a universal question, which if I understand you correctly, if nobody is incarnate on a planet any longer because everybody has achieved Mastership, does that planet still have the same influence on us astrologically? Well, yes; mainly because it has to do with things related to gravity and electromagnetic radiations. And that doesnít diminish. So where are all of these Egos now that theyíve made Mastership as human beings; where do They go after Theyíre all Masters? They donít go anywhere; They stay with Their planet even though Theyíre not incarnating any longer. However, all planets are part of a solar system. When all the human Egos have made mastership on all the planets of a given solar system, then the star goes nova and all of those human Egos are described as Thirteenth Degree, and They all live together with Their Angelic Host on the core of the star that went nova, waiting for a progression of the lifewaves. That may be somewhat complicated, but everybodyís got to be somewhere. I hope that answers your question.


Do Humans Reincarnate as Animals or Plants?


Q:  When we incarnate, can we come back as an animal or a plant?


RK:††††††††††† No. Thatís part of the Hindu idea of transmigration of souls, meaning that a person can essentially be the same as a bear, or an ant, or an elephant or something of that sort. And one example is that if you live a life of gluttony, then youíre bound to come back as a pig the next incarnation, but thatís really not so. Human Egos can only occupy human bodies.


Does Civilization Have to Be Ready Before We Get to the Kingdom of God?


Q:†††††††††††††† Edgar Cayce, in his last prediction, said that God is ready for the new kingdom, but the civilization of people have to be ready before we can get Godís Kingdom on Earth. Is that true?


RK:††††††††††† Absolutely. Godís been ready since day one, but the Kingdom of God, as said in the New Testament, has to be in the hearts of the people first, and then they will know how to govern themselves and it will be kind of a Heaven on Earth. God hasnít made any secret as to what His rules are and what works in the long run. And as long as people donít follow those to such a great degreeóthere are some pretty rough civilizations on this planet right now.


Are American People Evil?


Q:  I know. Evil, too.


RK:    Iím sorry to say that there are an awful lot of evil people in this country. Fortunately, the vast number of Americans are not evil. Mostly itís the people who want to become in charge of everybody who tend to be the evil ones.


What Is the Catholic Churchís View on Exorcism?


Q:  I understand your Teachers warned against doing any type of exorcism. And I understand that the Catholic Church, back around the `60ís or `70ís or so, kind of laid down the law that priests were not to do that anymore. Is that right?


RK:    Iíve heard that, but I donít know that for a certainty. Negative entities, for a long, long time, have had considerable influence over many in leadership of the Catholic Church. Iím not picking on just the Catholic Church. Most of the hierarchy of most of the churches tend to be highly influenced by evil and the ambitions that go along with that. I have known all along, though, that any priest that was trained as an exorcist could not be a parish priest. He could not have a congregation. So he was kind of a floating helper for whoever needed him. And an exorcist could not become a bishop either.


Does Exorcism Take a Toll on the Body?


Q:  And does exorcising really take a toll on the body?


RK:    Yeah. Itís an exhausting procedure. The infesting entity is not necessarily present. Sometimes itís a problem of dealing at a great distance with the entity thatís obsessing or possessing the victim. So you never know as an exorcist what degree of power the controlling spirit has. He may have been someone who was close to Masterships and decided to work on the darker side instead, and he may have an awful lot of mental abilities that may far exceed the exorcistís ability. And the only protection, really, that the exorcist has is his courage and his invoking the intercession of Jesus Christ. If he doesnít have those two items, he cannot succeed as an exorcist. But he also has to have a great deal of physical and spiritual stamina to go through the process, because it can take literally days to exorcise the influence of a negative entity, which it essentially accomplishes through telepathic hypnosis. But thatís how you run your own brain anyway, so every Ego has hypnotic control. It may sound strange to use that particular term, but itís precisely identical to how another Ego can interfere in the control of your brain. And itís usually done telepathically.


Q:  You have to invite it; donít you?


RK:    You can invite it through alcoholism or drug use, too, without ever asking for somebody to control you.  


Can a Person Spontaneously Be Taken Over By Lower Entities?


Q:  To take some of the fear away from that, isnít it true that we canít just all of a sudden be taken over by a spirit without having indulged in negative thoughts or a chemical imbalance or asked for it?


RK:    Right. You have to open yourself. Of course, the person who practices Satanism or witchcraft is making a conscious choice to deal with so-called powerful negative spirits. And thatís a principal source of evil in the world.


Q:  Didnít Christ, two thousand years ago, set up a protection from that kind of incursion?


RK:    Right. You have to do something in order to become susceptible to possession or obsession.


Is There a Generational Influence for Mediumship?


Q:  If I can ask one last question, Iíll get off the subject. I understand that sometimes a negative entityís possession can be a generational thing, passed down from parent to child, and from that child to its child. How in the world does that work?


RK:    Well, parents and grandparents are pretty much responsible for protecting young children; particularly the first six to eight years. If theyíre remiss in that, they can invite into the childís environment their own satanic influence. As you know, I donít believe thereís an Ego named Satan. Thatís kind of a catch-all phrase for the negative human entities that make up evil on this planet. But nevertheless, if there is some negative entity who has infested the adults in the family for quite a long time, and has convinced through one means or another the adults or parents to engage in satanic practices, they can bring the child under the influence of that same negative entity which is infesting the parents. The child has a natural protection against that. The parents can break that protection.


Q:  What she was saying about negative entities, how it gets passed on from mother to child, can that be stopped by that process?


RK:    Yes, an exorcist can stop it. So long as the child is still under that influence, it is going to be constantly drawn back in by that connection, until itís old enough to get out of that. Thatís something that, a lot of people, when they finally become adults and get out of that situation, the first thing they do is go to an exorcist and get free of the familyís influence.


Can a Person Get Enough Negative Karma So They Canít Incarnate?


Q:  To clarify two questions asked earlier. Wasnít there a point where a human could acquire so much negative karmic indebtedness that he would become like an animal at some point? Or that he would be so faróthe Ego would have so much karmic indebtedness that it would be impossible to incarnate again?


RK:    Right. Or survive an incarnation.


Can Egos Influence Egos on Other Planets?


Q:  When you were talking about influences from other planets, I thought there was a block put up between different planets so that they could not influence each other.


RK:    Theyíre not allowed to visit us.


Q:  But mental energies part can pass from planet to planet?


RK:    Yes. Itís impossible to screen yourself from that.


Are There Aliens on the Moon?


Q:  But the physical part is definitely not allowed?


RK:    Right. Iíd like to clarify a rumor that there are aliens from other planets influencing our government at the present time. I believe such ďaliensĒ come from the Moon and are human beings who are part of our Egoic lifewave. They are a race of homosapiens. An Atlantean colony was set up on the Moon about 20,000 years ago, and those people live underground. Their skin pigmentation has grown grayish over generations as compared to those of us still on Earth who over generations have been exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. The humans living on the Moon have a superior technology evolved directly from Atlantis. They had to have pretty high technology in order to get there in the first place. They visit us quite frequently, but theyíre not really from another planet. Theyíre part of our lifewave. And their Egos can incarnate here on the Earth or you may choose to reincarnate on the Moon next time. So we humans have two technology branches, and any of us can choose between incarnating here and incarnating there. I think most people who incarnate on the Moon have a tendency to keep doing that all the time.


Q:  How many Greys do you think there are?


RK:    A couple hundred thousand on the Moon, I would say. When we started developing powerful enough telescopes a century ago, observers paid a lot of attention to moving lights in a couple of Moon craters. The conclusion was that there was equipment up there doing mining operations. NASA purposely landed astronauts near those craters. Moon quakes were generated by our astronauts with explosives on the Moon in order to use seismic equipment to measure the patterns of those blasts as they transmitted through the various layers of the Moon. The results enabled our scientists to determine the Moonís structure, which seems to be fairly metallic with a lot of hollow spaces inside. So that may be how the Moonís residents can get around inside. Atlantean exploration of the Moon dates back to the Ram Sita epic. Iím trying to provide some kind of understanding of things that you might hear or read about relative to mysterious advisors to our government.


Q:  How many people on Earth would you feel know about that or are even aware of that information?


RK:    Well, it goes back to President Eisenhowerís administration, so, you know, this is not a very recent thing. Thereís a lot of people who officially know about it, and the Moon people probably even have passed along some of their technology to members of our government. But now weíre really getting into a lot of speculation.


Are the Moons of Planets Hollow or Metallic?


Q:  Are the moons of other planets hollow and metallic, or do we not know that?


RK:    Donít know. And thereís something strange going on on Mars because some astronomers now report they cannot find its two Phobos and Deimos. Did you know that Mars has two moons? Theyíve been photographed for years, but now they canít find them.


Q:  Some planets have more than one moon?


RK:    Some planets of our solar system have fifteen or twenty moons.


Is Earthís Moon Natural?


Q:  Iíve read that some astronomers believe our Moon is too large for our planet for it to be natural.


RK:    Yes. Thereís a theory that it was steered here and parked around the Earth. But thereís Brotherhood information that the Earth at one time was about twice the size that it is now, and it was at a different location in the solar system; between Mars and Jupiter. Long before life began on this planet, it was struck by a wandering body and was essentially sheared in two. At that time we had the same moon plus a couple of smaller ones. The smaller ones were swept away and captured by the colliding body, and the asteroid belt was created by the debris of that collision. Then, because the remaining half of the Earth was only half the weight and lost some of its forward motion by the collision, it fell to a new position between Mars and Venus, which we have today. So why our Moon is proportionally so large is because it was more the proper size relative to the Earth when our planet was larger than it is today. Our Moon is also too far away from us.


RK:    Earth was mostly liquid at that time. That was long before any life appeared in any of the oceans. Thatís why thereís so much water related to us, because weíre part of that wateróthe further out you go, the more water there is on our planet; the further away from the Sun that you get.


What Is the Importance of a Egoís Name?



Q:  Back to Earth. Before a person incarnates, they investigate or plan their life, and they also choose their name. And they choose their parents, which this day and age assures a last name. But a first name and a middle name usually go along with it. Can you bring more light to that or what that name isódoes the Ego choose the name according to character or what they plan to do?


RK:    Yes. Both of those. It tells somebody who knows what names mean who you are and what you plan to do.


How Do Planets Spin?


Q:  Is Earth the only planet thatís spinning?


RK:    They all are. Sometimes their axis is different than ours. We have a pretty badly tilted axis, but Neptuneís axis is at ninety degrees.


Q:  How do they first get them to spin?


RK:    Itís inherent in the formation of them. The Sun, itself, had to coalesce into a ball. The material that fell into the Sun to make it was given a spin just by the process of falling. Because it doesnítónothing falls straight into a heavenly body. It already has some motion. And it has to catch up to what already is happening in order to become part of it. And thatís where the spin comes from. Because way out here, itís gas, and it gradually keeps pulling in until it becomes a pretty cohesive body in the form of a sun, and then it starts spinning faster, and faster, and faster. The Sun at one time or another had a high bulge to it, even though it was already starting to form as a sphere, and the process ofóyouíve seen an ice skater start to spin, and they pull their arms in, and the more they pull their arms in, the faster they spin around? Well, that was part of the process. And that bulgeóthereís always been a spewing out of matter from the Sun. It still goes on today along the Plane of the Ecliptic. And at one time, it spewed out a whole bunch of matter, which eventually coalesced into planets. So I guess since the planets were turning around, collecting dust, things fell into one another and eventually ended up spinning as well. Itís just a natural process of coalescence by a gravitational field.


Whatís Beyond the Orbit of Pluto?


Q:  On the same subject, my understanding is that of the planets we know, except for Pluto, theyíre all in the same Plane of the Ecliptic, but Pluto comes in and is orbiting in a different one. Could that mean that it came maybe from another star at one time?


RK:    Yes, thatís very possible. Have you ever heard of the Ort field? A Dutch astronomer theorized, and then came up with some pretty good proof, that way far out, thereís a whole bunch of ice bodies, primarily only H2O. But itís pretty cold out there, very far from the Sun.


Q:  Are they still orbiting?


RK:    Right. Still orbiting out there. And most of what we call comets are composed of ice. Something disturbed their presence and started them to fall into the Sun, and then they have three forty- or fifty-year cycles, or even longer, where they fall toward the Sun, but they canít quite make it directly into the Sun, so they just spin around and go back out again. Theyíre way out in the Plane of the Ecliptic. And a lot of those things over time have eventually fallen into the outer planets, which is why theyíre so watery. The comet that hit Jupiter some time ago, that was mostly a big ball of ice. It made a heck of an impact though. It doesnít make any difference if it was water. The fact that it was moving so fast and there was so much weight involved caused an explosion in the atmosphere of Jupiter that was about the size of the Earth. And that meant there were several tons of water that hit the surface.


Whatís in the Tail of a Comet?


Q:  The tail of the comet is gas and stuff?


RK:    Itís essentially water vapor. A lot of them are called dirty snowballs because they pick up all kinds of dust and dirt in their travels. And that gives them a dark surface, which causes them to absorb even more sunlight as they go around, which makes them even more evaporative. The solar wind pushes the water vapor as its tail away from the Sun. Thereís no real wind up there unless itís the so-called solar wind, which is particulate material that is ejected from the Sun that adds several tons to our planet every year. These ice balls have the same thing, and as they swing around the Sun, the gasses that come out of them are pushed by the solar wind away from the Sun.


Q:  So when itís leaving away from the Sun, the tail is in front then?


RK:    Right. Even though that doesnít seem right at all.


What Was the Date That Positions for the Great Plan Were Filled?


Q:  Iím trying to remember what the date was, but there was a point that your Teachers told you that in the current phase of the Great Plan, there was a whole bunch of positions that were filled?


RK:    Yes.


Q:  What was that date that that occurred?


RK:    That was in December, when I was about thirty-three, around 1960.


Q:  Apparently that was the next step in the Great Plan that people were assigned those particular positions. Have you gotten any clues or information if that part of the Great Plan is still on schedule?


RK:    Some changes have probably since been made due to some deaths over the past forty years.


Q:  Were you, at that time or since then, been told about or had a need to know any of these other positions and who were manning them?


RK:    None whatsoever.


What Is the Comet of Nostradamus?


Q:  Iíve got a book called The Comet of Nostradamus in which theyíre saying that according to hisó


RK:    August of 2004?


Q:  Yes. And now recently I read something off the Internet about some asteroid hitting the planet or something, but I didnít find a date. What is your take on all that?


RK:    Well, thereís a whole bunch of stanzas by Nostradamus which would certainly indicate that thatís the date. Itís supposed to strike in the Adriatic and cause all kinds of problems in Greece and Italy.


Q:  Are you finding any information elsewhere confirming that possibility?


RK:    No. Strictly Nostradamusí prediction.


Has the Earth Been Struck By a Comet or Asteroid?


Q:  Comets and asteroids are different?


RK:    Yes. Comets usually have real long periods of time between sightings because theyíre real space wanderers on elliptical orbits. Asteroids have a very close orbit around the Sun, between Mars and Jupiter. And they can be perturbed by different gravitational forces of the planets to start coming closer to the Sun. Because theyíre in the plane of the ecliptic, asteroids are in an area where they could strike the Earth. Asteroids are made of metal and rock, and comets are essentially ice. Our still-liquid planet re-formed as a globe very readily after being struck, and the thin crust of light-weight rock that had already hardened on the surface was left on one side of the globe, which we call Pangia, while the other rock that had been formed was swept away in the collision. All of the continents have had to spread around the globe from that spot, and that has taken hundreds of millions of years.


Q:  What you just mentioned, Iím assuming happened before Egos were assigned to the planet.


RK:    Yes, long before there were any life forms at all.


Q:  We were talking about something hitting the Earth and splitting it in two. Was that probably a comet or was it something from outside our solar system?


RK:    Probably from outside our solar system. Because it seems to have been moving in the wrong direction.



What Triggers Violent Earth Changes?


Q:  Is the uneven distribution of continents generally the cause of the cycle of catastrophes that we have on the planet Ėthe sudden earth changes, if you will?


RK:    I donít really know what sets them off, but periodic rising and sinking of the continents is part of a process to renew the fertility of the land. If our planet didnít do that, there soon wouldnít be life on the dry surface anymore. All life would be in the ocean. So long as the design is to have plants and animals live on land, then we have to have renewal of the land, because minerals are constantly being dissolved by rain and washing into the sea. To get the minerals back onto the land again, we have volcanoes and floods, or inundations. Rising and falling of land masses. Sometimes the Earthís crust is sea bottom and sometimes itís above again. So thatís an essential part of maintaining life on the surface of the land. The moment of change is disastrous so far as human beings are concerned and other life forms as well. But then, again, in the overall scheme of things, youíre either in the right place and continue, or you reincarnate again a little later. So hopefully not much is lost. However, in the process of an Earth change thereís the human hurting and terror. Thatís not so good, but, of course, that only lasts for a short period of time.


Did the Early Planetary Upheavals Slow Down Egoic Advancement?


Q:  Iím coming to a point. Particularly in our solar system, we observe planets that are remarkably desolate. And relative to previous statements that have been made here, the assumption would be that the former inhabitants of those planets have advanced to such a degree that theyíre no longer on the physical plane, and therefore, weíre not observing their activities. Does this imply that circumstances here on Earth have, shall we say, regressed to normal advancement as opposed to the other planets in our solar system?


RK:    I have been given no information about that. Thereís plenty of opportunity for life if thereís liquid underneath the rocks in the way of caverns formed in different ways, by volcanism of some sort. And if theyíre filled with liquids, life can evolve in those things. Those animals and people do not need sunlight in order to see. If their retina is attuned to vibrations of infrared, wherever thereís warmth, thereís light, and the possibility of perceiving it as light. So all the kinds of things that we have as human bodies can be evolved on other planets, whether thereís water there or not, so long as thereís some kind of liquid that they can live in.


Is Their Life on the Desolate Looking Planets?


Q:  In other words, our apparent view of other planets as being desolate and lifeless, or shall we say, inhospitable to human life, is simply a narrow point of view?


RK:    Itís best to keep an open mind. If alien people with entirely different chemical makeup come to visit our planet, they would have a real problem here. Itís said that the temperature on the surface of Venus is 800 degrees. Whatís the temperature under the surface? Is that beneficial? Can they use that kind of temperature beneficially? If a form of silicon is a base rather than carbon, of DNA and cell structure, that might work. Angels are all expert organic chemists. If you have a planet, Angels formed it. I donít know if they abandon it and decide to move someplace else, but They put together a planet with every intention of evolving life on it. I donít know exactly what happened to Mars. I mean, maybe they had an atomic war or something and blew the surface to smithereens except for whoever survived in underground caverns where thereís plenty of water.


Are Planets Created on Other Planes?


Q:  In order for the Angels to create our planets, did They have to create planets on the other planes of existence as well?


RK:    At the advancement of the human lifewave, Masters become Angels. One of the first things They get into is creating a planet. The next thing They do is begin to evolve life on that planet, eventually ending up with a vehicle that can be human and operated by an Ego. To coalesce a planet, They donít have to do things on other planes of existence other than create an etheric pattern for it. Mostly, They have to be able to manipulate gravity in order to help coalesce the planet from dust spewed out by a star. Angels will be operating on other planes of existence when They start figuring out how to make living things. But Angels donít make matter. Matter comes from a star. Archangels make the stars. All of the necessary energies for the solar system are from that star.