Consciousness Barrier a Learning Device


Another question dealt with the problem of one’s finite consciousness on the physical plane and the Egoic consciousness, which includes the essence of all one’s past experiences, seeming to suggest that each person is two separate consciousnesses. Richard answered that although separated by a natural barrier, the apparent duality of consciousness is really one. On the physical plane we learn from our experiences through the intricate instrumentation of the physical brain, upon which all of these experiences are duly recorded. Unaware to most persons is the vast area of the experiences and knowledge gained prior to the present incarnation, stored in the Egoic memory.

     The barrier between the physical consciousness and Egoic consciousness was purposely set up by our Creators and, like karma, is a learning device. Were an individual conscious of his Egoic knowledge and the preplanned tasks undertaken in the present incarnation, he would probably delude himself with feigned solutions to his problems. Not being aware, we are forced to face the situations of life in a way that is conducive to true learning. This builds wisdom.

     To be totally conscious of all the events of all present and past incantations requires great mental advancement, but the essence of what is known Egoically is reflected in what is known in the present incarnation, Contrary to popular belief, transition (death) does not convey advanced mental abilities. A person on the astral plane is no more advanced emotionally or aware spiritually than when he was incarnate. Also, an Ego’s mental attitudes and ways of facing situations will be the same on the astral plane as on the physical plane.

     One person commented that some people seem to believe the ability to perceive the astral plane is awarded to an individual by the Brotherhoods. Richard said that this is not so. Advancement in itself brings about natural awareness of the astral plane; and this is attained by changing the personality and gaining complete control over one ‘s environment without interfering in the environments of others. The Brotherhoods simply recognize an individual’s advancement when he has met all of the prerequisites for Initiation.