Child-Rearing Expectations in the New Civilization


“All children have abilities which are not being developed because of the culture’s mass ignorance. People now attain less than half their potential intelligence because as children they are not given the right kind of stimuli and guidance at the proper moments in their neurological development. The optimum time for the introduction of mathematics and reading is years prior to the time a child starts school at age six. A child should be able to read well by his third birthday and be able to write by four—these are basic tools to the attainment of high intelligence. Math and musical talents are built‑in abilities of the brain; and if the right materials and learning environment are provided, every child has genius in these areas. But this requires much skill and almost full‑time attention on the part of the parents for the first five years of a child’s life. Schools should never be anything but a supplement to the child’s principal education in the home. Most parents put an infant in a playpen and largely ignore it. Then they let the neighborhood kids, and now also television, be the main influence in their child’s early development. You must also come to realize that natural childbirth (away from the interventionism of hospitals) and breast feeding, as well as excellent nutrition all through life, are key factors in a child’s eventual attainment of high intelligence and psychological health. Modern medical practices have inadvertently been subverting Nature’s plan for the infant’s optimum development. To merely clothe, house, feed, and be kind to a child is just so much warehousing of a young life, which does not provide the preparation for the greatness we are all heir to. Parents seem to be mostly concerned that a child not be a nuisance and be well‑behaved and adopt the parent’s prejudices. This is traditionally accomplished by literally terrorizing a child to fit into those prescribed molds. No one should ever strike a child or threaten to. To do so may assuage your impatience or anger, but it inflicts long‑term anxiety on the child and gives him a low sense of self‑worth that usually lasts a lifetime.”  (The Ultimate Frontier)