Public Meeting


Stelle, Illinois


August 1972



What Is Stelle’s Attitude Toward the Healing Professions?


QUESTION:         What will be the attitude of Stelle towards the healing professions?


RICHARD KIENINGER:           People will always be needing repair whenever they do something foolish or do not take care of themselves; so, we will need physicians, surgeons and dentists. We are certainly very happy to have trained medical people take an interest in our community so that they can serve us while they earn a living at the thing they have developed as their profession.


Will Stelle Have a Need for Psychotherapy?


Q:      Would you anticipate any need for psychotherapy?


RK:      I don’t know if it is so much a need for psychotherapy as it is for psychiatric counseling. Most people go through personal torture because they feel that the things they are thinking or the problems they are experiencing are abnormal. It is usually reassuring to them to be told by an expert that the feelings they are having are normal and that they are going through the stages they should be going through.


What Is Citizenship Training?


Q:      Would you elaborate on citizenship training?


RK:      Citizenship training will be given in Stelle, as it was given in Lemuria, after a person reaches the age of 21 and will take seven years on a part-time basis, It will be conducted by direct representatives of the Brotherhoods, They have very valuable lessons to impart: not the academic question and answer type , but actual tests of how well the student applies the laws of the universe, This will begin when one’s formal schooling is over, In the Lemurian scheme of things, when a person successfully completed his training, he was given an extra vote in the affairs of the community.


Is their a Difference Between Cosmic Consciousness and Clairvoyance?


Q:      Would you please differentiate between cosmic consciousness and clairvoyance?


RK:      There is almost no difference between them.


What Are Alpha Waves?


Q:      What are alpha waves?


RK:      When a person moves into deeper and deeper stages of meditation, he generates alpha waves. These waves are one of the components of the electric currents generated by the brain as recorded on an encephalograph. There are studies being conducted where a person’s alpha waves are converted into an audial signal. By consciously trying to make your signals louder, the strength of your alpha wave generation increases. Ability to do this does not necessarily indicate one’s advancement. Personally, I do not recommend it because twilight sleep or dreamlike stages tend to lower one’s threshold of will against intrusion by other entities who might induce deleterious thoughts or emotions.


Does Clairvoyance Come from Unseen Entities?


Q:      Do people who appear to be clairvoyant get this ability from unseen entities


RK:      You made a distinction when you said those who “appear” to be clairvoyant. One who is truly clairvoyant from his own Egoic ability has developed this during many lifetimes of work. Even the spontaneous cases of clairvoyance are really a breakthrough of an ability learned during prior lifetimes. In the other instance, a person can have information given to him by discarnate entities through a medium-ship arrangement. The spirit control can give you insights into what is going on as regards the other planes of existence. That, of course, is not true clairvoyance, but mediumship.


Did Edgar Cayce Develop His Talents in Other Lifetimes?


Q:      Did Edgar Cayce develop his talents in other lifetimes?


RK:      The spirits who spoke through Cayce seemed to indicate that his mediumship had been developed and arranged for during prior lifetimes. Most exercises used to develop clairvoyance border on the same exercises that one does to become a medium. Rajah Yoga and the Brotherhoods teach that the best way to learn how to have extra-sensory perception is to develop one’s Ego to such refinement that E.S.P. comes about very naturally. It is the rapport between the Egoic consciousness and the physical consciousness of the brain that leads to natural clairvoyance. The power to do this exists within your own being and you do not have to look to the outside to develop this.


Should Reason and Logic Supplant Human Nature?


Q:      Is it The Stelle Group’s philosophy that reason and logic should supplant “human nature?”


RK:      Reason and logic should not so much supplant as enhance the emotional aspects of man. All of these things were given to us for very good reasons and we should use them and make them all grow in as balanced a way as possible. Emotions, as well as their being enjoyable, are also spurs, which often make us do the things we ought. Our physical vehicles are really finely tuned machines which, unfortunately, we often throw out of kilter. Allowing reason, logic, and emotions, to interact fully produces a state of accomplishment and is enjoyable for us,


What Happened to Mary and Joseph After the Birth of Jesus?


Q:      What happened to Mary and Joseph after the birth of Jesus?


RK:      They were busy raising other children. Joseph lived until the time Jesus reached his early 20’s; he was considerably older than his, Mary. Since both parents were, Mary was quite able to raise the children alone. At the time they were married, Joseph was about 40 and Mary was in her early teens. In those days the average life expectancy was a great deal younger than It is today; so if one wanted to raise children through their teens, one started a family at an early age.


Mary lived for quite some time following the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and she helped in forming the first Church in Jerusalem. Jesus’ younger brother, James , was the head of this church and was also an Adept.