Walk-In: Sometimes called soul transference, it is the act of a discarnate entity hypnotically taking over a human body from its legitimate owner. This is to the detriment of all concerned, as the spirit never returns the body. Giving up a body, in this manner, is on the road to death.




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White Occult: White Occults do not interfere with others and are quiet and friendly. They are harmless towards others and may or may not be associated with the Brotherhoods.





Witchcraft refers to the practice of contracting agreements with lower entities in order to secure whatever benefits such lower entities may be able to bestow. An agreement of this sort eventually results in bondage to a lower entity which continues even after transition. Witchcraft is a one-way road to Egoic bondage, despite the advantages it may seem to offer in the short run. There is no difference between “white” magic and “black” magic, whatever the intent of one who becomes involved in such practices; the common factor is a contractual agreement with a lower entity, and the eventual result is Egoic bondage.





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