The Seven Planes of Existence


By Richard Kieninger


All things and living beings in the Universe are made of matter which is differentiated into seven Planes of Existence. Every particle of matter and energy has a fixed nutational rate of vibration which determines what Plane of Existence it is a part of. In all the Cosmos there are but seven, and only seven, nutational rates which are set in perfect octaves, which means each rate is double the frequency of the one below it, and there are no blends or intermediate tones of nutational vibration. Nutational vibration is an inherent product of the spin on subatomic particles. Both matter and energy are created by Mind Power out of the basic substance which we call Ether or Space. Space exists as a basic Creation of God even though it is neither matter nor energy. All the Galaxies exist within the sphere of Space; and where space ends, there is nothing beyond. (In reality, there can be no beyond, and Space bounds itself.) Although Space may be a perfect vacuum due to the absence of any matter and may also be devoid of any energy radiating through it, Space has existence. Space or Ether seems like a frictionless “fluid” without mass; but it does offer resistance to the passage of particles of matter and energy on the physical Plane of Existence, which is of the slowest nutational rate. This resistance is expressed as the “speed of light.” On the other hand, Mind energy can traverse all Space instantly and simultaneously. The “physics” of particles on each Plane of Existence is unique and very different from the physical plane.


Every particle on all Planes of Existence is in actuality a toroidal (doughnut shaped) vortex in the Ether and of the Ether. This vortex produces a local “concentration” or “thickening” of Ether within its bounds, and its spinning action gives rise to a comparatively slow wobble of the resulting “particle,” which is called nutation. A spinning top or gyroscope will also nutate during its precessional wobble, hence the analogous terminology. Every particle of matter and virtually every particle of energy on the lowest six Planes of Existence has been created by Archangelic Mind and continues its existence via the sustained mental precipi­tation of Archangelic Thought. There are a few notable exceptions, however, for Life Essences which motivate living beings—plants, animals, men, Angels, Archangels, and Celestial Beings—are created exclusively by the Celestial Host; and these Life Essences are special energies having nutational rates appropriate to the specific Plane of Existence upon which they respectively function. Mind is also an exclusive Creation of God, and Mind with all its abilities is an energy of the fourth Plane of Existence. The energy we call Love, which is a power emanating from God and permeating the Universe, is another special energy of the fourth Plane of Existence. All Cogent Beings employ Mind and Love energies regardless of how high They evolve. Moreover, all phases of all Planes of Existence respond to those two great powers. The kinds of energy particles left to be created by the Arch­angels on the lower six planes include and are analogous to the electromagnetic spectrum of the physical Plane of Existence, and these do not involve the Life Essences or Mind and Love energies.


Energy particles are those that essentially travel a straight line through Space, whereas matter comes into being when one or more particles tightly orbit another particle or particles—then atoms are formed. But we are still only dealing with swirls of Ether orbiting other swirls of Ether and having comparatively vast spaces between the swirls. The precipitating power of Archangelic Mind operates via the binding forces of the second Plane of Existence to produce the effects of mass, gravity, and solidity on the physical Plane of Existence with which we are familiar. Every item on the physical plane has an etheric pattern on the second Plane of Existence which must come into existence before the physical counterpart can take form. The Etheric Plane is about two thousand times denser (in terms of particles per cubic measure) than the physical plane, and therefore its binding power is tremendous. The forces which act at a distance, like gravity and magnetism, actually have their origin on the Etheric Plane of Existence. The Vital Body is the etheric pattern of plants, animals, and human physical vehicles (which are animal forms) living on the physical Plane of Exis­tence. As the Vital Body grows, the physical body conforms through genetic processes. The Vital Body is never flawed, but genetic imperfections of the physical body are possible.

The Astral Body of man is but a shell used for identification purposes and is the mental creation by an Ego while on the Astral Plane. If he also happens to be incarnate, there is a narrow band of astral energy radiation due to the Animal Life Essence that can be seen surrounding the physical body of all living animals by a clairvoyant. The large, colorful, coruscating energies of the so-called human Astral aura is actually the product of the Ego’s mental activity and character state, and therefore is actually a fourth-plane function.


The bodies used by Angels on the fifth plane are similar in general character to Astral Bodies of human beings, and they are used in the same way as identifiers by Their owners. Archangels and Celestial Beings do not evolve bodies in the sense of precipitating forms made of atoms on the sixth and seventh planes respectively. Rather, Their activity tends toward purely energy projections, and Their individual Egoic center takes on a “form” due to Their intense mental con­centration of power; for these energies mimic the orbiting of energies around energies that would elsewhere take on the characteristics of matter. Archangels and God could, of course, mentally project any appearance that would be appro­priate to a lesser being were it necessary to encounter him. The following chart compares the relationships between the Planes of Existence:


Nutational Life Corresponding Principal Plane Octave Essence Human Body Expression


Physical           1st        —                Physical    Form                         
Etheric            2nd       Plant             Vital         Pattern & Akashic    
Astral              3rd       Animal           Astral       Drive                         
Mental            4th        Human          Mental      Ego & Emotion          
Angelic            5th       Angelic          —            Life & Evolution         
Archangelic     6th       Archangelic   —            Energy & Creation      
Celestial          7th       Celestial         —            Pure Spirit & Love     





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