Life Essences


By Richard Kieninger


There are some useful distinctions to be made between the functions of the Human Life Essence (being an energy of the fourth nutational rate) and the Animal Life Essence (being an energy of the third nutational rate) as they relate to life forms on the physical plane of existence. Our Human Life Essence was derived from the Animal Life Essence which had given life to animals living upon other planets before the last Progression of the Life Waves. That former Animal Life Essence, having been thus elevated from the third to the fourth nutational rate, was refined and purified by Arch­angels. Then the Celestial Host endowed this new Human Life Wave with the powers of Mind, divided it into two polarities for male and female, and finally individualized it into Egos who are to endure forevermore. These discrete Egoic entities were held for installation into human physical vehicles evol­ved by Angels from lower animal life forms on the various planets.


The basic, indivisible unit into which the Human Life Essence is compartmentalized is the Ego. There is no smaller fraction into which the Human Life Essence is divided. The Ego is to the Human Life Essence what the quantum particle is to physical energy. The Animal Life Essence, upon the third nutational level, vitalizes animal cells as they are formed on the physical level under the control of the animal’s Vital Body, which exerts its influence on the living, physical or­ganism’s structure from the second nutational level. When one cell dies within an animal’s body or when the entire or­ganism is killed, the Animal Life Essence which activated each individual cell returns to a common pool to be held until it is needed to vitalize a newly formed cell. The bit of Animal Life Essence which might have vitalized a cell in a horse’s in­testine, for instance, might next vitalize an amoebae, or a cell in a starfish’s mouth, or a mouse’s brain, or in a dog’s leg muscle. There is no continuity of identity with any species of animal or type of cell associated with the Animal Life Essence. Nevertheless, the Animal Life Essence as a whole is gaining a gradual elevation in aggregate development as af­forded by the Angelic Host through the life experience of all the animal creatures evolved by Them on a planet. This, of course, is intended to develop the Animal Life Wave for its use as the subsequent Human Life Wave after the next Pro­gression of the Life Waves.


The Vital Body of a plant or animal is seen by clair­voyants as a narrow etheric aura around the living organism. Animals have an astral aura in addition which also radiates in a narrow region immediately surrounding the animal’s body. This astral aura is due to the vitalizing energy of the Animal Life Essence in all of the animal’s physical cells, but it does not have the colors, effulgent radiance or chakras seen in the human astral aura. It is correct to say that all animal organisms have an Astral Body; but when the dog or tiger or worm dies, does not continue as an astral identity on the Astral Plane.


There are, however, clairvoyants who have assumed that ani­mals have a “soul” just because there is an Astral Body in evidence in conjunction with the living physical body. The animal’s Astral Body quickly dissolves as the individual cells die upon the general death of the animal’s physical vehicle.


The cells of the human physical vehicle are vitalized by Animal Life Essence, whereas the life essence of the Human Ego is an energy of the next higher nutational rate. Because of the God-given mental powers inherent in the human Ego, there is a continuity of consciousness added to the indestructibility of Egoic identity. As man reincarnates time after time, he continues to accumulate knowledge and refine his character through the acquisition of virtue. While in a de­carnate condition, an Ego clothes himself with an astral shell for identification purposes. He may project himself mentally to a far distant place and immediately precipitate other astral shells wherever he goes. When he returns from these mental excursions, the astral shells he leaves behind slowly disinte­grate over a period of a few days. Lower Astral entities some­times assume the identities of Egos who left their astral shells behind, and one may thus masquerade as an Ego whose shell he dons while appearing to a spiritualist medium. In order to keep the work of the Brotherhoods untainted by these im­personations, the Masters function and communicate with one another on the Mental Plane of Existence rather than risk the communication avenues at the Astral Plane level.

As might be expected, the superior influence of the Ego’s mind power over his physical, Vital and Astral Bodies is es­pecially apparent in his astral aura. The degree of his charac­ter development and the nature of his desires, emotions and thoughts are broadcast via characteristic colors in his astral aura. The wonderful interrelationship between one’s physical vehicle and Mind, and the powerful energies which flow through certain endocrine centers and the plexi of one’s cen­tral nervous system produce an astral aura in the human being which can hardly be likened to the small lackluster Astral Body of the animal. Truly, the powerful mental ener­gies of the Ego and the Human Will dominate every aspect of man’s existence.