Prosperity Can Be Yours


by Richard Kieninger


You have the inherent ability to create a prosperous and abundant life.

Using the Laws of Precipitation and Mental Attraction, you can have whatever you want.



Prosperity begins with your attitudes. An all-pervading prosperity consciousness is a valuable attribute to help assure that your environment provides all your spiritual and mundane needs. You must develop an awareness that you are meant to share fully in the abundance of Nature and the Earth and enjoy all the happy blessings of human existence, for prosperity is your birthright.


Prosperity consciousness is a way of thinking about yourself. Your emotional tone largely determines the degree of enthusiasm, happiness, and expectation of success you express, while your personal attitudes and emotional state combine to determine your self-image and how people respond to you. Developing a prosperity consciousness depends on inner harmony, generosity, concern for fairness to others, determination to produce efficiently, consuming less than you produce, awareness of values, and wise management of time and assets.


People have had all kinds of negative attitudes imbued in them by just about everybody from the time they were youngsters, and this makes it hard for them to ever expect to be prosperous. Some parents seem to constantly put down their children. Suppose your father had said, “Who do you think you are? Think you’re better than your old man?” His message may really be, “Don’t aspire to something bigger than I am, because it would show me up for being less than what I could have been. Stay down where I want you to belong!” These types of messages have to be totally deprogrammed.


Almost everyone is programmed to feel unworthy. Teachers do it. They put you down in subtle ways, saying, “You’re doing this wrong; you’re doing that wrong; go sit in the corner; shut up; spit out your gum.” Everybody comes to expect it. If they said, “You’re great! We love you! You’re beautiful! You’re doing everything optimally for your age!” think how much that kind of encouragement would make you feel that you were okay. Encouragement allows you to be successful. You should say these good things to yourself to deprogram old negative attitudes.


It’s important that you see yourself with the power that’s inherent in the God-like portions of your Egoic personality and character. Although we’re entitled to be in a great civilization and we have the power to make a great civilization, it can only happen if your unconscious doesn’t believe you’re always going to be beaten. We’re not supposed to be like our dads—we’re supposed to be what God gave us the powers to be!


People are imbued with a negative attitude towards prosperity. Approximately 95% of the people in the world constantly submit to the mediocrity which is part of their environment by subconsciously picking up negative attitudes like, “The rich can do anything they want,” or “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Everybody has heard these sayings. When you hear people whom you respect and know saying these things frequently, you begin to believe you’ll never be rich. Rich people would probably just as soon foment that idea too, as it keeps you from competing with them.


Television puts negative ideas into people’s heads continuously. It’s hard to find an uplifting experience on it. We see not only people that have bad attitudes all around us, it’s reflected even in the movies and on television. Some people start at the bottom and lose ground as they go along simply because of negative attitudes like, “You can’t do anything with that. If that was such a great idea, somebody else would have thought of it and made a fortune a long time ago. There’s got to be something wrong with it.”

People who are successful are constantly beset by other individuals telling them their business, or how they are doing things wrong. The Wright Brothers didn’t get any pats on the back for their great idea. They were told they were insane, and man couldn’t possibly ever be able to fly.


With so many people who have negative attitudes around you all the time, it becomes so prevalent you don’t even notice it after a while. But your subconscious is working on it. Prosperity consciousness becomes a matter of turning things around and deciding that the things that you want in life are within your grasp.



Your subconscious mind plays a key role in changing your mental attitudes. It is totally incapable of differentiating between reality and imagination because there is no mechanism whatsoever that allows it to make that distinction. As a result, by visualizing successful scenarios over and over again, you can eliminate self-doubts by seeing yourself accomplishing things.


The Dallas Ballet is one of the best companies in the world. The people hired are the very best from around the world. They practice constantly in their minds. Whenever (in actual practice) they do something which is not up to par with their intention, they don’t just keep on trying if it means reinforcing an incorrect movement. If their muscles have not yet learned to work together to do the very unusual thing they are trying to accomplish, they sit down and visualize themselves successfully doing it, as instructed by their trainer: “Sit there for half an hour and visualize yourself doing it. Feel yourself accomplishing this manipulation in your muscles.” Then they’re successful!


There was a golfer who, when the ball would not go where he had visualized it going, would immediately visualize it doing just exactly as he had intended. He wouldn’t allow himself to keep a vision in his mind of that ball going in the wrong direction. He blocked that out. It was not acceptable. As a result, he was always successful. The ball almost always went where he wanted it to go. His subconscious worked for him all the time.


Use this technique of always seeing yourself successful in imaginary scenarios, and your subconscious will not produce doubts. This is very important because subconscious doubts counteract precipitations on the conscious level. If you have all the success techniques in the world mastered for making yourself a millionaire but you don’t believe yourself worthy of a million dollars, your subconscious will undo your conscious precipitation. Your subconscious is extremely important.


Reprogram yourself by creating scenarios in which you are a success all the time and where you are entitled to the best. You can reprogram all the garbage you have picked up unconsciously from your environment, which is now settled in the unconscious, by overriding it with the visualizations of success—seeing yourself a success, seeing yourself entitled to success as a child of God, being heir to all that’s good in this universe. And you are! There’s no question about it; for if all the mineral resources which are known and all of the renewable resources (like all the crops and trees constantly being produced and the energy that comes from the Sun, etc.) were given a monetary value based on the current value of such things, then each person’s share would be six billion dollars.



Lifetimes are supposed to be fun, but they’re not supposed to be without challenge. It is through challenges that you expand yourself, test yourself, and see what kind of powers you really have. If you just stick with something you’re always comfortable with, how will you ever really start to grow?


While keeping one foot firmly planted in that which you know, you can reach out with another foot onto a stepping stone which you’re not too sure about. Life generally tends to be an easing from one avenue to another, rather than suddenly having everything cut off and being abruptly dropped into an area you know nothing about. You do grow in different areas, and you never know in what way the “fates” will work or what opportunities will come your way. Opportunities continually appear alongside your path to consider, and you are constantly deciding whether or not to pursue them.

There is a potential for becoming lost in almost every situation, and one can get confused about life’s many different options. You cannot accomplish anything without having a definite direction to go in. If you have a scattered bunch of ideas (all of which may be very valuable and have a very high potential for making money), you need to decide on just one out of all of them and get started; otherwise, you could keep going around in circles, looking at all the different activities you want to be involved in, without moving even one step in the direction of any of them. That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all the other things you might want to do in a lifetime, but you have to decide on one first, to the exclusion of all the rest.


Put all the other alternatives out of your mind, and say, “I’ve decided with everything rational that I can bring to bear that this is the direction that I’m going to go, and I’m going to stick to it until I get there.” It is extremely important to have a purpose which you want to accomplish to the exclusion of all else. This purpose is your goal. You can’t just precipitate an idea or goal into existence; two other things are required. One is that you work to make your precipitation a reality. You can have almost anything, depending how much energy you mean to put into it. If you want to become a millionaire, there’s nothing to keep you from becoming one if you are willing to put the necessary effort into it. It takes time and effort.


The other thing required is that you develop excess karmic credits so you will be able to hold onto whatever you manage to bring into your environment through your positive mental attitude and your work.



Positive mental attitude is very central to accomplishment. After World War II, German cities were pulverized into piles of bricks lying around. The country’s whole economy was utterly uprooted. Their currency was totally worthless. Their government collapsed. They had nothing. Most people survived the cold by digging around for coal near railroad tracks, which were now curls of steel in the air, and around docks where big ships might have come in to unload coal at one time or another. They’d dig for hours to find a bushel of coal and scraps of wood or anything to keep themselves from freezing during the winter. Things were tough.


On a volunteer basis, the people of West Germany started organizing the rubble by cleaning off bricks, stacking them up, putting mortar on them and constructing again. They were in a building mode for fifteen to twenty years, almost all done by volunteers. The survivors were in a state of happiness because every month they would see more order. Homes and new structures were being created. Their environment was beginning to improve and they were joyful.


Their productivity soared incredibly as they built their economy into one of the strongest in the world, purely out of the sheer momentum of their creativity and the encouragement of seeing they were making progress. The visual evidence of their advancement was seen as all those cities that had been pounded to rubble were completely rebuilt in just fifteen years, all with modern structures and brand new roads. Everything was changed for the better.


A people’s spirit has to soar under circumstances like that. They learned how to really work, how to make every hour pay off, despite the fact that cleaning up the city was all volunteer work. There was no one to pay them anything. Out of the need for order comes the possibility of either despair or of building again to bring back order.



The payoff for your efforts to be wealthy usually starts after about five years. There are rare occurrences when a person has become a millionaire seemingly overnight, within a year or two years. They just happened to hit on something that struck the public’s fancy and couldn’t make enough of them. That’s a great way to go, but it’s not the norm. Deciding to devote five years of supreme effort toward such a goal involves much the same intention as making the sacrifice of going to college for four years. Sacrifice refers to the reality that there’s a lot of other things you’d rather be doing than sitting there cracking the books for four years, or maybe five years or six if you want to go for a master’s degree. However, there’s definitely a payoff in higher income afterward, which is why people are willing to make such a sacrifice.

It’s the same sort of thing when you get started in business. In order to keep yourself going you have to decide to hold onto a particular goal, because there’s many times you might just say, “Oh, the heck with it!” I’d just as soon go to a movie. Of course, you do have to take some time for yourself. But what keeps so many people from ever really becoming wealthy is that they don’t want to make the investment that is necessary over and above what it takes to make a living day by day. You have basic needs, and those needs have to be met. Business, however, involves an accumulation of credits over and above your daily needs.


Now that does not mean you can’t have some collateral things around which everyone in their lifetime should have. You can still be married, still have children, still have friends, still take the time to enjoy different things, but they’re going to be compressed into a smaller amount of overall time each month. Like very busy people, you will discover how to get in very high quality time on whatever it is that you’re seeking to have as collateral with the direction you’re going. Don’t fritter away your time! Many people manage to have very high-quality time with their child and high-quality time with their spouse. You don’t spread it out over the course of the whole day. For whatever logical amount of time you can be together, you can be in the situation of truly “being here and now,” not thinking about other things, but being with your spouse totally.



If you have the ability or capacity to earn wealth, there is a dharma involved. If you know how to make a million dollars, you have an obligation to make it! It’s part of the things you should do this lifetime! Buy why be a millionaire? What’s the point-just to have a one with six zeroes after it in the bankbook? No, that’s not a good enough reason. No one will work hard with the kind of dedication that’s necessary to become a millionaire unless they have a goal in mind that requires a million dollars. Just accumulating numbers in a bank won’t provide the necessary incentive. You must get emotionally involved and feel enthusiasm for some kind of project you want to carry out with that million dollars.


Remember, wealth is just a means. Money is a way of keeping score of your success in this life. Don’t ever imagine money has power in itself, because it has none. What you do with it and how you use it to extend your beneficial influence in the world is the only justification for great wealth. if the influence that you’re wielding is not beneficial, the universe comes down pretty hard on you.


There is a prevalent idea that if we are going to be spiritual, we must be anti-materialistic, but that is being imbalanced. If you lived the life of a penniless searcher after spiritual peace and were constantly trying to figure out where your next meal was coming from, it would be too distracting to allow for any real spiritual growth.


Entrepreneurship is the key to becoming a really wealthy person. We have all seen plenty of farmers who work hard from dawn until dusk, day in and day out, year after year, and have just about as much when they go to the grave as when they inherited the farm from their father. Laboring by one’s own self does not create great wealth. You have to engage the services of many other people working for you. You are providing a very important service to your employees. You are essentially putting bread on their table by paying them a wage, and you subsequently gain some profit from the work they do. The more people you have working for you, the more money you’ll have coming in.


A physician might make two hundred thousand dollars a year if he puts in long hours. However, his efforts are limited by the number of hours he can personally devote to his work. He can hire a couple of nurses to show his patients to examination rooms and record their blood pressure and weight; then he can move rapidly from one examination room to another and maybe see four or five, maybe six patients in an hour. That’s his limit. At that rate he’s not likely to be in the position of making a million dollars a year, but there are many people who do make a million dollars a year, and just about all they do is hire experts to work for them. They bring in profits from the work of maybe a thousand people. If you want to work alone, it may take ten to fifteen years to make your million dollars because you don’t have those thousand people working for you.

A good example of this principle is seen in the founder of Woolworth’s. He had a personal income of many millions of dollars a year selling nickel and ten-cent items. Some things he only made a tenth or twentieth of a cent on, but he sold them by the billions. He had stores all over, and he had many employees working for him. Each additional store brought in a little more profit. That’s why he had a couple of thousand stores all around the United States. If you have enough of anything, you don’t have to make a big profit off of each item. Anybody could have done what he did; but he thought of it and then pursued it.


Many people have brilliant ideas, but they just don’t put any energy behind those ideas. They think, “Oh, that would take too much work.” Other people say, “I could manufacture a product, but I’m going to have to find somebody who can move the stuff.” Often these people form corporations in order to bring the separate, specialized talents of many people together to work as a team. One person may be a top-notch marketer, another is good at engineering design, and another one can figure out production techniques, another one is great at buying, another is good at training people on the job, and another is gifted in personnel work. You rarely find all these technical skills within one individual. If you do, they’re so diluted from concern with such a myriad of things that the person can’t really focus as a full-time expert in any area.


So, again, if you wish to become very wealthy, you need to recognize your limits and what things you like to do. Then do that one particular thing you like, hire other people who are experts in other areas, and form a corporation that can really do something for you. You can be the sole proprietor by owning all the stock.



Observe the universal laws regarding the rule of tithing. Give ten percent of whatever your income is, and whatever you give will come back to you ten times greater. When a wealthy person gives a million dollars, he knows he’s got ten million dollars coming back; so he can give yet another million. However, he keeps nine million of the new income, for he needs to tithe only one million of the ten. He can’t lose on that kind of a deal. The wealthy have long understood the way in which the universe operates. Most of us never get into a position of giving that kind of largesse, so we really never experience the fantastic returns that come from God’s Law. If a person gives a million dollars toward truly uplifting mankind, then he gets back ten million so he can give away another million next year. That’s the way it works. Everybody who writes about the principle of tithing has said over and over that the system really works.


Many people perceive being a millionaire as having negative connotations. They simply do not realize those who got to be millionaires did so because they practiced the Laws of God.


Cassette tapes and reading materials which extol success philosophy and positive mental attitude can overlay the subconscious, negative conditioning which may now hold you down and hold you back. A lot of people do it by themselves by repeating affirmations such as, “I can accomplish anything! I am limitless!”




Developing a Prosperity Consciousness