Black Mentalism


By Richard Kieninger


It is wise that we try to perceive the motives of an en­emy and his methods of operation in order that we can bet­ter defend ourselves against him. To this end, a discussion of the Black Mentalists and their allies can be beneficial. Fortunately, effective protection from these perverted human Egos is available through the intercession of Christ provid­ed we call upon Him, but one should never underestimate the power and cunning of the nether forces or their ability to subtly and patiently undermine the unwary person.


Black mentalism is practiced by anyone who purposely influences the mind of another person telepathically wheth­er for “good” or evil intent. One need not be a Brother in or­der to develop such mental powers; for, indeed, the foulest of Egos can muster the determination to succeed in psychic matters. For instance, all too many occultists have been moti­vated to acquire the techniques of astral projection just so they can prowl the boudoirs and bathrooms of others. Men­tal powers, therefore, are not necessarily equated with spir­itual advancement. Karmically, to control another person’s thinking via mental means is disastrous. The penalty for caus­ing another person to sin is the same as committing the sin. Everyone’s actions are predicated upon his perception of re­ality regardless of how far this perception may he from ab­solute truth; and to telepathically warp another’s philosophy so that he deals with the world ineffectively within a distorted perceptual framework, generally negates the goals of that Ego’s incarnation. And the Black Mentalists delight in bringing the bright young man to naught through insanity or suicide.


There are many strange personalities whose corruptions are unfathomable to the normal, decent person. Among these are: the bestial butcher of a concentration camp who prac­tices wholesale torture and dismemberment; the criminal genius; the vice lord who forces depravity upon the young through dope and prostitution; the power-hungry Hitler who enslaves a free nation; the religious bigot who mas­sacres those whose views differ from his. These cruel and vicious types all taken together help describe the Black Mentalist’s personality. Moreover, to this picture must be added the pervasive thread of raging hatred of goodness, contempt of God and flagrant defiance of the immutable laws of karma. The Black Mentalist is forced to operate exclusively from the Lower Astral Plane; for were he to incarnate, his enormous debt of negative karma would become operative against him and destroy his life. The Black Mentalist does not have enough time in the seven thousand years until the Progression of the Life-Waves to work out his debt of karma; so he pursues his bent to bring depravity and negativism upon those who struggle toward Mastership. His present plight is the result of a self-defeating propensity to egotistically make his own rules instead of following God’s and to impose himself upon others as a means to control his environment. His persistent flight into the face of ultimate justice is tantamount to insanity, and he stands a sorrowful testament to the misuse of great mental powers acquired through much effort all to be lost when he must be left behind upon dissolution of our universe.


Yet, strange as it must seem. the ranks of the Black Men­talists continue to be swelled by occultists and witches whose anti-social drives lead them to become Evil incarnate. Their angry compulsion to get even with society for its failure to exalt them gives rise to a willingness to ally themselves with the Black Mentalists. Together they prey upon the weak and hateful members of our world and use them as dupes to wreak havoc capable of destroying the race. There are millions of depraved Egos residing on the Lower Astral Plane who lack the mental skills of the Black Mentalists but who cause vast misery to incarnate Egos. These decarnate entities can attach themselves to living persons and cause difficulties which range from schizophrenia (split personality) to drug cravings and sexual deviations. Decarnate Egos infest an incarnate Ego in order to share in the experiences of his body, or sometimes they merely derive their pleasure from debasing others in the same unattached manner by which sexually corrupt female entities induce dreams in a man to cause him to have “night emissions.” Decarnate Egos can overwhelm the rightful oc­cupant of a body by multiple infestation and cause the kind of bizarre behavior noted in the Bible of persons from whom Christ drove out spirits. Zombies are usually entered into by these base Egos after a corpse has been galvanized by an oc­cultist. Such criminal, decarnate Egos wield considerable influence over the child who has not been given a firm, guiding morality from infancy. We are all subjected to a continual bom­bardment of evil thoughts induced in our minds, ranging from the night terrors of babyhood to the paranoid tendencies of old age-and we reject or accept these contaminations of our philosophy in accordance with the standards of our moral conscience. The ideas which lodge in our outlook on life rule our actions. The great majority of mankind is ruled by the Lower Astral; yet the minority who truly ally themselves with Christ and the Brotherhoods are generally able to keep rein on the nefarious elements of our human life‑wave.


This is due in large measure to the total lack of organization among the Black Mentalists as opposed to the con­scientious consent of the members of the Brotherhoods to subordinate Themselves to concerted directions through a hierarchy of superiors of proven worthiness.


Our bodies and our minds are battlegrounds where our good wages war against evil. Most of mankind is entered into this battle quite unaware that there is even an enemy let alone the nature of that enemy and his weapons. It is not the purpose of the Brotherhoods to frighten anyone by revealing the existence of the Lower Astral forces. Truth even if nega­tive rather than inspiring, is best kept in the open. Christ set up bounds upon the erstwhile unlimited power of the Black Mentalist over the physical plane, and His protection remains intact unless broken down by our own attitudes or negative pursuits. The constant mental reinforcement of our bonds with Christ is shield and armor, but an active pursuit of spiritual advancement is our sword.




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