Tibetan Mentalists


By Richard Kieninger


Who are the Tibetans who act together to undo other men? They are part of a very ancient cult and have lived in two cave communities named Shamballa and Agartha for thousands of years. They refer to themselves as the Hierarchy, and they have long been the archenemies of Christ’s plan to uplift mankind through the efforts of the worldwide Brotherhood of Saints (often called the communion of Saints because of their ability to stay in touch with one another through telepathy). The Agarthis specialize in teaching astral travel (which is called Eckankar) and inducing illusory scenarios to ensnare such travelers. Agarthis also inspire false leadership in nations, lodges, and churches all over the world. They develop the lust for power in susceptible people and promote the misuse of power. Agarthis work hand-in-hand with the Shambalists, and the latter specialize in romanticizing materialism and fostering perverse sexual and emotional cravings in the people of the world in order to lead them to despair so that man is made to lose sight of his spiritual possibilities and great destiny. The aims of these two Tibetan groups are essentially identical with those of the evil human Egos who reside on the Lower Astral Plane, and, indeed, there is a certain level of cooperation between them; but there is no chain of command among evil human spirits because none of them is willing to take directions or orders from any of the rest of them.


Together, the Agarthis and Shamballists have managed to pervert virtually every avenue ever established for the uplift of mankind. They have done it by manipulating into positions of authority and power the kind of people who have been susceptible to thoughts suggested telepathically by these Tibetans working in conjunction with nether spirits. People who are already ambitious for power or who are arrogantly self-centered and cruel are unknowingly selected and gradually developed to believe it is their right to impose their views upon other people by whatever means—even using imprisonment, economic enslavement, and death. Then these types of budding tyrants are gradually insinuated into positions of power and influence through the supporting structures of similarly perverted persons. Thus, by means of the unseen mental suggestions of the distant Tibetans, who maintain telepathic surveillance on all the principle persons in power, most of the world’s leaders are manipulated like a great chess game. Thereby, wars and murderous persecutions have been brought about, and the great philosophical truths and the paths to freedom have been subverted or completely replaced by lies over the centuries. Great Teachers like Christ and Buddha came to help mankind overcome the fear and hatred promoted by evil, but the Agarthis and Shamballists soon arranged the establishment of power structures, presumably designed to institutionalize and preserve the truth, but which are used more to enslave men’s minds and to turn brother against brother. Today we hear such absurd and frightening perversions of God’s Love as, “Kill a Jew for Allah!” “Kill a Muslim for Vishnu!” “Kill a Commie for Christ!” These are the cries of hatred and fear, not of love of God.


Hitler made a direct alliance with the Agarthis and brought a score of them to Berlin to advise the Nazis in ways to gain the intercession of evil forces to aid Germany in their conquest of the world. It was these Agarthis who authored the plan for the human sacrifice of 500,000 European Gypsies. Millions of people were killed by the Caesars, Gengis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Pol Pot. The Agarthis and Shamballists are expert in bringing about such terrifying bloodlust. The difference between Hitler and the other tyrants is that he consciously courted evil, practiced black magic, used peyote, personally practiced human sacrifice, was a medium, and knowingly served as an agent of evil in exchange for gaining political power. He became a member of the Thule Society, which was a group of occultists and anti-Bolsheviks in Bavaria during the early 1900’s. Hitler was indoctrinated into the group by Dietrich Eckhart who personally trained Hitler in the Black Arts and helped him to be leader of the socialist labor movement that was being revitalized by the German Army after World War I. After Eckhart’s death, General Karl Haushofer founded the Nazi religion upon the teachings of Helena Blavatsky, who herself had been enticed into Tibet where she became a medium under the control of two Shamballists, Morya and Koothumi, who ruled her telepathically for the rest of her life. It was their intention to further undermine Christianity and the work of the Brotherhood of Saints by disseminating confounding philosophical nonsense and fostering a plan to create a spiritual dictator who is supposed to rule the world both politically and religiously under a one-world government. Blavatsky wrote prolifically via automatic writing and eventually gained such fame that she was able to take over the Theosophical movement, which dates back to ancient Greece, and recast its philosophy to reflect the concocted cosmology and history tales that her Shamballist teachers taught her. Blavatsky died in 1891, and another woman, Alice Bailey, an American, later took up the cause of establishing a spiritual world dictator who, it is claimed, will embody a powerful spirit known as Maitreya, and who reputedly will not be able to be killed. Bailey was also an automatic writer who came under the telepathic hypnotic control of a later Shamballist named Djwal Khul.


The Shamballists help promote many false religions through mediums and their spirit guides. They are particularly adept at setting up secret societies and cults which they control through mentalism. Any philosophy or religion which is delivered through a medium is ipso facto false and designed to mislead. Everything the Tibetan cults and nether spirits promote is designed to confuse and to generate fear and hatred in the long run. Political and religious demagogues everywhere feed upon frightened, bewildered, and frustrated feelings of people, and they inflame the populace into fanaticism and prejudices of all stripes. Furthermore, the populace is being perverted by negative entertainment that glorifies violence and loveless sex, by commercial music using anapestic rock rhythms and lascivious lyrics to create anger and despair in its listeners, and by the ready availability of drugs. As in the 1930’s, we again see the rise of fascistic, conservative sentiments and a trend toward militaristic state religions along ultra-fundamentalist lines among Arabic, Jewish and Christian sects. Believers are exhorted to feel a strong conviction of their own righteousness and are told they must take up arms to defend themselves against the ever-present, threatening iniquity of everyone who believes differently. Here we can see the not-so-subtle hand of the two Tibetan cults and the spirit mentalists stirring up hatred and chaos on every hand. They stand against everything good and beautiful in man. The combined efforts of nether entities and Tibetan telepathic hypnotists to create popular acceptance of spirits and occult phenomena is a powerfully dangerous trend. It can be offset most effectively by consciously developing attitudes of love and fearlessness and refusing to indulge in negative thoughts or images and hypnotic techniques.