How Does Stelle Fit Into the Great Plan?


Q:      Is the physical location of Stelle—how does that still fit into the plan? Are there still to be 250,000 people gathering there at some point? Is there a need for that?


RK:   That is the best that I understand it. Whatever kind of other interpretation there is, I do not know yet for sure. I have been struggling with those numbers for a long time. It is near Chicago and it is on the southwestern edge of the Canadian Shield like it is supposed to be and presumably a place where people come in through to the United States from other countries to be trained to be more adaptable to Philadelphia.


Q:      I had the impression, at one time, that everybody would gather together there and from there everything would happen at the turn of the century.


RK:   Your interpretation is as good as anyone else’s.


Q:      So it is just there? It is like, on the “back burner?”


RK:   Well, at the present time the present residents have said, we do not want it bigger; we do not want to encourage all these kinds of people coming with all their strange ideas coming through here. So long as that is still the majority, it is still not going to work. But things change rapidly. A year ago at this time we would never have imagined what happened to the Soviet Union as even being possible, let alone as drastically changed as it is today; just as we cannot believe in looking at America the way it is today that it could be drastically different a year from now.


Q:     I get the impression that it is there; it got put there by all of us, and it has kind of been filed away for a period of time, but it is there and there’s going to come a point when everybody says “OK, now we need it, there it is.”


RK:   That is the way I feel about it.


Q:     There is nothing on paper as far as what we are supposed to do?


RK:   I do not know exactly how that is supposed to occur.


Q:     But it is still connected with the Great Plan, as you see it?


RK:   As far as I know, The Stelle Group may not be connected with the Great Plan at the present time, but that can change too. Just replace a couple of people who are not with the program as much and we are right back on-line again.


Q:      But the real estate is still in the Plan?


RK:    Oh yes, right. Stelle is. I do not know about the Stelle Group.