Cultural Balance


By Richard Kieninger


The Hermetic Brotherhood, which was responsible for the design of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh built 6,700 years ago, was used as the agency for reintroducing technology into the world. The “mystery” taught by the Heretics is precision, and scientific technology and engineering are closely tied to the disciplines of mathematics in which this Brotherhood specializes. They carried out their plan through two Semitic peoples to each of whom the Brotherhood gave a philosophy, religious cohesiveness, and a name. These were the Minoans on the island of Crete and the Jews. The people who eventually became known by these names were selected for the Hermetics’ program because they were feisty nomads who had few ties to the Earth Religions of that period and were unusually aggressive raiders. They were unlike the whole rest of the world which then consisted of matriarchal planting cultures.


The Hyksos came from the region east of present-day Turkey; and over a period of a century, they gradually migrated into Egypt. A few members of their race who were subsequently born in Egypt gradually took over the administration of the country and prepared the way for construction of the Great Pyramid. When its construction was completed, these people disappeared from Egyptian history as mysteriously as they entered it. From Egypt, they migrated to Crete and entered history as the Minoans—then the only sea-faring people of the Mediterranean area. When the volcanic island of Santorin north of Crete exploded some 3,300 years later (during the reign of Akhnaton) and made Crete uninhabitable, the Minoans dispersed to several of their close-knit colonies in Greece, Phoenicia (Philistia), Carthage, Etruria, and Wales. Their introduction en masse into the matriarchal culture of the Carians in Greece created a cultural upheaval that was intended by the Hermetic Brotherhoods (which, incidentally, set up headquarters in Greece at that time).


Matriarchy is a religious stage of development in which mankind experiences close bonds with Mother Earth—her seasonal rhythms, the Demeter (goddess of agriculture) Mystery, and maternity. In a matriarchal culture there is abandonment to natural drives, peaceful pleasure, and infantilism lasting into old age. Unconditional love, unconscious lawfulness, emphasis on bonds of blood and soil, compassion and mercy, equality, and natural communal democracy are all elements of the unrestrained, undisciplined way of the Earth Religions. Matriarchy is characteristic of the Dionysian (Katholi) world-view.


The Hermetics’ carefully-evolved, patriarchal attitudes in the masculine, aggressive, courageous, bull-worshipping Minoans called to the Carians to strive toward spiritual ambitions. This historical episode was commemorated in the tale of the titan, Prometheus, who challenged the gods and brought fire from Mount Olympus down to man. Now Hellenic man rises above body-centeredness and becomes aware of a higher calling and aspires to cosmic exaltation. He dares to become as the gods and struggles toward his own divinization, thus taking on the painful strivings of intellectual and spiritual advancement. Individualism, overcoming nature, accumulating property and wealth as means to power are the by-products of this Apollonian (Pfree) world view. Logic, abstract thought, parental love that is conditional upon obedience, man-made laws, hierarchical structures, and the war-like state are the inevitable consequences of patriarchal dominance.


Why would the Brotherhoods want to introduce patriarchal concepts into the peaceful matriarchal world? Because a purely matriarchal society stands in the way of spiritual development of the individual and prevents technical, rational progress. The Brotherhoods undertook to challenge a complacent, stagnating world in a way similar to the Luciferian Angels destroying Eden. The Hebrews were enticed into Egypt by one of it illustrious sons, Joseph ben Jacob, in order to educate them over three centuries and turn them into a patriarchal society under Moses. The Greek gentiles and the Jews were the two agencies prepared by Melchizedek to spread the word of Christian thought. From the Jews, Western Civilization has been given the concepts of obedience to authority, personal sacrifice for a king or priest, male superiority, denial of the body, and shamefulness of sex (by which guilt and unworthiness are maintained in a culture in order to keep people submissive to authority). At the time of Christ, Greek philosophy supported these concepts—except that a Greek might be ashamed to have a body for the reason that it demonstrated that he was still too base spiritually to do without one. The Minoan refugees had carried the cause of patriarchy throughout the Mediterranean Basin, and the Romans learned it all too well from their Etruscan forebears. The legacy of masculine machismo plagues us to this day in Judaism, Christianity, and Muhammadanism.


Surely, the Brotherhoods saw the end results of all this, for it has been foretold in the Great Pyramid, in Biblical prophecy, and especially in St. John’s Revelation of the end days before the beginning of the Nation of God and the Golden Age. The recent world-wide domination of patriarchal attitudes and Apollonian thought have fostered industrial pollution, destructive rape of agricultural lands, power politics, the madness of war, the dream of escaping our planet by colonizing space, economic enslavement, our inability to love, and wholesale sociopathic violence all leading to the brink of Armageddon. Will Man regain civilization and save himself? Yes! It’s just that we seem to have to go to extremes before we become truly aware of the need for balance and moderation. The Great Plan of the Brotherhoods is calculated to lead us back to a condition where we will have the great advantages of technology and still preserve our oneness with the earth. The establishment of the Nation of God, which The Adelphi Organization is assigned to help bring about, will be guided by an enlightened synthesis between Pfree and Katholi, practical and spiritual, Apollonian and Dionysian, patriarchal and matriarchal. Either outlook by itself leads to a dead end.


Idealistic young people rebelled against our country’s insane destruction of Viet Nam and the arrogant policies of the “Establishment” as it expresses through the industrial-military complex and a national exploitiveness of the resources and peoples of the world. They dropped out of the main cultural stream to create alternative communities to demonstrate that Americans can live happily without engaging in conspicuous consumption of commodities, gouging their way up a corporate ladder, or contributing to overpopulation. They intend to prove that man can live in complete harmony with the whole ecological system and can re-learn how to enhance love of spouse, children and people rather than owning and controlling them as things to serve him. In this they serve a valuable function in the national society. As is the danger of all reaction, the majority of such communes rejected technology as an evil of the Establishment, and they drift toward matriarchal ways merely as a negation of patriarchal aggressiveness. However, this only leads back to the imbalance the Brotherhoods sought to undo 6,700 years ago. Of course, the manner in which various peoples adopted and responded to patriarchalism was their own doing, not the Brotherhoods’.


It took sixty-six centuries to fully develop the cultural characteristics of Western Civilization needed to lead to the hoped-for balance, and then less than a century for technology to flower. Now that we have technology, we must hold on to it and bring it under control of humanistic values. Psychology can show us the way to understanding how we got into the patriarchal syndrome so deeply and how to find our way sanely to the balance that human beings so desperately need in order to provide for man’s material and spiritual needs over the future millennia. A colony of only 144,000 men and women of the Brotherhoods with their children is destined to preserve both technology and a balanced cosmic view for dissemination throughout the world after Armageddon. For this reason, Adelphi, the precursor to the Nation of God, is an alternative community dedicated to the sensible preservation and advancement of technology while also educating their members in the ways of finding true fulfillment of their humanness.




The Neo-Renaissance