Why Did Lemuria Act Against the Elders’ Advice?


Q:      In Lemuria, when the aristocracy began to develop a policy of conquest of other countries, like South America and so on, at that time didn’t the Elder Brothers advise against this kind of policy because it was karmically unsound?


RK:    Yes, they did.


Q:      Wasn’t not the aristocracy bound by the Tenth Lemurian Law, or did they just disregard this?


RK:    They just disregarded it. Everything fell apart so rapidly after that it was just astonishing. It was not even a couple of centuries. It was a policy that could not be tolerated. It was interference in other people’s lives. What prompted them was, and very frequently it happens, they were being raided, as it were. Some of their commerce, and other things, were being raided by people from other parts of the world, and in order to control that they suppressed the pirates, and that generally leads from one thing to another, and it did.