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Universal Brotherhood



By far, the oldest and largest organization on the planet is a non-profit, international-in-scope organization named the Brotherhoods, which is synonymous with the Holy Spirit, offered to the world by Christ. But this organization of humans is so unlike any other corporation on earth! Their name accurately describes, in the truest sense of the word, Their interrelationships, work, and goals which involve Universal Brotherhood.


This organization has over one million members and, although not officially recognized by any governmental body, it is a corporation in that its members work “as one” on the physical, Etheric, Astral, Mental, Angelic, and Archangelic planes. Among its more mundane characteristics are:  top-down structure (chain-of-command); time-honored entrance and advancement requirements; career path management, which allow for unparalleled growth opportunities; and a mission statement. Its mission statement reads,


To provide facilities for instruction of worthy candidates aspiring to human perfection; to garner all knowledge of the truths of existence; to preserve a continuous history of mankind; to relate and analyze the causes for the successes and failures of civilizations developed by man; to prepare the way for the perfect Kingdom of God; to implement Christ's plans; and to protect and guide the entire population of the world.”


Some of its unique characteristics are: (1) all members, from the top down, exercise their duties as volunteers. No member receives any financial remuneration for any of Their services; (2) They have nothing to sell; (3) They keep to themselves, only interacting with those outside the corporation in the most subtle and respectful manner; (4) a membership composed of equal numbers of men and women; and a continuous history of existence for 21,000 years! Additionally, they have no formal ties with any earthly group, including governments, churches, etc. In short, it is one of the most private corporations on the planet and, yet, the most successful organization that is working a detailed plan for the betterment of the entire human race.


Organizationally, the corporation is composed of twelve sub-chapters only seven of which are known outside the Brotherhoods. The seven operate under the control of a board of directors, called the Council of Seven, which is composed of the head of each of the seven sub-chapters. The names of the sub-chapters are: Rosicrucian, Lemurian, Luciferian, Coptic, Essene, Hermetic, and Brahmic Brotherhoods. They meet as often as needed to assign tasks, monitor progress, and to deal with contingencies. Each sub-chapter is responsible for a particular segment of the overall goals.


The entrance requirements that every prospective and existing member must possess and maintain are: (1) spiritual and emotional balance, (2) control over his body to the extent that he has superlative health and stamina, (3) controlled clairvoyant ability, (4) a cheerful and willing personality, (5) a long record of good works which compensate for any sinful errors of past incarnations, and (6) a high level of skill in at least one trade or profession. Perhaps the most important qualification of all is (7) the burning desire to be a member of the Brotherhoods and to work untiringly for the advancement of humanity.


The Lemurian Brotherhood has recently has “gone public” by sending two of its Emissaries into the Western cultures to publicize certain Truths of Existence. On September 16, 1936, the Lemurian Brotherhood introduced itself to the Western world when it opened a school, the event of which was prophesied in the Book of Revelation (10:7) and is known as the Feast of Trumpets. This was, essentially, the beginning of a membership drive which is scheduled to last for approximately one-hundred years. Their plan is to contact at least a million people with the “Truths that shall set them free.” The announcement for the membership drives reads,


The publication of this book [The Ultimate Frontier] marks the beginning of a new phase in the Brotherhoods' work and manner of operation, due to a grand, beneficent conspiracy of vital concern to an important segment of mankind.”


They have chosen this time and place to present Their information because of the approaching end of Western civilization. The collapse of the West is unknowingly yet actively being precipitated by those who practice a life-negating lifestyle and encourage those behaviors in other people at every level of every culture of the world. The life-style includes such customs as obedience to authority, colonialism, slavery, punishment, war, racism, thievery, deception, and spiritism (in its many forms), etc. The degree of this rude and violent lifestyle is both necessary and sufficient to precipitate the end of any culture, as it has for all such civilizations during the preceding millennia.


As an aid to those who long to build a peaceful civilization after the post Western era, the Brotherhoods remind people that culturally-supported violence is a choice. It is, most assuredly, not human nature. What it is about is people and their governments changing bad habits into good habits, step-by-step, one at a time. It is about the inner changes that accompany the practicing of new habits while your body-Mind acclimates itself to the new habit until it becomes an automatic response. At that point, you have just made the world a better place because you have made yourself a better person.


The Brotherhoods' way of life, organization, its history, mission, some of its programs, and a few of its more prominent members are the central theme of this website.




A Detailed Look at the Brotherhoods and Their Work