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David Purcell (@dcpurcell@aol.com)
Date:5/14/2010 10:18:48 AM
Subject:Questions about the Stelle Group

Hello, These questions are not intended either to be embarassing or as an inquisition but merely as a desire to inform myself as to pursuing a further interest in the group. I had read the Ultimate Frontier in high school and sometime around 1970 I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the group and listen to Mr. Kieninger. I believe that he was then in the process of building Stelle, Il. I was living in Chicago. I moved and lost contact. When I returned to Chicago some years later I read that some expose had determined that Stelle was basically a commune in which one donated all of one's wordly goods to the group and in return provided them with free labor. There was also mention of sexual exploitation on the part of the leader. I thought certainly that the group had to end with such charges being brought. Remembering some of the teachings in the Ultimate Frontier recently I decided to do a web search and this was the result. Could the fact of your continued existence speak to the falsity of those earlier charges? I'll have to locate another copy of the book as I want to see if it now has the same meaning and relevancy now as 40 some years ago. I would however, greatly appreciate any enlightenment you could give me about the exploitation and the cult aspects of the group. I'm not suggesting that you pass out cyanide kool-aid but even then I had some knowledge of cult groups and wholeheartedly wish to avoid them. Thank you

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Bill Brodhead (bbrodhead007@yahoo.com)
Date:10/20/2009 5:11:34 PM
Subject:The Ultoimate Frontier

Warren, Thanks for putting on this site. It is great you are posting information not in "The ultimate frontier"
Mankind has many exceptional people. Richard Kieninger is one of them.

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