True Human Nature


By Richard Kieninger


There are authors who felt compelled to write of their personal spiritual experiences that changed their lives. Each author realized that his life-changing penetration into a higher plane could never be meaningfully described to another person; nevertheless, he had to evangelize the good news that he awakened from having been a sleepwalker through life and not having been previously aware of what being human really was about. The fact that there are no words that could adequately convey his personal feelings or the profound impact of his voyage into higher planes left him in a situation similar to trying to describe a rainbow to a person blind from birth. What he wants to shout to the world is that he, too, has personally verified that the sages from old knew the truth about manís greater reality as a spiritual being, and that humanity needs to wake up and work toward the same spiritual flight into that reality.


The mystics of history have been trying to inspire their listeners with the knowledge that life is far from the fear-ridden fleshly existence mankind has been emotionally enslaved by. Authorities of all stripes have prevented us from seriously entertaining the goal of spiritual perfection and the glory which that entails. The spiritually enlightened man and woman are not easily controlled and are considered dangerous to the establishment. Nothing disturbs the bishop more than rumors of a saint in his parish. We donít even try to imagine the glorious spiritual destiny we have been created to be immersed in because we have been taught not to, let alone encouraged to strive for direct experience of the higher planes of existence. The higher planes are beautiful beyond description, and we are aware of that between incarnations. However, we have to learn to master the physical plane in order to advance spiritually from knowing nothing at the moment of our creation by God. The tragedy is that we donít look beyond the physical and donít strive for spiritual perfection even when we know it is possible.


God created our Egos as replicas of Himself. We have the same powers of Mind as God but are comparatively untrained in those very same powers of the Mind. We are limitless and are intended to partake of the boundless beauties of the astounding Universe beyond the physical plane. Our Egos embody a true holographic vision of what our capabilities are. Unfortunately, our brains cannot experience that, and so we have no waking consciousness of it. We even carry with us, while in physical incarnation, a Vital Body, an Astral Body and a Mental Bodyóall awaiting further empowerment by our own intention in order to experience the spiritual life in its marvelous multi-dimensional reality. Climbing the ladder up through the planes of existence is tremendously rewarding, but we have to start from here.


The fact that you are presently in incarnation is demonstration that you are so determined to advance yourself that you were willing to leave the pleasant surroundings of Heaven in order to work on solving the physical problems inherent in spiritual growth. As we advance ourselves, we help uplift a piece of civilization around us. By working together as Adelphians, we push the envelope of goodness and truth in ways far more effectively than anyone can acting alone in the world at large. At Adelphi we have created a physical environment of beauty and serenity to alleviate the pressures and distractions of the American culture. The goal of spirituality is thus enhanced in Adelphi, and the close family of fellow strivers is comforting and inspiring.


The world is now run by a cabal of elitist, power-hungry sociopaths who impose cruelties on a huge number of indifferent, cowed peoples ignorant of their true spiritual nature. People are told they are surrounded by enemies and that life is hard and meaningless. Science holds that life arose on this planet as an accident; so if there are pleasures to be had, grab them at whatever price. Religionists hold that we are sinners headed for Hell unless we accept Jesus or Mohammed, and that we are powerless to advance ourselves since they say only God determines what happens to us as a spiritual being. No wonder so many of us donít see the divinity within us and the divine power to change ourselves into whatever we want when such accepted authorities convince us not to change the status quo of our unaware state. As a result, the world is trying to live an unreality, a kind of lunacy, and those who try conscientiously to conform to it are condemning themselves, by definition, to insanity.


Human beings are a race of potential Christs. He Himself said that everything He did, we will eventually do and more. When are we going to change ourselves in earnest? Those of us who are willing to separate ourselves from the popular lunacy have a chance to succeed in what truly, ultimately matters. Indeed, our bodies and brains impose their own demands, which go counter to pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Physical bodies have lives of their ownóthey want what they want when they want itówhile we as Egos recognize this and we try to control our bodies. Habits of action or inaction suppress the energy and determination to pursue what is best for us in the end. Why did we incarnate? Certainly not to deny our best selves. Did we sacrifice our pleasant existence in Heaven to come into incarnation just so we could feel the experiences of the body? That doesnít even make sense.


Incarnating is a self-sacrifice intended eventually to advance oneís Egoic development and to help the development of the entire human race in constantly advancing civilizations. The Brotherhoods have been educating humanity on this point for millennia. You found this marvelous information in The Ultimate Frontier and saw in it the ring of Truth. What have you been doing about it? Dabbling in similar information, promising to really get started one day? Waiting until everything is just right? Wondering if itís worth the effort? Maybe you havenít suffered enough the hollow disappointments of pursuing what the world says is important. Adelphi is worthy of your support by your being there and working on the things that the Universe knows is worthwhile. The culture of Adelphi aids the personís metamorphosing into a more spiritual being while not neglecting the practical idealism of a growing movement toward real brotherly love in a new nation conforming to Christís plan.