On Character Uplift


By Richard Kieninger


A manís character does not improve by chance or by the favor of the Gods. A noble character is the natural result of continued right-thinking and disciplined selection of the thoughts which course through oneís consciousness. A man IS what he thinks. His character and his fortune are the sum of all his thoughts. Everything a man does springs from a prior thought, and even his unpremeditated responses to a surprise situation have their roots in his past habits of viewing life.


Since mind activity is oneís character and determines his environment, happiness, wealth, and health via the laws of mental precipitation, the whole secret of successfully coping with life stems ultimately from oneís mental activity. A man does not attract what he would like, but rather what he thinks most about, Many a husband would like a beautiful marriage, but he constantly concentrates on the ďfaultsĒ of his wife. Even though man is lord of his thoughts, he is often guilty of misgoverning his domain through omission.


It is easier to drift than to devote time and energy to taking thought, but advancement comes from self-evaluation, determination of cause and effect, and detailed analysis of environmental conditions in order to surmount the adverse conditions of life. A manís mind must be intelligently cultivated lest it grow wild through neglect. If no good seeds are planted there, then every vagrant thought takes root there. Evil seeds planted by the Black Mentalists or by communications media must not be permitted to grow in oneís consciousness. Because all thoughts to which we have ever been exposed are harbored forever in the subconscious memory, we must always be on guard to quash the negative ones when they rise to a conscious level. Here, the newspapers and TV do us a vast disservice by continually displaying the vices of man.


Suffering is the karmic result of bad actions which in turn sprang from negative thoughts. One must always be careful of the kind of things he thinks about because they become reality, One may mentally transmute the many negative influences of society into a happy personal oasis of serenity. Being immersed in identical circumstances, one man may grouse, be bitter and discontent while his neighbor will be joyful, thankful, and positive in outlook. The difference lies in attitude of mind and nothing else. The resistance of the first man is destructive to him; the mental transmutation of the second provides a serene environment further conducive to his spiritual uplift.


The advancement of oneís character is attended by gains in attaining the Great Virtues with corresponding intensification of the senses. The Mind can be trained to turn habitually from negative thoughts and instead immediately concentrate upon only the inherently positive aspects of a situation. These practices raise vibrational energies. When the Great Virtues are well established in a manís character, naturally-controlled clairvoyance results.




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