By Richard Kieninger


A man IS what he thinks. His character and his fortune are the sum of all his thoughts. Everything that a man does springs from a prior thought, and even his unpremeditated re­sponses to a surprise situation have their roots in his past habits of viewing life. Whether his spontaneous reactions are violent or gentle, brainless or wise, courageous or cowardly, the reaction is in accordance with the disciplines he has instituted in his manner of thinking or the lack of control he has over his own mind.


Man IS Mind. Every other century or so an Ego takes on an animal vehicle so he can function on the physical plane, and all too often he regards the body as man. An animal re­sponds to the stimuli in its environment according to the drives built into it by Angels. The body used by human beings has essentially the same drives; and if the Ego merely drifts through life without exercising his mind to override his body’s drives, then his life is but as an animal’s—a creature caught up in the chance happenings of nature. Habits of thought are begun by one’s parents. The dis­ciplines of consideration of others, neatness of body and orderliness in all things should be instilled during one’s in­fancy by example and instruction lest there by no foundation upon which to build one’s own self-discipline later. Children who have been neglected and given free rein grow up to be­come little more than snarling, grasping, pushy, unkempt crea­tures without joy, grace or success in life. If the child happens to be unusually brilliant, external discipline is even more im­portant, albeit more difficult to impose, but brilliance without discipline is tantamount to criminality. Therefore, the respon­sibilities of parents to start their offspring in the right habits of thought is great indeed.


A man’s character does not improve by chance or by the favor of the gods. A noble character is the natural result of continued right-thinking and disciplined selection of the thoughts which course through one’s consciousness. Since mind activity is one’s character and determines a man’s en­vironment, happiness, wealth and health via the laws of men­tal precipitation, the whole secret of successfully coping with life stems ultimately from one’s mental activity. Every man is the lord of his thoughts and is possessed of the potential for absolute mastery of his mind. Even though a man is the lord of his thoughts, he is often guilty of misgoverning his domain by omission. It is easier to drift than to devote time and effort to taking thought, but advancement comes from self-evaluation, determination of cause and effect, detailed analysis of environmental conditions and gathering knowledge in order to enlarge one’s armamentarium of factual tools for surmounting the adverse conditions of life.


The advancement of one’s character is attended by gains in attaining the Great Virtues with corresponding in­tensification of the senses. The Mind can be trained to turn habitually from negative thoughts and instead immediately concentrate on only the inherently positive aspects of the Great Virtues which are possessed of higher vibrational en­ergies. When the Great Virtues are well established in a man’s character, natural controlled clairvoyance results.


One may mentally transmute the many negative in­fluences of society into a happy personal oasis of serenity. Being immersed in identical circumstances, one man may grouse, be bitter and discontent while his neighbor will be joyful, thankful, and positive in outlook. The difference lies in attitude of mind and nothing else. The resistance of the first man is destructive to him; the mental transmutation of the second man provides a serene environment further con­ducive to his spiritual uplift.


Suffering is the karmic result of bad actions which in turn sprang from negative thoughts. One must always be care­ful of the kind of things he thinks about because they be­come reality. A man’s mind must be intelligently cultivated lest it grow wild through neglect. If no good seeds are pur­posely planted in his mind, then every vagrant thought takes root there. The Mind is a dynamo which gives power and real­ity to every seed allowed to grow there, and the Mind, by law, will bring to fruition every thought whether merely allowed or encouraged. Evil seeds planted by Black Mentalists or by institutions of men and their media of communication must not be permitted to grow in one’s consciousness. And because all thoughts to which we have ever been exposed are harbored forever in the subconscious memory, man must always be on guard to quash the negative ones whenever they rise to a con­scious level. In this context, the newspapers and TV do us a vast disservice by continually displaying the vices of men.


A man does not quite attract what he would like, rather his environment conforms to what he is. Many a husband would like a beautiful marriage but he constantly concentrates on the “faults” of his wife. A man may wish and pray for things, but karma intervenes so that he gets only what he justly earns. When he becomes aware of the hidden laws which regulate every life with justice, and he adjusts his think­ing to those all-pervasive regulators of the Universe, then he no longer seeks to accuse others or outside factors for his condition. He begins to use these laws and improve his lot instead of just kicking against the world. Trials and failures, like karma, are educational-they are to be used to make one relate his state to causative actions he himself introduced. The Laws of God never fail! A man may earnestly want wealth, but it may also be that he is not really willing to make the great sacrifice of time and energy prerequisite to becoming wealthy; and so his real mental predisposition goes against his avowed desire to be rich.


There are many persons who want to live in the serene and beautiful Kingdom of God, but they are not determined to undertake the effort to improve themselves. The man who is too busy to take the time or too lazy to expend the effort to discipline his mind can be assured that he will never see that great nation. Instead, he only strengthens the Black Mentalists’ hold on the world and defeats God’s Purposes.