Time and Thought


By Richard Kieninger


Most people can learn to predict future events with reasonable accuracy on the basis of past experience and probability, but true prophecy is the ability to see future history. When a person’s body is asleep, his Ego is aware of the Astral Plane and he functions upon it at will. The brain is still active in the sleeping physical body, but while the Egoic mind is temporarily dissociated from the body, there is no conscious remembrance of brain activity. And because during sleep the brain is functioning without association with the Ego’s consciousness, the brain has no knowledge of the Ego’s activity on the Astral Plane. But in moments of twilight sleep—when the Ego leaves in order to fall asleep—the Ego can be momentarily conscious of the brain’s dream activity and the brain can be aware of the Ego’s astral perception. Prescience and deja vu arise from this fleeting association of brain awareness during twilight sleep if the Ego’s consciousness is focused upon future events while functioning on the Astral Plane.


Time on the Astral Plane is an unsettling experience to incarnate Egos accustomed to dealing with the fixed rates and sequencing of events on the physical plane. Although there is order on the higher planes of existence in that sub­sequent events cannot occur before their own cause, there is no limit on positive time or negative time. Thoughts and radiations relative to an occurrence proceed through time both forward and backward without discrimination on all planes of existence above the physical plane. An Ego operating on the Astral Plane can be aware of yesterday’s event as if it happened today, or he can be aware of tomorrow’s event as if it happened today. The Akashic Record, a function of the construction of the Etheric Plane, records all thoughts. Great prophets perceive yesterday and tomorrow in the Akashic Record as a reflection of thought because thought precedes action and because thought is involved in Egoic response to action. The energy signals incidental to the occurrence of an event also radiate in both directions of time.


Most members of The Stelle Group and many readers of The Ultimate Frontier know that Stelle will succeed, that the Nation of God will exist and that cataclysms are soon to come upon the world. One morning they awoke and knew it would be so. There was no logic in it, no reasoning—just a seeming surety that pervaded their thoughts and a serenity in seeming to know future reality. Visions of the existence-to-come were seen on the Astral Plane while the body slept, and the essence of those visions persisted. Past, present and future all have their influence mutually upon the other. The human race can conceive of and move forward to create the Nation of God, and that future nation has its influence upon us now. The Civilization which we will have created thousands of years in the future—so far advanced from anything we know now, free from the perversions that plague us today, rich in the beautiful ways of human relations that we can hardly imagine—sends back its signals of its future reality to us today, and our own Egoic thoughts which we will not have thought until the distant future influence us even now. The thoughts we have had in past incarnations still irradiate us and shape our think­ing in today’s incarnation. The thoughts we will think in future incarnations also irradiate us and shape today’s think­ing. Past actions of the race understandably have their in­fluence through tradition, custom and karma. Etheric patterns of a yet-future creation which were started by our imagina­tions in past incarnations also have their obvious influence. We must consider, however, that man’s thoughts which have yet to be thought in the future are also influential upon us today.


The negativity man has put into the world in the past must still be dealt with today. The things which occurred millennia ago are not dead. They are part of an influence which is still streaming toward us from our having created them. The great Lemurian Empire still influences us positively, and The Stelle Group must find those persons who are influenced more by the positive than by the negative aspects of human history, past and future. Everything that happens to us in the past, present and future is a reflection of a combination of our past, present and future thoughts. Mankind is a great vessel of mental energy penetrated by anything that any one of us did, does or will do. The penalty for allowing a Hitler to arise will be paid until the last trump by all of us. And by the same token, the future Nation of God uplifts us today.

The influence of future history upon us today seems to put into doubt the exercise of free will. Are we locked into some predestination? The direction in which a human race begins to move on a given planet certainly influences the rest of that planet’s history, but man can change his destiny in spite of that influence. Future history is still the result of the aggregate wills of all men. The fact that a man’s past and future thoughts influence his thought today does not mean he is locked into a predestined pattern. True, the choices be­tween which a man would choose become narrower as he acquires increased wisdom. Egos on the Celestial Plane have total freedom of will and power; yet They act in concord because They all independently arrived at the same best way to achieve the greatest good. That which is in the best interests of all is always in a man’s own self-interest to pursue. He is, nevertheless, free to do what he wants. Every action has its price and reward, and a man must judge accordingly.