Sexual Polarity and Soul Mates


 By Richard Kieninger


There are many romantic connotations in the idea of “soul-mates,” and most authors of mystic writing use the term loosely with evident lack of understanding. The Life Essence of our present Human Life Wave was purified and en­dowed with the powers of Mind by God, and then it was divided into two polarities that we recognize today as male and female. These two polar halves were further divided into individualized portions called Egos who, having once been created, retain an indestructible identity and continuity of experience.


Sexual attraction between the human male and female is due to this bi-polarity. On the other hand, a male animal is attracted to a fertile female when her body emits a “pheromone” which is an odiferous substance unique to her species. When a male encounters the pheromone, the smell triggers a physiological response that results in the sexual drive. The human female body produces no pheromones, and the human male body has no built-in response to any such substance. Attraction between human males and females is a bi-polar “magnetism” originating on the Mental Plane and is a man­ifestation of an energy of the fourth plane of existence. This bi-polar attraction is not dependent upon the physical vehicle, and therefore also manifests among decarnate Egos func­tioning on the Astral and Mental Planes. Unlike animal fe­males, a woman experiences bi-polar attraction to the same extent that a human male does; however, a man’s endocrine system generates distinctly stronger physiological sex drives.


An obvious purpose of sexual attraction is procreation of the race; but on the mental level, bi-polar attraction draws the male polarity and female polarity into a mental whole. As Egos progress in spiritual advancement, their typically male and female character traits, which arose from repeated incarnations in their different social roles, begin to converge. A Brother consciously diminishes the negative aspects of his or her character and reinforces the positive aspects with the finer traits of the opposite sex. Marriage is a most effective catalyst in this balancing process, especially if the mental and moral advancement of the two partners is approximately the same so as to result in a balanced polar union. After an Ego has attained the First Degree of Brotherhood, it is necessary that he or she be married to a soul-mate in order to advance to the Second Degree of Brotherhood.


Every Ego is part of a “soul-mate group” to which he was assigned at the time he became a permanent part of a planet’s Human Life-Wave. There are thirteen Egos in a soul­mate group: six male, six female and one Ego which can oc­cupy either a male or female physical vehicle. The thir­teenth Ego serves as a safety factor by its ability to function as either a man or woman. This alternating Ego, incidentally, has absolutely no connection with the phenomenon of homosexuality. Homosexuality is a psychopathic problem arising from emotional disorders and is not an expression of mental polarity.


There are six soul-mate complements available whom an Ego can marry in order to meet this requirement for achieving the Second Degree, and, of course, the Ego of the opposite sex also must have already attained the First Degree. Soul-mates rarely marry one another prior to the incarnation where they work together to make Second Degree; and al­though they thereafter progress together, they do not neces­sarily incarnate at the same time or marry only one another.


The thirteenth Ego can form a complement with any other thirteenth Ego of another soul-mate group, and he can act as temporary complement to one of the six male or six female Egos in his own soul-mate group in order to make Second Degree. The Egos of the six pairs of complements within a soul-mate group develop independently according to their self-determination and self-effort, yet within every soul-mate group the members advance or retrograde in bi-polar pairs in which each individual’s development is equally match­ed. The scrupulous, automatic maintenance of this pairing is a celestial mystery.

Two complementary Egos who together achieve Master­ship comprise a polar corporation, which adds to the universe a balanced, neutral, mental union. This is the ultimate mar­riage. Their individual wills and Egoic separateness are sub­sequently retained as they progress through the higher life­waves. Free will, however, manifests in a way quite foreign to our earthly experience For instance, when an Ego achieves Celestial advancement and becomes one with God, he per­ceives every last ramification of the choices open in mak­ing decisions. The Celestial Ego’s dedication to the best of all possible choices leads him into complete accord with the rest of the Celestial Host, who also perceive the same best choice. Free will is fully expressed upon the Celestial Plane but with total concordance. Obviously, division of direction at the Celestial Level would be disastrous to the Universe.