Reincarnation: An Overview


By Richard Kieninger


As busy as most of us are—building a community, working in the business world, and sharing a family life, it’s easy to lose sight of the higher purposes behind coming into incarnation. In fact, all of us have spent the majority of our existence as Egos residing on the Astral Plane as decarnate entities. The following may help you regain the perspective you probably had prior to taking on your current physical vehicle.


Like most Egos, you have incarnated into all major races and civilizations as you strive to master this physical plane of existence and balance your Egoic experiences. As a decarnate Ego on the Astral Plane you did a lot of planning and consulting with Advanced Beings in order to evaluate your last incarnation and prepare for this one. Generally, you wait until the timing is right to incarnate into a society that would be conducive to your advancement. In certain instances, you may have chosen to incarnate into a civilization where much of your hard-earned advancement went for naught while you were trying to uplift a tribe or helping to get civilization to go in a certain direction. If you have incarnated now to help establish the Nation of God, you find that societal pressures go counter to Egoic advancement and you must put up with a lot of negativity that wasn’t around in Lemuria, where you probably spent your most effective incarnations.


At the close of your last incarnation, when you decided that you had made optimum use of your lifetime, you allowed your body to die. As you underwent transition you may have experienced a rushing sound and it appeared as though you were plunging through a dark tunnel. Suddenly, as you dissociated more from your physical body, you discovered yourself in the presence of another being who appeared as a bright light. This guide, usually a member of the Brotherhoods, helped you perceive and understand your return to Astral existence. Your guide also helped you evaluate the experiences you had during that lifetime. He or she pointed out to you those lessons which you set up for yourself, and aided you in determining to what extent you had learned those lessons. This review allowed you to begin planning your present incarnation.


While you are incarnate, you travel astrally every night and can converse with other Egos on the Astral Plane. While traveling to distant places, you maintain mental contact with your sleeping body via a thought process which can be seen by a clairvoyant as a faint thread of astral light like a thin wire. This is called the silver cord. When you went through transition, your silver cord began to dissolve.


The first three days after your body’s death is known as the retrospection period. In order for your retrospection period to occur, your former body had to be mostly intact. Had it been prematurely cremated (before three days had elapsed), or had it been disintegrated in an explosion, you would not have been able to complete the retrospection. Such circumstances are corrected by incarnating briefly into an infant’s body which you design to die in a short time, thus providing a body with which to go through the retrospection.


After thoroughly planning on the Astral Plane with Higher Beings those experiences you wanted to have in your present incarnation you next decided on the moment that would be right for your re-birth. The Higher Beings offered suggestions on this, based on Their ability to perceive your Egoic advancement and to determine where and when you might reenter the stream of physical existence in order to continue your learning.


You also had to decide which Egos you wanted to have as your parents. This involved making an arrangement with your future parents before they incarnated. These Egos may have worked with you in prior incarnations, perhaps as friends, relatives, or in other relationships. You need not have had any previous connection with the Egos who became your parents, they may have “just happened” to be in the right circumstances for your continued Egoic growth. It was necessary that your Egoic advancement be greater than or equal to the average of your parents’ advancement. This is a Cosmic Law.


Finally, you began designing the physical vehicle you needed for doing this lifetime’s work. This began with the selection of your parents’ genes for determining your body characteristics and, with the assistance of the Higher Beings, you chose which egg and sperm would combine. As the fetus began to grow you may have modified it in order to build in special attributes to aid your physical work. This could take the form of a handicap to force the learning of an attitude to further your Egoic growth, or perhaps a highly developed organ to permit you to carry out a special task in this lifetime. For instance, Albert Einstein had a brain which was unusually well supplied with blood by extra capillaries, furnishing him with a super-oxygenated brain.


When the time had arrived for you to enter your new physical vehicle, you prepared Egoically for your re-entry into incarnation. This involved a slowing of your Astral vibration, which allowed a harmonious mergence with the physical vibrations of your new body. In turn, this resulted in a loss of awareness of the upper Astral Plane, and a new attunement with physical reality. The moment of your occupancy of the new body was synchronized with a unique resonance of the planets in our Solar System with your character development and with your plans for your life. That moment of your reincarnation was marked by the infant body taking it’s first breath by your Egoic will. Had you decided at the last minute against incarnating, you could do so merely by not mentally commanding the baby’s brain to begin breathing, thus resulting in a stillbirth. The choice was always yours, since no Ego is required to incarnate if he or she doesn’t want to.


Now that you are well into this incarnation, like most of us, you have no conscious memory of the vast amount of Egoic experience and thought that went into designing this lifetime, and only after reading The Ultimate Frontier or other information regarding nonphysical existence is your Egoic memory of these Astral events being jogged. Many Egos who continually incarnate into one particular ethnic or religious group to the exclusion of others, never gain the perspective that would allow them to realize the full panorama of human reality. Even when these Egos go through transition, they may be unable to admit that their body has died, and thus remain in the slower Astral vibrational mode. These are known as earthbound Egos; they have not raised their perceptions in order to tap into their Egoic memory (overself). They cannot enjoy the beauty of the upper Astral Plane until they relinquish their focus upon physical existence. Many such Egos have never accepted the truths of Existence because their earthly philosophies didn’t agree with the ultimate facts, therefore, they operate on illusion even while decarnate. Whatever an Ego fantasizes on the Astral Plane becomes his environment. There his world reflects whatever he believes or imagines.