The Law of Precipitation


By Richard Kieninger


We and we alone are responsible for the conditions and situations that enter into our lives. We’re responsible for allowing them, even if we don’t cause them. The Universe, through the automatic action and reaction of Natural Law, gives assurance that we control our own destiny, unless we allow otherwise.


The first seven degrees of Brotherhood basically measure our ability to interact with other people, and our ability to control our personal environment. Precipitation has to do with the bringing into our personal reality the things or conditions that we desire—through our own mental concentration and through cooperating with certain laws of the Universe.


Natural Law
We use the term “law” in the twentieth-century western sciences to refer to any situation that is repeatable under controlled laboratory circumstances. After centuries of careful observation, for instance, the Law of Gravity seems always to have held true.


A Natural Law is simply the way the Universe was engineered to work by our Creators. The guiding strategy They used in engineering the Universe centers around the human beings who live in it. We humans are the ultimate reason for having a physical universe so we can grow towards becoming ultimately equal with our Creators. Natural Laws were designed to facilitate our growth.


Scientific discovery of Natural Law involves consistent cause-and-effect observation. Since all of us are observers of the events that result from our thoughts and actions, we all are called upon to be as scientists—at least to the extent that we can discern how events relate to each other.


There are some Natural Laws that are not as readily observable as gravity. In a few civilizations of the past, many of these basic laws were not only discerned and put into practice, they were considered the most important foundations of the philosophy of the civilization. An example of one such Law is Mental Precipitation.


Mental Precipitation
Mental precipitation is so named because it involves the use of the Mind. The full term is “mental precipitation from the ethers”, and that implies another plane of existence called the Etheric plane. It is a Natural Law (or Law of God, if you prefer) because it is consistently demonstrable. Once you learn it, you can always use it, as long as you follow the appropriate steps. The term precipitation deals with the causing of conditions or things that you desire to have in your reality.


In weather forecasting, precipitation means the coming together of moisture into rain. In chemistry, there are cases where you can combine two clear liquids which instantly form an insoluble solid that settles out as precipitate. Mental precipitation can be just as dramatic and sudden.


Everyone mentally precipitates all the time whether they’re aware of it or not. So, obviously, you don’t have to be conscious of all the steps. It’s something that can happen naturally (which is a very common characteristic of God’s Laws). Some people seem to just naturally engage all the steps in the right order most of the time, and they have remarkable success in achieving their goals and desires. Most of us pursue a rather hit-or-miss, uninformed, random sequence of these necessary steps and thus are mostly disappointed by our failure to have what we desire. But when by chance we do the proper steps, the resultant success may seem almost miraculous.


Etheric Pattern
Precipitation starts happening whenever somebody wants something. It is the way, by the use of the Mind, to get an object or a condition into our lives that we desire. The Mind has an extremely powerful effect on the second plane of existence, to which physical existence corresponds exactly. There’s a correspondence between the physical plane and the Etheric Plane; so if you want to change or create something on the physical plane, a direct channel to do that is to use the Mind to modify the Etheric Plane.


Magnetism and gravity are two forces which most scientists believe are physical but which actually originate on the Etheric plane. Gravity is one of the weakest physical forces, so a person whose Mind is disciplined, like Jesus, can modify the Etheric plane to eliminate the action of gravity. This is how He was able to walk on water.

The Etheric plane basically acts as a pattern for the physical plane. Everything that has ever been built or created was first envisioned by Mind. Mental imaging creates patterns on the Etheric plane, and as that pattern is reinforced by repeated and consistent mental imaging, physical manifestation conforms to it. Therefore, to bring about or change some situation or object on the physical plane, you need first to deal with the idea that will cause it to exist.


Precipitation is creation. You are creating a mental pattern. In fact, the stars, the planets and every element of the Universe was created by the mental precipitation of Higher Beings. Adepts or Masters in the Brotherhoods have developed Their Minds to concentrate so intently that They can directly precipitate physical objects, seemingly out of thin air. They have so much knowledge of all the sciences—how the Universe is put together—that Masters can picture the cell structure of the wood and the construction of a chair and create a pattern of that chair in infinite detail. Then using other mental techniques which the Master has developed, He or She can coalesce physical atoms which are present in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide and water vapor, etc.) into cellulose and lignin, etc., and in time a real chair appears.


Six Steps
Automatically, wanting something begins precipitation; so the first step is to have a desire. The more intense your desire, the more successful and rapid the precipitation tends to be. When you really want something, you naturally think about it frequently and intensely.


Picturing in your Mind what it is that you desire, forms the etheric pattern for that dreamed-of object or condition. Clear, consistent visualization strengthens that etheric pattern. A clear, precise mental image can be assisted by such things as making models, pictures and blueprints.


When you intensely desire something, the more you concentrate your mental energy on it, the faster it will manifest. When you concentrate on visualizing your precipitation goal, you are powerfully strengthening its etheric pattern. In addition, such concentration also impresses your desire upon your subconscious midbrain, which will continue to reinforce your plans even when you are not consciously precipitating.


Masters can achieve their goals purely mentally, but at our stage of development it is appropriate to take physical actions that correspond to what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want a new house, go find an architect; if you want a new car, start shopping for cars. Very frequently the pattern that you are creating may cause whatever object you’re after to come to your attention from a completely unexpected quarter.


The law of mental precipitation is like any law in the realm of the physical sciences. The requirements for something to manifest in your environment are specific, and as soon as those conditional requirements and situations are met, results will accrue. There’s a point where all the factors needed for your desire come together, as in a chemical reaction like scratching a match hard enough to get it to ignite. Confidence in this natural cause-and-effect process engenders the patience and continued endeavor required, and prevents counter-precipitation that comes from lack of a positive, confident attitude.


Silence about your precipitation may be necessary to maintain your concentration; talking to others about it tends to disperse and weaken your focus. Also, if somebody else does not want you to get what you are after, they can counter-precipitate against you. It is best to talk about your precipitation only with those who are necessary to help bring it about.


Mental precipitation can, and should, be used for anything that you want that you feel will improve your environment. However, one condition for lasting success is that you have the karmic credits to retain what you precipitate. A person who is a really good precipitator can attract things that he may not have earned the right to hold. Either in this lifetime or the next he is going to have to pay what is due. You can get it, but whether you can hold on to it is dependent on your karmic balance; “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”


Precipitation is a very powerful tool, like fire. Used without the proper care, it can be harmful. An example is three-year-old Jimmy who cannot walk from the kitchen to the dining room table with the butter dish without dropping the butter. All the parent has to do is anxiously look at him and picture the butter dropping, and it will practically jump out of his hands. That is actually a kind of sorcery, which is indeed a form of mental precipitation.


To avoid the karmic repercussions of meddling in another person’s life when precipitating such things as a spouse, a new job or a friend, simply do not focus on one particular person. If you want a husband (or wife) who has certain qualities, precipitate a person with these qualities. Picturing someone you know is interference, but putting out into the universe your desired result leaves you karmically in the clear.


What we precipitate into our environment is usually the result of our habitual thought patterns. These habits are often more powerful than those we have concentrated intensely upon for a few moments a day during precipitative exercise. Each of our thoughts throughout the day has a modifying effect upon what enters our life. Whenever you experience doubt about a precipitation, you undermine the very thing you want to accomplish. Remember that Universal Laws always work, and there should be no doubts.


The secrets of our hearts always come into reality, for desire is a powerful precipitative force. If we plan or do one thing but fear that something may happen, such as sickness or financial need, then these feared things come about. When we remind ourselves over and over again that “I am plenty,” then we will have plenty.


A key to precipitation is to regard the desired result as if it has already been received; then it comes about more readily. To say, “I will soon have my desire,” is counter-productive because the use of the future tense holds off results to some unsure future time, and tomorrow never comes. Or if you say, “Maybe I do not have the karmic credits,” etc., then you can cancel the precipitation. Such negative thinking can become an ingrained habit, and we have to work hard to overcome it.


The more we prepare ourselves to be channels of wealth, the more we attract it. Wealth can serve mankind, and we can be the channels for it. We basically want to serve; we came to serve; and we grow through serving.