Discriminating Metaphysics


By Richard Kieninger


The human mind can be honed to a point of being capable of controlled clairvoyance. By techniques available to everyone, human beings are intended to master a variety of perceptive abilities beyond those afforded by our physical senses. Paranormal occurrences are not given much credence in twentieth century Western cosmology, so they are not even considered by most of us. Those who do experience such extrasensory events keep mum for fear of ostracism or, in some cases, outright persecution.


Religion is probably the best-known branch of metaphysics. There are other branches of metaphysics that are parallel to religion that also have to do with the spiritual aspects of perceiving the universe and trying to see what it really is. But in the process of trying to understand it, people can get into very dangerous means of divining what the truth is. It is in this area of metaphysics where people can tread some mighty thin ice and end up losing all of the Egoic advancement they had worked on in a given lifetime as a result of, for instance, being taken over by nether spirits that they tried to get in contact with.


As an analogy, there are many different ways to operate an automobile. It is obvious that you can get safely to your destination or wind up wrapped around a bridge abutment, depending upon the approach that you take. Metaphysics is much the same way, but unfortunately, there are very few warning signs and guideposts such as you might encounter on a freeway! Indeed, a lot of the people who get into some of the more dangerous aspects of spiritual strivings are deceived into it. They are told that this is the way to get results; the author who is pushing that idea does not tell them of the dangers that are involved, and the author himself may not even be aware of the dangers.


A lot of people are looking for verification of spiritual things they read about, such as contacting a spirit guide who can give you direct information. Some people feel they are speaking with God when really they are talking with a human spirit. Nether entities always identify themselves as being somebody like Christ or an Archangel or an Angel or somebody who is grand, and people say, “How exciting! Look who is contacted me!” They feel all the more exalted by this “favor” that’s been bestowed upon them by some nether entity, who says, “I am one of the great ones.” How can you gainsay what a spirit says? You are essentially dealing with an unknown, unseen intelligence operating from the other side. All Higher Beings, members of the Brotherhoods, and those who we might consider the spiritually great, are forbidden to take control of a person’s brain in such a way as to manipulate him and thereby be heard on the physical plane.


Christ’s Protection
One of the things that Christ did on Earth the first forty days of his advent here was to establish permanent barriers between a hapless, helpless human being on the one hand and an intent malevolent spirit on the other, so that an incarnate person could no longer mentally be taken over by surprise. Henceforth, it had to be through their own doing.


Anybody can get involved with spirits to demonstrate to themselves that when people die, their intelligence continues on another plane. But by doing so, they are themselves piercing the barrier of protection that Christ established, thereby leaving themselves exposed and vulnerable to the whims of the spirits they have contacted.


The churches have always put down any attempts at divinations and getting involved with spirits of any sort, mainly because they know that it always ends up being to the detriment of the person and to the detriment of the people who are around him. If some powerful person has a strong drive to dominate others and to be war-like—in other words, a person who really has a powerful political influence over large numbers of people—that is the very type over whom nether entities will try to get control.


Parlor Games and Mediums
In today’s world we are seeing an influx of parlor games like Ouija boards, tarot, the I Ching; as well as books on practices concerning various divinations. They are even available as children’s games. What people don’t seem to realize is that you can contact real intelligences from the spirit world using any of these techniques. Once you pick a technique, whatever it may be—just take a plain deck of cards or throw dice, anything you want—if you assign a specific meaning to each of the different outcomes, a spirit entity can catch on to what you’re doing. He can then begin to control the fall of those dice or how the cards are shuffled together by using a telekinesis technique, through life energy that you are providing. It is your interpretation of what they mean that is of value to him; then he can communicate with you. You can make up any code you want, but if you are consistent in doing it over and over again and keep seeking information from the other side, eventually you will get it because there are so many spirits who are seeking to be heard in this world and gain influence over the physical plane. You can make yourself a medium all too readily. Unfortunately, most mediums are eventually destroyed by their spirit controls.


Psychometrists—people who hold a person’s watch and tell all kinds of things about that person—are being fed information by a spirit on the other side who can read the Akashic Record. Psychometrists are really mediums. They hear or receive impressions instantly as they are confronted with a piece of personal attire or a watch or a pen that the person has held or kept close to them. They don’t seem to realize that somebody on the other side is giving them this information. They can’t pick it up just all by themselves.


Probably the most popularized medium was Edgar Cayce. People were having him do diagnoses of their illnesses, and the information he came up with was very specific and to the point. However, when his trance session shifted into an area concerning historical information, the format changed from being specific to very flowery and obtuse.


Such is the hallmark of nether spirits trying to mislead, confuse, and confound those of us on the physical plane who are trying to figure out what the real truth is. What we think is true is all that most of us have available to deal with, so the temptation to “go beyond” our own boundaries can sometimes be appealing. The churches have considered séances and other such mediumistic activities as being very immoral, because it brings into the physical awareness of people around you things which are misleading.


Back in the early seventies there were approximately 500,000 practicing witches on our nation’s campuses. Many schools offered courses in witchcraft just to be more liberal. People were asking for information other than the traditional curricula, and this was one of the areas that some people wanted to have an opportunity to look into; perhaps providing a way of controlling others, a way of making lovers do what you want them to do, a way of getting a better job.


Reflecting that common theme of control over others—mediumship, trance speaking, automatic writing, psychometry, and witchcraft—are basically all the same thing; the alliance of your energy and yourself with nether, discarnate entities.


Negative forms of witchcraft can involve a conscious desire to employ satanic forces; and many a person who goes into mediumship is convinced that he is going to be able to contact better sources of information on the other side, so they consciously sit for training to become mediums. The net result is the same regardless of the motivation and, generally speaking, the road ends in possession by some spirit control—in which event the rest of the lifetime is spent in the funny farm, hopelessly unable to do anything which is of value in the world any longer. That person has been reduced to a point of total ineffectualness in his life.


The Church is in possession of this information, and yet their position is not being made clear. They prefer to just make a rule—thou shalt not get involved in astrology, or seeing in the future, or divinations, or witchcraft. The Bible clearly spells that out, but the information about why such divinations are dangerous is not provided. The church does not even acknowledge that there are human spirits on the other side who can cause harm to the unaware, so their rule makes no sense. People need to know why not. If people understood that the same motivations for control over others exist in the “spirits” as exist in themselves, they could more easily identify their own unsatisfied power needs and avoid getting involved in nether, outside exploitation of their own control issues. Bragging about one’s “entity” is a direct result of immature, unmet needs for power over others, and those needs are the direct result of people not having had their natural power accorded them in early childhood.


Charismatic Movements
There is a misapprehension on the part of those who get involved in charismatic practices that they are contacting the Holy Spirit. The power to understand and speak languages unknown to a Disciple and to argue fine points of philosophy in those languages was given to the followers of Christ in that first generation. Indeed, they were able to go among foreigners, understand the other person’s questions in a language they had never hear before and argue cogently and brilliantly in this other person’s language.


Charismatics think that that is equivalent to the babbling they do. They believe that then they are contacting the Holy Spirit, or vice-versa. However, an advanced Ego is not permitted to do that with a person who is in physical incarnation. Speaking in tongues really is getting involved with spirit entities, but not the kind that are on Christ’s side.


There has been a lot of investigation of people speaking in tongues, and it always sounds like one of the Romance languages, but you cannot pin it down to an actual language. You cannot make any sense out of it. On rare occasions a person can, but it doesn’t say anything which is useful.


Americans are very impatient; they do not like taking a natural cure to an ill. They want an immediate result. Drugs have been introduced into the society as a way of getting a spiritual high, and you don’t have to go through all the work the yogis do for ten or twenty years. That is one of the big attractions to witchcraft that you get such immediate results that are so dramatic, so bizarre; because another entity on the other side with whom you make an alliance is giving you the power to see things that you never could see before. It is exciting to be able to do that. But once in, you cannot get out of witchcraft. One thing about belonging to the Mafia, when you die you is out of the group. But when you ally yourself with a nether entity and you go through transition at the end of your lifetime, you are even more involved with that nether entity than you had been when you were in physical incarnation. That is how they keep recruiting more and more of these nether types who are out to undo mankind.


The Tibetan Influence
Man’s ignorance of his antagonists is a major stumbling block. Our culture has focused on materialism and the scientific method to such an extent that “all that psychic stuff’ is generally thought to be the domain of weirdoes, astrologers and nuts. So it’s no wonder that people unknowingly engage in terribly dangerous practices. If you knew nothing about dynamite, lighting the fuse might not mean much to you.


However, it is not just the negative spirit entities that we have to deal with. We also have powerful world groups who have allied themselves to subjugate mankind, and they have the same motivations: hatred, fear, anger. They influence mankind in every way that they can in order to keep us from moving forward.


Some people really feel powerful when they can undo a man to death and can do it by the millions: for instance, the negative groups that were behind Nazism. There are two groups of Tibetans that have been around for a long time, and they have operated as one of the greatest nemeses of mankind that we know of.


Nazism was a satanic religion. At the trials of Nuremberg the Allies decided they just weren’t going to get into that aspect of it at all because it was just too incredible, too unbelievable. They themselves could hardly believe the things that they, the prosecution, had turned up in putting together the evidence against the Nazi war criminals at the end of World War Two. But they found evidence that the Agarthi and the Shamballa, which are two cave communities of Tibetans, really were very much behind all of the atrocities that occurred at the hands of the Nazis in Europe. The Agarthi were specialists in astral projection and inspiring false leadership in the world, and the Shamballa foster illusion and materialism, and mislead humans into despair through techniques such as perverse sexual cravings and black rites, developing desires for physical pleasure so one loses sight of man’s spiritual origins and his real destiny.


This is an interesting story: Hitler did not originate Nazism. The man who really was the prime mover in that direction was a Dr. Karl Haushofer. Haushofer had been a general in the German army during World War One, and he eventually was part of German intelligence in India. There he learned a great deal about the Shamballists and the Agarthis; the kinds of powers that they dealt with and the influence they had among some sects like the Thugees, who were a murder cult in India.


Haushofer was a professor who taught geopolitics, and his ideas of Aryan supremacy and how Germany could dominate the world came from two books that were written by Helena Blavatsky. Blavatsky was the one who captured and dominated the theosophical movement in Europe. The movement had been started by some Brahmic teachers who were going around as mendicants in Europe and acquainting people with Eastern ways. It began to get quite popular, and she moved in on it sometime in the 1870’s. When Blavatsky was about twenty years old she met two Tibetans who were members of these evil cave communities. One was named Kuthoomi and the other one was Morya, and they convinced her to come to the cave communities in Tibet. She spent quite a long time trying to get there, and finally, after being turned down by the Tibetan government for several years, entered the country in 1856. She stayed there for three years while she was taught by Kuthoomi and Morya. Then she returned there in 1867 for a while, but thereafter she remained under hypnotic telepathic control by these two. Her principle job was to subvert Christianity and the work of the Brotherhoods.


Hitler’s training in satanism and black magic was started by a Dietrich Eckert back in the early 1920’s through what was known as the Thule Society. Both of them were pretty much followers of Alistair Crowley’s sexual magic, among other things, and Hitler indulged in human sacrifice, along with other members of the Thule Society, while Hitler was developed into becoming a channel for satanic forces. After the failure of the 1924 Putsch known as the Munich Beer Hall Gang) where Hitler tried to take over the Bavarian government, Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison. Dietrich Eckert went through transition then, and Dr. Karl Haushofer, the evil genius behind the whole idea of Nazism, took over Hitler’s training. Haushofer based Nazism on Helena Blavatsky’s super race theories for the Aryans. He contacted Hitler, gave him instructions of what to do, ghost wrote Mein Kampf, and eventually created a magical world conception which was based primarily on Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine. All of that information, of course, came from Kuthoomi and Morya, who were incarnate at the time that they were dealing with Blavatsky. Blavatsky was a medium who wrote a great deal by automatic writing, and could speak directly the voices of Kuthoomi and Morya whenever she chose to give séances, which she did quite frequently. She was mixed up in some of the shadiest sides of spiritualism that we know of.


This whole magical world conception that Haushofer developed was a complete contradiction to western mathematics, astronomy, geography, and science. The Nazis sent exploration teams to Tibet to contact the cave communities of Agarthi and Shamballa. The object of that was to see if these Tibetans would help them to receive the help of demonic forces. The Shamballists did not feel that they needed to do that because they were in such thorough control of so many lodges dealing with metaphysical things. They really had things moving in the directions that they wanted them to go, which was down the tubes! The Agarthis, however, did send about thirty of their members to Berlin and helped to direct what things would be necessary to do in order to gain the assistance of demonic forces to help Hitler’s war machine rule the world. It was they who came up with the idea of rounding up 3/4 of a million Gypsies from all over Europe and making a human sacrifice of them. The Death’s Head Group of the Nazi SS was really a monk-hood, organized like a religious order. Their job was to learn and to teach new people who were coming into the SS that their purpose was to kill and die for the purpose of being channels for demonic forces to help Nazism rule the world.


Blavatsky’s story, which she learned from her two Tibetan guides, was that there was going to be a new in‑breathing of the world and it was going to elevate all those who had Aryan blood in their veins into a Master Race, a superhuman status. Haushofer was the one who suggested that there be all kinds of genetic experiments performed on Germans to find some way of hastening this new change that was going to come about—this transmutation into a super race. Of course, some of this mythology has been very popular in Germany for a long time. The Wagnerian operas, like the Neibelungen Rings, all lent strength to this.


Discriminating Metaphysics
Metaphysics without discrimination has always been disastrous for the human race. The whole Nazi thing was just a sort of dress rehearsal for the reign of the Anti-Christ to occur within a few years prior to the end of this century. The things the Nazis did, and things even more evil, will be repeated with more force. The Agarthi and the Shamballists will be the ones behind it, in addition to the nether entities who operate from the spirit world. Europe seems to be ready for this kind of thing. There is a strong neo-paganistic trend going on in Europe today, especially in the British Isles. They’re going back to the old Druidic beliefs, the Celtic religions, the earth religions that were around before Christianity showed up.


What Are Our Options?
Despite the trends of this decade and of this century, mankind was intended to rise from innocence to virtue, so that we might enjoy a series of perceptions that transcend the abilities of our sense perceptors. It always comes down to character development. You lift the natural vibrations of your essential being to the point where you automatically, naturally detect things that are happening on other planes. It is safe, and that is the way it should be. One has to develop himself as a more highly refined individual by being concerned with other people, by living the Golden Rule.


Any practice that involves the relinquishing of your will offers an inroad to any discarnate entity, or incarnate person, who has an interest in controlling others, and that is very dangerous. And it is obscene in many ways, because you are bringing into the world more dirtiness, of all sorts, from the influence of black mentalists. The term black refers to the fact that they have such muddy colors emanating in their astral aura, as opposed to the pastel, bright, light colors of the individual who is Egoically advanced.


Many people put down the idea of a negative entity that would have a malevolent interest in controlling or destroying your life. It is hard for people to imagine that the world is really engaged in a battle between good and evil. Each one of us ends up being a battlefield. To whatever we turn our attention, determines who is going to be getting our ear.


Most people think the battle between good and evil ended when Merlin left Camelot, or when the last big war was “won” by the allies.


It is even more difficult for people to take the war between good and evil seriously because of the complexity of different forms of evil and its actions that undermine everyone alive. Almost everyone recognizes the evil of the Mafia and drug traffickers, but few people are aware of incarnate practitioners of occult methods to control others. It is hard for people to believe that there is a whole panoply of discarnate evil entities who exert their influence from the spirit realms on both evil people and on the negative and neutral elements of human societies. What we do not know can hurt us! Courageous, proactive goodness is the key to winning the war against evil.