Why Philadelphia?


By Richard Kieninger


The island in the Pacific Ocean which is to be developed into a city named Philadelphia has several important purposes so far as the Brotherhoods are concerned. The main purpose is to act as a repository of culture and technology which are to be spread to all the human survivors of the world by the inhabitants of Philadelphia about a century after Armageddon and the cataclysmic reapportionment of continents at the turn of the century. The last world-wide slide of the earth’s crust was about 7,500 years ago, and it has taken until this century for civilization to regain its former level of culture. Unfortunately, the human species has managed to regain only a modicum of its former technology via incentives inherent in its search for ever-superior weaponry. Philadelphians are to wait a hundred years while the rest of the world reduces itself to a stone-age existence, then they are to reach out to teach and succor the rest of mankind. The reason for waiting is to allow Philadelphia to recover, grow, and build effective technologies and economic strength while the rest of the world has a chance to be purified (over about four generations) from the power-hungry ways of today’s patriarchal viewpoint and to become more matriarchal. Then their desire for medical knowledge, better agriculture, a higher standard of living, and a workable philosophy of life will be the incentive to learn a universal language and more readily accept the teachings of the Brotherhoods. Philadelphia’s role will be like a worldwide peace corps, teaching better ways and demonstrating by its evident example of civilization the advantages of what it has to offer. Its task is to bring about a high culture and technology without the incentives of war. The aim is to show the ways of cooperation and universal prosperity without imposing a single, world-wide government upon all the inhabitants of the globe. It is important that there be different ways of autonomously organizing the social interactions among peoples in disparate climates. The world needs many diverse milieus by which Egos can balance themselves incarnation to incarnation.


The challenge of Philadelphia and the Brotherhoods is to bring about Christ’s vision of people everywhere living in peace with one another and with all the other peoples of other lands. This is possible in the long run only through justice and fair economic dealings with everyone. The Brotherhoods’ philosophy does not allow the imposition of political or economic power over another nor does it countenance the arrogant concepts of racial superiority. Egos everywhere have the same potentials regardless of the race into which they incarnate. By the knowledge and practice of universal principles, the drive for conflict and war simply need not develop. A truism of the Brotherhoods is that no one can truly prosper except that all prosper. Greed and the desire for power and superiority are sick, and there is no love in them. Personal freedom and noninterference by governments are basic keys to Egoic growth.


Another purpose for Philadelphia is to provide in the near future a place of refuge for men and women of goodwill where they can put their energies toward positive creation of an educational community while learning to put into practice the ideals of the Brotherhoods. The construction and operation of a truly international university where all peoples can share and learn the best agricultural techniques learned by man in the least expensive way is a worthwhile endeavor. A full-blown city will be required to support and service the university, thereby affording a place for just about every trade, skill and art there is. Constructing such a place will require that it have a complete cross-section of people and technologies. Being essentially a peaceful academic community, it will not be concerned with military matters. One can build his own home and be encouraged to establish his own business if he feels like it. There will be a minimum of laws and no local income tax. It is also important to recognize that there are pioneering types of people who benefit psychologically by having a challenging frontier to make into a better place. Making a garden out of a desert and developing economic and technological excellence is very satisfying to those who need to be at the cutting edge of the means to better themselves and their environment. Such people are builders at heart, and they are crucial to the success of the coming Nation of God. With an unfettered profit motive to encourage them, they should be willing to invest in businesses and the manufacture of goods for world trade.

It should be understood that the island of Philadelphia is not to be a colony of U.S. citizens but rather a place where people of many different nationalities will come together. Each prospective resident will be screened for having psychological and emotional health. Many employees of building contractor from around the world will be on the island during construction but they will have no vote in governance of the community. That will be reserved to property owners and full-time residents. It will not be required for anyone there to be a member of The Adelphi Organization. A future metaphysical organization formed under the laws of the host nation will offer membership to the residents. 


The Brotherhoods are strong on the value of children being reared in a sound family environment, and the economy of the island will be devised so as to promote ideal home conditions for the education and development of children. There will be safeguards against anyone endangering the ecology of the island through individual or industrial pollution. Creating jobs for others is a worthy activity, but exploitation of workers will not be acceptable. We expect to be able to develop a cultural attitude that down-plays materialism in favor of more loving human interactions. The drive for acquisitiveness of riches and power is often a substitute for lack of love in one’s life. There will be no banks in Philadelphia. The central treasury will hold personal, corporate and state cash and provide checking services and international trade accounts. There will be no lending at interest and no fractional reserves permitted. The cost of housing will be about one-fifth as much as in the U.S.A. today, but because there will be no lending on mortgages, that means that each immigrant will have to bring cash sufficient to build a home without indebtedness and have no outstanding debts in any country. The needs of the commonwealth will be bought by paying cash into the economy rather than borrowing cash into the economy from a lender at interest. This is very practical and reflects the sounder systems of a century ago before central banks became a widespread practice in the nations of the world.


Personal savings will be encouraged because no state can expand economically without a large accumulation of money being available for private commercial and industrial expansion. Although no interest will be paid on bank savings accounts, an investment agency for arranging purchase of mutual stocks in worthwhile enterprises will provide both diversified ownership and dividend income for those who wish to invest their surplus savings. All profit-making companies must contribute a commerce tithe of their net income toward expansion and maintenance of transportation facilities for distribution and the retail mart system.


One of our main features will be freedom from drugs in the culture. It should be evident that anyone who uses drugs or abuses alcohol will not be accepted to live on the island. It is a place for spiritual and ethical uplift, and that requires a healthy brain and clear mind. People who allow themselves to become chemically dependent essentially have no future prospects. To use drugs is unpatriotic in the extreme and pours money out of the national economy into the hands of one’s opponents. As a matter of policy toward China in the mid 1800’s, England set up an elaborate opium distribution system that ensnared millions of Chinese citizens into addiction. This engendered a wealthy and corrupting criminal underground that effectively undermined the government, and gave the English astounding wealth to finance their takeover of the Chinese nation during the Opium Wars. The Japanese pursued a similar policy toward China to weaken the populace in the decade before their invasion of China prior to World War II. There is ample evidence that foreign powers are presently flooding the United States with drugs to make it easy to corrupt and weaken the populace and withdraw hundreds of billions of dollars annually from our economy, which would otherwise go to improve and upkeep our cities and decrease unemployment. The people of Philadelphia will discourage foreign drug dealers simply by not buying. Pushers giving drugs to our youngsters in order to hook them will not be profitable for them because our internal economic system will not provide ready cash for youngsters to spend.


Philadelphia will provide a place where health care and medical alternatives that truly work can be obtained by its citizens and visitors. Health professionals who can build clinics and health spas will be encouraged to do so. We envision providing education to all inhabitants and foreign students in matters of proper nutrition and the organic production of food. It has been proven that crops can be profitably grown without the use of chemical poisons and herbicides. We will encourage hydroponic farms and individual vegetable gardens. Public health and public sanitation will also be emphasized. The island is surrounded by a rich source of edible marine life, and we will do everything possible to be sure that this marvelous resource is not overrun or diminished by human activities that might foul our own nest.


In short, the island is for practical idealists who treasure the principles envisioned by the founders of the

U.S.A. (but which have been undermined over the years by power seekers and economic manipulators). Love, beauty, creativity, truth, justice and freedom are what we all seek, and we can start clean again even though it is on a comparatively small scale. Each person of sound mind recognizes that he must grant these precious gifts to everyone else if he is to have them for himself. Only by practicing these principles will all have prosperity, contentment and personal growth.