History and The Great Plan


By Richard Kieninger


The Five Great Civilizations

The first great civilization that evolved on our planet was the Lemurian Civilization, which started approximately 78,000 years ago and lasted some 52,000 years until 26,000 years ago. The second greatest was the Atlantean Civilization which lasted about 14,000 years and sank beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean some 10,500 years ago. The third greatest civilization was the pre-dynastic Egyptian culture, known as the Osirian, which was greatly different from the records that we are able to find of the various dynasties. The fourth greatest civilization was the Rama Empire in the Indian sub-continent. The common people in India then had an entirely different philosophy than the educated ruling families who, incidentally, were members of the Brotherhoods.


The pre-dynastic Egyptian culture was concurrent with the Rama Empire, and both were concurrent with the end times of the Atlantean civilization. They were known as “the three kings,” representing practicality, ideality and mentality. Atlantis was predominantly a very practical group of people... the people in the Rama Empire of India were much more idealistic than they were either practical or mentally oriented... the Osirian nation was primarily noted for its use of mental techniques in a positive way.


One of the peculiar things about civilization on this planet is that it seems that mankind has been losing ground as we’ve gone along. Our present Western Civilization, the fifth greatest, has only been under way as a technological phenomenon for some 200 years. Some of the other cultures went on for thousands of years and managed to accumulate a tremendous amount of knowledge in science and technology.


Seismic Reapportionment

Man’s civilizing efforts, as detailed and very advanced though they have been at certain times, have been interrupted, quite abruptly, by natural seismic occurrences on our planet. Entire continents moving thousands of miles in a period of a few days can produce earthquakes more severe than anything Richter has been working on as a scale! Between five- and twenty-thousand years seems to be the interval between these seismic reapportionments of the Earth’s land masses, wherein the entire crust slips into a new position on the underlying magma of the planet. Every part of the world is affected by such an event.


When Atlantis sank in a localized earthquake, it left all the rest of the globe impoverished so far as technology was concerned. Nobody else knew how to duplicate that technology; so many of the things that had been used world-wide simply didn’t exist any longer. Only Atlanteans manufactured and marketed high-tech items worldwide because no one else could compete with their low price and high quality. Even though technology gradually diminished in the rest of the world, they managed to be civilized towards one another. But then 3,000 years after the sinking of Atlantis came a world-wide reapportionment of the land masses.


That last reapportionment 7,500 years ago put an end to the Rama Empire in India as well as the Osirian nation in the Mediterranean basin. Today, what we consider ancient history only goes back to about that cataclysm. What we commonly refer to as the “cradle” of civilization in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers was people trying to come back into some semblance of civilization and culture.


The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Gizeh was constructed under the direction of a Semitic people known as the Hyksos. It took many hundreds of thousands of Egyptian volunteer laborers to quarry and transport the face stones and cast millions of blocks in less than a hundred year period. The Hyksos were the ones who initiated and supervised the massive construction effort. They were foreigners to Egyptian soil, but over about a century of gradually infiltrating the country they managed to be in positions of government administrators and eventually were able to elevate one of their own to the highest ruler of Egypt. Actually, the Hyksos had been assigned the task of building the Great Pyramid. With typical patience, the Hermetic Brotherhood guided them to a smooth and peaceful integration with the Egyptian nation.

When the construction was completed, the Hyksos drifted off without disrupting the nation. A large part of them emigrated to the British Isles, and it was these people who built the Stonehenge circle which incorporates the same mathematical and astronomical relationships, as measured by the pyramid inch, which is the same as the old British inch. This split migration accounts for the fact that the British and the Hebrews inherited the pyramid inch. Those two people were intended to translate the pyramid’s message when the time was right.


The pyramid is a time capsule, and it preserves the timetable for the development of the future Nation of God and gave the coming history of events from when it was built in 4800 BC until the time when that Nation will be formed. The series of events documented in stone was derived through the ability of the High Adepts and Masters within the Hermetic Brotherhood to see history as it occurs in the future. They were seeing the end result of the aggregate free will decisions of billions of people living between their time and the time when we would be able to translate the coded messages. Time is an entirely different thing than most of us have discovered so far. We haven’t yet developed the mental tools required to understand how time operates.


The pyramid inch is precisely 1/500 millionth of the diameter of the earth through its polar axis. The pyramid rests on a square which is exactly 36,524.2 pyramid inches in perimeter and one percent of that number is the precise number of days in a solar year. The apex is 5813 pyramid inches from the base, and that figure is equal to the radius of a circle having the same perimeter as the base of the pyramid; defining the geometric ratio known today as pi.


The Great Plan

Christ’s plan for establishing a great civilization was formulated about seven-thousand years ago by Him in conjunction with a dozen Masters of the ancient mystic Brotherhoods of scientist-philosophers which He founded. Christ has since maintained mental contact with these highest of human Egos, and it is through them that things are coordinated and passed down to workers on the physical plane. Using the Hyksos to build the Great Pyramid in 4700 BC was the first outward sign of their Plan. Bringing the Jews to Egypt where they could be trained in the ways of building their own civilization was foretold in the pyramid as being 1486 BC with the advent of Joseph, son of Jacob (Israel).


One of the most significant fulfillments of the Gizeh prophecies was contained in a public revelation made by Isaiah around 700 BC when the Hebrew prophet disclosed the Brotherhoods’ plan for the appearance of Christ in Galilee. The Holy Land was a crossroads of the two main trade routes in the world and this location was chosen for Jesus’ birthplace because it provided a good means for disseminating Christ’s teachings when He would come.


Subsequently, a series of nations in the Western World were civilized through the inspiration of the Brotherhoods into a progression of “stepping stones” leading toward the eventual evolution of the Nation of God. The U.S.A. is intended to be the last of those nations; many of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. were students of the Brotherhoods.


The long-since developed master plan to form the Nation of God was set into motion on December 15, 1960. The new city of Philadelphia, to be the first city in the Nation of God, is to be constructed on an island which now exists in the Pacific Ocean. The global War of Armageddon will bring a political and economic end to essentially all the nations in the world. Following that, hen the reapportionment of the world’s land masses will occur in a world-wide cataclysm. About 90% of all the world’s population will probably expire as a result. The Great Pyramid predicts that the Nation of God will be then founded ushering in the Golden Age of mankind.


Highlights Of Our Current 7,500 Year Period of Geological Quiescence Between

The Last and the Next Continental Reapportionments


5500 BC:    The last reapportionment: the physical destruction of the Osirian and Rama nations.


5000 BC:    Christ authors The Great Plan and shares it with 12 Masters who remain in contact with Him.


4700 BC:    The Hyksos complete The Great Pyramid which has The Great Plan encoded within.


1375 BC:    Akhnaton inspires a renaissance of science and the arts and limits the influence of the priests.


1200 BC:    Moses leads the Hebrews to the Holy Land so they can build their own nation with new skills.


700 BC:      Isaiah discloses the coming of Christ.


600 BC:      Five High Adepts share their knowledge: Lao Tzu, Buddha, Mahivira, Zoroaster, and Confucius.


4 BC:          Jesus is born.


AD 26:       Christ begins His 3-year ministry of Love.


AD 1791:    U.S.A. begins the fifth greatest civilization by guaranteeing the inalienable rights of each citizen.


AD 1960:    Master Plan for Nation of God is started.