Origin of the Lemurian Philosophy


Edited from Richard Kieninger’s lectures



The Lemurian Philosophy stems from the original teaching of the Archangel, Melchizedek, who was the Christ two-thousand years ago. It was first enunciated nearly 80 thousand years ago for the benefit of the Great Mukulian (Lemurian) Civilization which flourished on the now-submerged Continent of Mu. Twice since then, the beloved Christ has appeared on earth to reestablish His basic teaching and rekindle in the hearts and minds of men the desire to live in conformance with the universal principles He taught.


The Truths of Existence Lost

While these statements may startle some, for others they could awaken significant memories. There have always been a few who have recognized Christ’s greatness and acknowledged His leadership, but for the most part, mankind has repeatedly failed to heed His admonitions. Today, Christ’s simple and beautiful Philosophy (as originally expounded) has all but been lost to the world at large. People’s minds have been cluttered with a potpourri of religious precepts, church dogmas, personal interpretations of the Scriptures, foisted beliefs and fears that are enough to confuse the most astute seekers of truth.


Those Who Remained on the Path

But what about the few who, from the beginning, have succeeded in following the footsteps of Christ? Who are they? Where are they now? What are they doing? From the earliest days of the Mukulian civilization, there have been individuals who have studied, understood, practices and abided by the Universal principles of life which invariably lead to man’s happiness and prosperity. In the early days of the Lemurian Civilization these people were known as elders, and it was they who taught and counseled the less-experienced members of the growing society. Later, when the stature of the commonwealth developed into a recognized civilization, They were known as Elder Brothers—an appellation for which They are still called today.


Assistance from the Archangel Melchizedek

When Melchizedek first appeared as, the first Emperor of Lemuria, these Elder Brothers had already established Schools in the various valleys of the continent. It was here that aspiring citizens were taught the fundamental principles of thought and action which would govern their conduct when they became citizens of the Empire. For a thousand years, Melchizedek guided the people of Lemuria as Emperor, and for many centuries thereafter, the civilization prospered. Then, certain elements of the population introduced negative ideas and practices into the affairs of the Empire. This marked the beginning of a gradual decline that slowly and insidiously led to the collapse of the greatest civilization the world has ever known. Lemuria eventually succumbed to a series of great cataclysms which extended over a long period of time. Finally, the vast Continent of Mu submerged, its magnificence lost, its influence destroyed, its history inundated beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean.


Approximately 50,000 years after Melchizedek’s first appearance, a similar pattern began to manifest within the Atlantean Civilization. Once again, He came to assist the nation as Emperor, this time he was known as Poseidonis. Here again, He was assisted by the Elder Brothers—many of Them the same Egos who had worked with Him so long ago. With the disappearance of Atlantis beneath the waters of what is now the Atlantic Ocean, the second great chapter in man’s effort to become civilized was closed.


The Lemurian Brotherhood and the Great Work

With the inundation and geological collapse of the continents of Mu, Atlantis, the ancient India (Rama Empire), and Pre-Dynastic Egypt (Osirian civilization), much was lost. However, much also was saved. In fact, everything important to man’s further development was preserved and safely stored away in the archives of the Elders of the Brotherhoods. This included information concerning discoveries and inventions, scientific data, the laws by which the people were governed, their religious and philosophical teachings, their advanced architecture, and the many aspects of their arts and culture—all of which has been kept for the time when it could again be given to those who will honor its source, respect its value, and use it wisely for the upliftment of mankind.


The Great Plan for the Ultimate Civilization

The Lemurian Brotherhood, the oldest of the Mystery Schools as they are sometimes called, was commissioned by unanimous consent of all the Brotherhoods, to compile from this vast reservoir of data the information essential for the integration of a New Civilization. Having completed this tremendous task, after thousands of years of unprecedented effort, the Lemurian Brotherhood has evolved a Master Plan through which a much improved civilization will be brought about here on earth. This will be the most advanced human society of all time, recapitulating not only what was good in previous civilizations, but adding to this the knowledge and wisdom gained through an additional 78,000 years of experience.


The forthcoming civilization will not fail, for citizenship therein will be granted only to those who are properly trained and prepared to assume the responsibilities of such an honor. To avoid one of the major stumbling blocks of the past civilizations, every member of the new civilization will be highly educated. Each factor that contributed to the decline and downfall of all previous civilizations has been accounted for in the Great Plan. Conversely, any who would seek to usurp what others have created, or to destroy the handiwork of God and noble men, will find all doors closed to the New Order. Citizenship in the forthcoming civilization will never be inherited, it will be awarded to all who qualify.


When is all this to take place, and what is being done about it today?


Inauguration of the Lemurian Fellowship

On September 16, 1936, the Lemurian Fellowship was inaugurated. This date was coincident with the marker at “the entrance into the King’s Chamber” within the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. Here it was that the Great Plan for the coming civilization had been written by the Elder Brothers for many millennia


It was on this same date—September 16, 1936—that the Lemurian Brotherhood authorized the release of the first public information relative to the new civilization through its mundane school called the Lemurian Fellowship. The establishment of the Fellowship was entrusted to Dr. Robert D. Stelle who, up until his passing in 1952, guided the work of His organization as a Direct Emissary of the Brotherhood. He is an advanced Ego whose preparation and training for this all-important role has been conducted over many, many, many incarnations.


The building of a true and lasting civilization is a prodigious task. Many generations will be required before it will reach full fruition. Yet, like the longest journey which must start with a single step, the Great Plan has begun. Those who hope eventually to share in its benefits as qualified citizens now stand at the door of opportunity.


The Lemurian Fellowship Headquarters

The original offices of the Lemurian Fel­lowship were located in Chicago, Illinois. It was from here (on September 16, 1936) that the first pieces of literature were placed in the mail and preparations made to accept student enrollments for the Fellowship’s Correspondence Course in the Lemurian Philosophy. Within a few months, the Fellowship transferred its Headquarters to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, carrying the program forward from that city until 1938 when its educational facilities and teaching personnel were moved to Chula Vista, California.


Chula Vista served as Headquarters for approxi­mately three years. Then, in 1941, the Fellowship purchased property near the community of Ramona in Southern California. Additional property in the area was purchased a year or so later and this has become the permanent Headquarters of the Lemurian Fellowship. The current headquarters of the Lemurian Fellowship is located approximately 1,700 feet above sea level in the Santa Maria Valley in Southern California. It is situated on a hillside along State Highway 67, five miles southwest of the village of Ramona, and about thirty miles inland from the City of San Diego.




Dr. Stelle