Richard Kieninger


If you want the system for increasing prosperity to operate for you, then you need to donate your tithe in a precise and consistent manner. For example, you might choose to send your tithe on the first of each month, calculating it to the penny.


You invariably attract the attention of Higher Beings by being exact and methodical in the loving contribution of your tithe to an organization that is doing Godís Work. You establish yourself as someone who is a dependable channel of funds to Their pet projects. Tithing once a year is not often enough to establish a channel. Once a month is more reasonable. When you dedicate 10% of your income to Godís Work, the Higher Beings will try to increase your income by setting opportunities alongside your path for you to act on. The more you earn, the more money you give to Their programs, due to your established habit of regular, precise tithing. Most millionaires like this arrangement and follow it religiously, mainly because they get to keep the other 90% of their increased income! If your net earnings are $1,000 a month and you tithe $100 each month, itís not long before youíre taking home $1,100 a month, in which case you would then tithe $110 and further increases continue as time goes by.


Exactitude and regularity in setting up a clear-cut channel to Godís work is the important thing. Suppose you say to yourself, ďWell, Iíll send $100 a month; thatís about right.Ē Then, when you income increases, and if you continue to send only $100 a month, there is no additional benefit to Godís Work.


Thatís why it is important to be precise. There are many organizations who are helping people, but it is even better to give to an organization that is doing Godís Work. The Lords of Karma, who are Adepts of the Brotherhoods, notice your conscientious efforts in tithing and they start giving you opportunities to increase your income. For instance, you might get a promotion at work. Keep in mind that if you win a prize, receive a cash gift, make a net gain on the sale of an investment or get an inheritance, you should tithe on this increase. A regular titherís good fortune is usually brought about by the Lords of Karma. You have everything to gain by being a good steward. If you donít tithe, the Universe will somehow extract from you the amount your tithe should have been, and often in an inconvenient way if, for instance, your car gets damaged or breaks down. So you paid your dues anyway but didnít get the ďseed moneyĒ benefits. Itís wiser and more pleasant to follow Universal Law, which is, by definition, Godís Will.


In our Patriarchal society, it is easy to downplay the feelings that well up when we experience nature. It has been necessary to pull away from the matriarchal attitudes in order to build America as a stepping-stone to The Nation of God. However, it is now our aim to create a balanced culture while preserving the technology and the economic prosperity. We also are reawakening an awareness of the harmony in nature. We treasure awe when experiencing the grandeur of the mountains, the delight in the beauty of flowers and forests, the satisfaction in fields ripe for harvest, the joy in the oneness of all life. These feelings inspire a spontaneous surge of thanksgiving. We long to express gratitude to God and the Higher Beings. From this attitude springs the most beneficial motivation for tithing and a fount of happiness. Through tithes we may lovingly repay the thoughtful efforts of the Creative Intelligences for this Universe, our very lives, and the abundance we enjoy.




Questions on the Law of Tithes