Questions on the Law of Tithes


By Richard Kieninger


We have all heard truthful sayings like, ďThe first law of financial success is to either make more than you spend or spend less than you make.Ē Thatís good manage≠ment and an important element of prosperity. People will also agree that, ďThere is no such thing as something for nothing.Ē It is essential that a person perform a service in order to earn his livelihood; and the better the service is performed, the greater the compensation justifiably earned. Constructive and positive mental precipitation also helps since the thoughts a person dwells on habitually will eventually become manifest in his environment.


Another important principle to observe in order to achieve prosperity is following the Law of Tithes. Some of the common questions that come up concerning tithing are as follows:


Question:†††††† What is tithing?

Answer: ††††††† Within the universe there is no such thing as something for nothing. We must compensate the universe fully for all that we receive and use. This is done through giving one-tenth of our income to Godís Work so that we remain karmically in balance with the universe.


Question:†††††† Where did tithing originate?

Answer: ††††††† Tithing is not a new concept. Ancient nations which understood and faithfully practiced the principle of tithing became fabulously prosperous. In ancient Lemuria, tithing was steadfastly practiced by the Citizens. The Lemurian civilization lasted for 52,000 years, and all its citizens lived at standards of millionaires today. Tithing was introduced to the Jewish people by Moses, which enabled Israel to reach great heights by Solomonís time.


Question:†††††† For what does tithing compensate?

Answer: ††††††† We tithe to compensate the Higher Beings for Their protection, for Their daily supply of the various energies needed to sustain all life, for answering our prayers, for mentally sustaining the equilibrium of forces on and within our planet, and for aiding mankindís group progress toward Mastership.


Question:†††††† How can money be a repayment to the Higher Beings or God?

Answer: ††††††† Of course, we cannot give anything of a material nature to God. God has no use for physical things; however, we can give to those human activities which further Godís Plan for mankind. Whatever uplifts man, alleviates human suffering, or provides better educational tools by which to improve mankindís lot is in furtherance of Godís Work. You can become Godís agent on Earth! There is literally no limit to the wealth available to do Godís Work. What is really needed are stewards through whom the Higher Beings may direct this wealth. Itís important to remember to give freely, lovingly and joyously when you tithe. As you do, you will find that you will become more prosperous, and thus your tithe also increases correspondingly.


If you use what has been entrusted to you well, even more will be added. As you give, you open the door to an unlimited supply of resources from God, which is your intended birthright. You deserve prosperity. Merely follow the laws by which it can be attained.


Question:†††††† We have barely enough money to live on, so how can we tithe?

Answer: ††††††† On the surface, it does not seem logical that when one has very little he give a tenth of it to Godís Work. If a person thinks he canít afford to tithe, then the truth is that he canít afford not to tithe. Tithing is sometimes referred to as seed money because it causes the store of money of the giver to increase as time goes by. This is also a part of the Biblical Law of Increase. To bury precious grain by planting it in the soil when one is hungry seems a waste, but how otherwise will a new crop of grain come into being?


Question:†††††† Shouldnít I pay my debts before I spend money on tithing?

Answer: ††††††† In order to start on the road to prosperity and keep its benefits flowing, we must return a tenth of our increase. This giving is one of the most important steps to success. Donít wait to give your tithe until you have satisfied all personal desires and the debts resulting from these. People who intend to give to Codís Work only if thereís something left of the paycheck usually find that they have reserved little or nothing to give. Oneís tithe, like oneís savings, should be set aside first before the remainder is budgeted.


Christ taught this divine order by saying: ďSeek ye first His Kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.Ē Tithing is one of the practical ways of being in harmony with this Law of God. By tithing, a force is set into motion through the inevitable law of action and reaction whereby the rewards must come to you in full abundance. Then you will be better able to pay off your debts.


Question:†††††† Do I tithe on my gross income or after deductions?

Answer: ††††††† You should tithe on your net income because the income taxes and social security taxes which are withheld from us by law are not ours to control or use. Withheld taxes should not be tithed on unless they become a part of an income-tax refund or until actual social security benefits are received. Cash prizes and gifts are also income and should be tithed on after taxes.


Question:†††††† Should I tithe on my inheritance?

Answer: ††††††† Yes. However, note that when you receive an inheritance, you either cancel out karmic credits from your previous excess service or else incur a karmic debt for what you personally consume of the inheritance if you have not compensated for it.


Question:†††††† Is it correct to tithe on all my business profits even when I reinvest the money in my company?

Answer: ††††††† No. When you reinvest you profits, you are not using the funds for your personal use. You are not consuming that money. Personal income which is in the form of draws or salary is what you would tithe on.


Question:†††††† May I give part of my tithe to one organization and the rest to a different cause?

Answer: ††††††† Do not split your tithe between two or more donees because it will not yield the maximum efficacy as ďseed moneyĒ for increasing your income. When a person has proven his conscientious and careful adherence to tithing for a period of time, he will find that circumstances will have operated in his life to put him in stewardship over greater financial resources. This always happens because it is a matter of Natural Law. ďA good tree bears good fruit.Ē If you wish to tithe to two organizations, give each 10%. You may speed your prosperity by double tithing, or giving 20% to one institution.


Question:†††††† If tithing is a law, how can I contribute with a feeling of spontaneity and thanksgiv≠mg?

Answer: ††††††† You can use your tithe to establish a closer awareness of the beauty in our Universe. Remember the old saying reminding you to ďcount your blessingsĒ? If you stop for a moment and consider the vast supply and beauty provided for us in Nature, a feeling of gratitude automatically wells up. There is the desire to somehow express thanksgiving. Wherever your tithe goes, be sure to give it with the correct spirit. Remember you are a steward. Abundance and prosperity can manifest through you in order to serve Godís purposes. A true gift is a portion of yourself. Make your tithe a gift of love even though it be a requirement. You feel good to know that you express your thankfulness as a contributor to the betterment of mankind. This can be a potent source of happiness.


Question:†††††† How do I know an organization is really doing Godís Work?

Answer: ††††††† Research the work done by the organization you are interested in until you are convinced it is worthy. The test is to ask whether the activities are doing something to uplift mankind.


Question:†††††† How important is the timing or regularity of tithing?

Answer: ††††††† If you want the system for increasing prosperity to operate for you, then you need to donate your tithe in a precise and consistent manner. For example, you might choose to send your tithe on the first of each month, calculating it to the penny.


You invariably attract the attention of Higher Beings by being exact and methodical in the loving contribution of your tithe to an organization that is doing Godís Work. You establish yourself as someone who is a dependable channel of funds to Their pet projects. Tithing once a year is not often enough to establish a channel. Once a month is more reasonable. When you dedicate 10% of your income to Godís Work, the Higher Beings will try to increase your income by setting opportunities alongside your path for you to act on. The more you earn, the more money you give to Their programs, due to your established habit of regular, precise tithing. Most millionaires like this arrangement and follow it religiously, mainly because they get to keep the other 90% of their increased income! If your net earnings are $1,000 a month and you tithe $100 each month, itís not long before youíre taking home $1,100 a month, in which case you would then tithe $110 and further increases continue as time goes by.


Exactitude and regularity in setting up a clear-cut channel to Godís work is the important thing. Suppose you say to yourself, ďWell, Iíll send $100 a month; thatís about right.Ē Then, when your income increases, and if you continue to send only $100 a month, there is no additional benefit to Godís Work.


Thatís why it is important to be precise. There are many organizations who are helping people, but it is even better to give to an organization that is doing Godís Work. The Lords of Karma, who are Adepts of the Brotherhoods, notice your conscientious efforts in tithing and they start giving you opportunities to increase your income. For instance, you might get a promotion at work. Keep in mind that if you win a prize, receive a cash gift, make a net gain on the sale of an investment or get an inheritance, you should tithe on this increase. A regular tither usually enjoys good fortune. You have everything to gain by being a good steward. If you donít tithe, the Universe will somehow extract from you the amount your tithe should have been, and often in an inconvenient way ifí for instance, your car gets damaged or breaks down. So you paid your dues anyway but didnít get the ďseed moneyĒ benefits. Itís wiser and more pleasant to follow Universal Law, which is, by definition, Godís Will.


In our patriarchal society, it is easy to downplay the feelings that well up when we experience Nature. It has been necessary to pull away from the matriarchal attitudes in order to build America as a stepping-stone to The Nation of God. However, it is now our aim to create a balanced culture while preserving the technology and the economic prosperity. We also are reawakening an awareness of the harmony in nature. We treasure awe when experiencing the grandeur of the mountains, the delight in the beauty of flowers and forests, the satisfaction in fields ripe for harvest, the joy in the oneness of all life. These feelings inspire a spontaneous surge of thanksgiving. We long to express gratitude to God and to the Higher Beings. From this attitude springs the most beneficial motivation for tithing and is a fount of happiness. Through tithes we may lovingly repay the thoughtful efforts of the Creative Intelligences for this Universe, our very lives, and the abundance we enjoy.