By Richard Kieninger


The popular appetite for fantasy, magic, and esotericism reached its apex in Nazi Germany’s hysterical romance with bidden powers and super-beings; and we may merely be experiencing but a lull in man’s growing fascination with demonic forces. People who are not sophisticated in the sciences and the higher forms of metaphysics will often be onesidedly influenced by science fiction and allegorical novels that explore alternative realities; thus they may romantically come to view a portion of their world in terms of a fantasy. The authors of such works can serve to expand our perceptions and provide a fresh, objective look at ourselves and our institutions, but new views and ideas must always be tempered by cautious, rational adherence to experience and science. The innate arrogance of being in on what one considers to be the “real lowdown” can lead to fanatic absurdities. The compelling persuasiveness of many occult fantasies had a disastrous influence on the lives of many people during the past half century, as we shall explore below. (The occult religion and beliefs of the Nazis are historically substantiated. For further details and verification. I recommend the reader to the following books:


The Morning of the Magicians, by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier.

The Spear of Destiny by Trevor, Ravenscroft.

Hitler, The Occult Messiah, by Gerald Suster.


In 1887 a secret group that was an offshoot of the English Rosicrucian Society was formed in England and called the “Golden Dawn.” Some of England’s most brilliant minds were attracted to become members, and most were already leading Freemasons. Unfortunately, their attention became caught up with weird and fascinating aspects of Oriental Mysticism, Kabalistic magic, Tibetan sorcery, Merlin lore, and pagan mythology. Their preoccupation with ceremonial magic seemed to carry them away from Christ-inspired considerations, especially under the leadership of the neopaganist, Aleister Crowley. The Golden Dawn was in contact with similar German societies, and at that time the Germanic mind was much taken with Wagnerian hero tales of Nordic mythology. Germans shared with the English certain Druidic lore and a common bond in the traditions of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Bulwer Lytton, a member of the Golden Dawn, wrote a fantasy novel, The Coming Race, about the imminent arrival of men psychically advanced with godlike powers and living in the bowels of the Earth like Nordic demigods. This played into the superman views expounded by Nietzsche, and found fertile ground among some Germans. Willy Ley, the rocket expert who fled Germany in 1933, revealed the existence in Berlin of a community of occultists founded literally on Bulwer Lytton’s book as if it were a factual treatise! It was called “The Luminous Lodge” and also “The Vril Society.”


The frustrated intelligentsia and nobles of Germany in the 1920’s were dreaming heroic glories of a Parsifal-like deliverance of the Germans back to world power, and many other German people of influence were exploring the seductively glorious myths of Wagner and Lytton as if they were valid. This was the kind of background that helped place Germany in the hands of Hitler and the occultists who promoted him. Hitler espoused a mixture of magic paganism and modern technology which had a timely emotional appeal to the defeated, impoverished German people.


One is almost certain to draw the influence of nether spirits into his life if he actively seeks occult or mental power over others. These English and German intellectuals explored magic of the kind gained through propitiation of the Dark Powers revealed in occult lore. Occultism has its own myths, which in most cases are cunningly implied to be secret knowledge reserved for the mighty. The Golden Dawn society had the resources at its disposal to test these theses against science in order to penetrate to the truth, but the wacky Hindu, Tibetan and Teutonic occult myths apparently promised more rapid and dramatic personal results.


Hitler believed himself to have experienced contact with sinister “unknown supermen” referred to in the “black” occult writing of both the East and the West. These cruel and powerful supermen were supposedly living under the Earth’s surface after having come from other planets. Hitler’s “divine’s mission was to prepare the world for the glorious emergence of the supermen. It was General Karl Haushofer who chose the backwards swastika as the Nazi symbol, and he propounded the Aryan-Atlantean superiority theories of Blavatsky. He also believed that Nordic demigods associated with Thule, a legendary island in the North Atlantic Ocean, served as intermediaries between man and Giants who supposedly control the world, The elite German “lords” of the “Thule Society” were to become the masters of the world and be protected by Satanic powers derived from Tibet. The dreaded Schutz Staffel members (SS) were organized like a religious order of monks, and the “Black Order” was a mystical aspect of the Thule Society. The cadets in the SS seminaries learned their destiny was killing and dying for supernatural powers. They dedicated their lives to bringing the Third Reich into existence by fanatically eliminating all so-called “pseudo-men” (i.e. Jews and Negroes) and any “under-men” (non-Aryans) who might foolishly resist the Nazi super-race. The immoral scum of Germany emerged to exalt their vicious depravity as government officials in the name of divine destiny.


Men of good will must be on guard against the types of men who exult in such sport. It is necessary that we learn to recognize a negative situation in its incipient stages so we can take steps to avoid being overwhelmed by it.


A few of the following examples are the kind of results one can expect when people who court the voices of spirits or “God” are given positions of religious or political leadership. Hitler declared, “There is a Nordic, National-Socialist Science that is opposed to Judeo-Liberal Science.” The “holy” conflict of World War II was to decide which view of man the world was to live—the magical or humanist. Hans Hoerbiger, with Hitler’s backing, intimidated the learned professors of German universities, by threat of ouster from their posts, into adopting the state doctrine of “Eternal Ice” which held that the stars are really ice and that all humanity rises and ebbs in response to a continual struggle between the forces of ice and fire. All employees in government and business were even required to sign affidavits of their belief in the doctrine of Eternal Ice. The Nazis also taught that the Earth is hollow and that we are living inside it. Rays from the Sun in the center supposedly are pressing us against the surface instead of gravity. They officially declared that man is on the brink of a formidable mutation due to a cosmic cycle which will confer upon him the powers of the gods and that a few such men are already here. These fantastic notions are far from dead! A result of the long Nazi occupation of Europe and their takeover of the schools is that millions of people in and outside of Germany still believe in these ideas wholeheartedly. Many new books propound the same nonsense. A large number of Western people expect that extraterrestrial, superhuman beings are on their way to bring salvation and a glorious Edenic life to Earth and to confer godlike powers on all mortal men who have pure Aryan blood in their veins.


The Nazis were strongly anti-intellectual, anti-humanist, and against established scientific knowledge and theoreticians. They burned books and killed men of knowledge. Nazis believed that the people’s minds were being poisoned by Western science. Modern astronomy and mathematics were supposedly Jewish lies which could not be corroborated by ancient Nordic mythology, which the Nazis officially regarded as the inerrant final authority. Between 1933 and 1945 the science of Germany digressed into a fantasy which makes virtually no sense to rational scientists. The Universe is admittedly still largely unfathomable, but we must adhere to scientific rules of evidence or be cast adrift from reasonable hope of ever perceiving truth. The anti-rational lunacy that gripped Nazi Germany is apparently still gathering momentum underground. Truth is difficult to acquire, whereas fantasies do not require precision or proofs and are more effortless to disseminate. Many more millions of people may yet have to die in even greater wars to decide if rational truth or blind faith in ancient myths and “spokesmen for God” is to prevail on Earth.


The Antichrist mentioned in the Biblical Book of Revelations may well be catapulted into power by millions of Europeans who hunger after economic security, political stability, and racial dominance through the leadership of a “savior” who can successfully stage a claim to superhuman or occult powers. The sheer madness of this century’s murderousness and hatred has had its roots in widespread, blind acceptance of occultism or “revealed religion,” both of which have been further used to undermine mankind through distortions introduced by Shamballists and Agarthis and through their development of tyrants and demagogues who are telepathically inspired to use myths of all kinds to manipulate the masses.


Every student of truth must employ metaphysical and scientific tests to prove what is factual. Neither occult practices nor faith alone are acceptable bases upon which to make life decisions. Both have repeatedly led to terrible consequences. Science and religion seek to find the ultimate truths of everything. Wherever they agree, they merge into a unity at that point. In many cases, two forms of thinking must be employed —objective logic using physical proofs based on physical instrumentation; and mental penetration into reality using mystic awareness and clairvoyance, which will always have to be on a subjective level. Great scientists and other searchers for truth have used both forms of mental probing in concert. These are legitimate tools as opposed to the consulting of spirits and acceptance of answers from unseen voices. Many Nobel scientists also believe in God, and that is consistent with being a scientist-philosopher.




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