Negative Influences


By Richard Kieninger


Some of our readers have expressed surprise that students and members of the Brotherhoods do not observe or celebrate Halloween. Trick­ing-and-treating, costuming, and the usual sort of pranks and games are certainly benign enough children’s activities; and we have no objection to these aspects of Halloween. The sin­ister side of Halloween resides in one’s concentration on ghosts, witches, evil forces and grisly death symbols which are supposed to be unleashed the eve of All Saints’ Day. Inas­much as all children and youths everywhere are being sub­jected daily to so many destructive influences generated by nether beings, we of The Brotherhoods cannot afford to con­tinue any destructive inroads into the consciousness of youngsters. Young children’s fearfulness and negativity asso­ciated with Halloween are nothing to be perpetuated unto the Nation of God; so we are ending it here and now.


There are liberal-minded parents who would not censor their children’s activities; for they would prefer that their children decide for themselves whether to dabble with the diabolical concepts of Halloween. Obviously, a child cannot decide such matters for himself without hearing both sides; yet the liberal parent balks at providing such weighted in­formation lest it be considered active dissuasion. I suspect that liberals must accept everything for fear that any discrim­ination between good and evil might open the door to de­nying even obvious truths like racial equality. Sophisticates pride themselves on letting nothing surprise or offend them; and so our youths today are not being guided toward paths that would save them from personal disasters.


The pressures on children are so prevalent I think it is difficult for most people to recognize them. The toy industry puts out such games as “Voodoo” (complete with dolls and pins), “Kabala” and “Witchcraft” and, of course, sell the old standbys like Tarot and Ouija. The spiritually-wise man wouldn’t touch such things with a ten-foot pole, but parents and friends buy them for youngsters. We have come to an era where sordid living has been glamorized for the young, while decency and cultural development are looked upon as old-fashioned degeneracy. Praises of the motorcycle gangs are sung across America in several movies a year. And the neu­rotic misfits, bums and clods are regarded as the beautiful ones because of their suffering in their self-inflicted environ­ments. Many youngsters are romantically persuaded that they are purer in heart by living in slum conditions or in the streets where they are prey to criminal attacks, disease, starvation, brutalization and degradation. From the time children are but toddlers they are permitted to view unadulterated vio­lence in animated kiddie cartoons, crime shows, western and war stories.


They are continually exposed to television commercials which extol seductive sexuality of women in the sale of various products. When school children are old enough to go to the Saturday matinee at the local movie house, the “G” rated movies are mostly horror films, war battles and massacres of indigenous people in faraway lands! What are we trying to accomplish by holding such examples of life up to our children? When they grow into teenagers, we provide movies that are emphasizing more and more the physical aspects of sexual play while denigrating the finer emotions of love. The youth heroes sup­plied by the entertainment industry promote drugs and law­lessness. Yet parents do not protect their children from these cleverly insidious designs to debase and ineffectualize large segments of our culture by which the nether beings are succeeding in bringing civilization to an end! Enlightened parents care enough for both their children and civilization to exclude these destructive influences from their environment. I suspect that many other parents also recognize the dangerous influences abroad in the world, but they do not know how to cope with the problem since it is almost all-pervading.


The young have always been under attack by lower en­tities as evidenced by the traditional emotional and psycho­logical problems observed over the centuries. The great de­stroyer of the bright ones—schizophrenia—is more prevalent today then ever before. These young people who are possessed by lower entities exhibit some of the most primitive per-versions seen in Western Civilization. The pre-battle orgies of the Weathermen street fighters, the viciousness of the Manson “family” and the drug freaks who commit crimes of violence and acts of degradation are the end result of years of exposure to negative, fearful thinking from toddler to young adult. These extreme cases are the youngsters who have acted out the hateful, vicious, lustful, nightmarish images common to the millions of young troubled minds already dominated by lower entities. Today’s vast underground society of youths and the hippie world conceals many psychopaths whose bizarre behavior is accepted in that subculture as reactions to drug use or as involvement in witchcraft and occultism.


The inroads exploited by nether beings for their even­tual mental control over our youngsters starts in toddlerhood, and the adults are the ones who have provided the very tools and directionless atmosphere for evil to gain its obviously massive influence over those who were to have grown to be the inheritors and improvers of American culture. We are obliged to remain alert for every subtle ef­fort by lower entities to influence the children whom we are training to carry out the Great Plan of the Brother­hoods. Can one still wonder why we do not intend to have our children accept the fears and superstitions of Halloween into their subconscious impressions of existence?




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