Interference: The Use and Abuse of Free Will


By Richard Kieninger


A clinical psychologist, Wilson Van Dusen, reported that he was able to hold conversations with his patients’ halluci­natory voices. Van Dusen wrote that:


“One consistent finding was that patients felt they had contact with another world or order of beings... .Most thought these other persons were living persons.... For most individuals, the hal­lucinations came on suddenly.... All patients describe voices as having the quality of a real voice, sometimes louder, some­times softer, than normal voices. The experience they describe is quite unlike thoughts or fan­tasies. Many suffer insults, threats and attacks for years from voices with no one around them aware of it.... Lower order voices.. find a weak point of conscience and work on it in­terminably.... The lower order can work for a long time to possess some part of the patient’s body.... Occasionally they would speak through the patient so that the patient’s voice and speech would be directly those of the voices.”


The above descriptions are character­istic of obsession by an earth-bound Ego. Obsession is a situation whereby an earth­bound Ego functions through an incarnate Ego’s physical vehicle in a way that is analogous to normal incarnation. When an Ego incarnates, he loses conscious recall of his Egoic memory and is limited to the information contained in his brain. Ac­cording to Richard Kieninger, when an earth-bound Ego obsesses an incarnate Ego, he too is unable to express conscious use of his Egoic memory, and his inroads against the person are limited to the per­son’s brain content.


Possession, on the other hand, is the result of a discarnate being (usually a Black Mentalist) gaining control over a person by telepathic hypnosis. Black Men­talists are discarnate human Egos who use occult powers to control others. Black Mentalists came into being as a result of priests of ancient Egypt, India and Maya developing and using occult powers to con­trol others. Black Mentalism was perfected in Egypt during Osirian times but its ori­gins go back millennia before then.


In either of the two types of outside control, obsession and possession, the de­carnate spirit does not enter the person’s body but rather gains partial control of the person’s brain. All of the Planes of Existence are separated because they are of different Nutational Rates; however, the brain provides an interface between the Men­tal and physical Planes. It is through this interface that an incarnate Ego controls his own physical vehicle. It is not necessary for an Ego to be in his body in order to con­trol it. When an Ego allows himself to be hypnotized, or goes into a trance, or comes under the domination of outside entities, he has given up exclusive control of his brain to allow other entities to operate through it.      


A person’s susceptibility to domination by other entities usually begins with self-hatred, thus providing inroads for the de­carnate Ego. A person who entertains hateful and fearful thoughts brings themselves to the lower Astral level where the lower entities reside. During times of negative thinking the consciousness is tuned to that of the habitually hateful Egos on the Lower Astral Plane. This opens up channels whereby the Ego is easily subject to influence by lower order entities who are then able to reinforce and perpetuate the troublesome and negative thought pat­terns. Eventually, the person can become liable to control by Black Mentalists via telepathic hypnosis. The tie is broken when a person undergoes transition since a physical vehicle is no longer available for a decarnate Ego to operate through.


However, where witchcraft is involved, an Etheric Corporation has been formed that creates a contractual alliance with discarnate Egos that does not cease upon transition of the Ego to the Astral Plane. An Etheric Cor­poration is a union of minds that is based on the Etheric Plane of Existence. Such a corporation may consist of one or more minds working in close concert. Hence, a change on the physical plane (such as transition to the Astral Plane) does not necessarily af­fect the union. The Etheric Corporation that is a result of enlisting the aid of nether entities, as in witchcraft, is to be distinguished from other Etheric Corporations such as those that occur between friends, a husband and wife, or a group of people work­ing towards a common goal. In obsession, possession, and witchcraft, an individual has relinquished control of his body’s Mind/brain interface to another Ego who usually has more mental powers than the incarnate individual and who definitely has no qualms about any karmic repercussions that may be involved in his victim’s actions. An Etheric Corporation usually dissolves if a close association is not maintained; however, when one is associating with Black Mentalists or lower order beings via witchcraft, those nether spirits rarely allow the connection to fade.


Because a person’s receptiveness to outside control begins with self-contempt, the people who are affiliated with the Brotherhoods’ work must be individuals with strong character and a happy disposition. Anyone who starts to improve himself becomes the subject of harassment by Black Mentalists, whose overall aim is to prevent an individual from advancing. One of the Brotherhoods’ main tenets is that each person must advance through his own efforts—that each individual must take complete responsibility for his actions, and correspondingly, his environment.


Since every person must advance by his own free will, and because of the karmic repercussions to interference, a Brother is expressly forbidden to interfere in the environment of another without the express invitation of that person. With very few exceptions, any person who hears voices or thinks that he is being contacted by Higher Beings is probably being subjected to harassment by lower order entities. Brothers do not act in that way. One would never find a Brother who would interfere in anothers’ environment by freely offering advice. The Masters and High Adepts who help advance the Human Life Wave on this planet use other indirect means of guiding mankind. What They do is allow others to make their own decisions with no pressure or subliminal tactics. They could, perhaps, confer with individuals who seek Their help while functioning Egoically on the Astral Plane during sleep. Other methods used by the Higher Beings to impart information are arranging situations whereby a person would come upon a book or an article in a magazine, or would hear a radio show that has information pertaining to a problem at hand.