The Rise of Evil


Evil or Black Mentalism originated on this planet with humans. It probably had a lot to do with revenge. Most of it seemed to have gotten started toward the end of the Atlantean civilization. It arose in Atlantis, Egypt, and India almost simultaneously. The Egyptian ones we know more about because we have more history and records about their influence and, essentially, their taking over of the ruling class of Egypt. They setup a pantheistic religion where there were just thousands of gods to terrorize the populace and who require placation. It was not exactly the same thing as having to buy candles for to put them at peace and to give sacrifice to. Of course, the priests always got the sacrifice. It was a way of making a good living.


In India, today, much of the same techniques are still going on continuously of people who are “holy men” who are, essentially, preying on the people who are instilled with an acceptance of the kinds of superstitions they have to offer.


How did this get started? There is a group of people, not quite Black Mentalists, but people who use mental powers who are able to induce visions of power and grandeur and wealth in the minds of certain ambitious people. These people live in Tibet and this group of people are known as the Shamballa. The Shamballa has quite an interesting history. They go back to shortly before the time that Atlantis sank. Several centuries before the destruction of Atlantis, people, who were the forbearers of the Mayans, were being so hard-pressed by savage tribes and war-like people that they petitioned the Atlanteans to allow them to immigrate to Atlantis, to which the Atlanteans said, “Well, okay. We are good people. We will let you come over here.” And so, a couple of million of them went to Atlantis. Unfortunately they brought along their priests. The priest were in the habit of controlling them through all the forms of magic—legerdemain type of things that a stage magician uses and many forms of trickery in order to impress their people. They held false sway over them; being intercessors for God and the usual sort of routine.


Atlantean/Mayan Priests Increase Their Hypnotic Skills

At any rate, the priests had not been there very long in Atlantis and they said, “These folks know some things that are new to us. They seem to have control of mental abilities that we have never heard of before.” So, they managed to get some of their Mayan members to become students of the Brotherhood’s school to learn some of these techniques, which they did with the purpose of being able to manipulate other people mentally, in addition to just trickery. The kinds of powers they eventually gained over the individuals, who were their followers, were just incredible. They got into all kinds of perverse sexual kinds of activities, which most witches know work very well. The Thuleans also got into human sacrifice, which was essentially the beginning of human sacrifice anywhere on the globe. That idea began to spread to other places where people who were interested in being all-powerful priests could learn some of these techniques and also use the terror technique of making a person a human sacrifice if they too difficult to deal with otherwise.


They were discovered in their plot by one called Osiris. who happened to be the head of the government at that time and who also, incidentally, was at that time a member of the Brotherhoods. Osiris gathered up this group of people, also the priests and some of the most ardent followers, and exiled them to a deserted island to the north of Atlantis called Thule. They continued to ply their abilities there and managed to attract, over the next several centuries, quite a few Atlanteans; disgruntled types perhaps, those people who have a desire for power and actually caused them to emigrate, or the desire to emigrate to Thule and again build up the population.


It was shortly after Osiris sent them away into exile, that some of their members managed to murder Osiris. Things were such a state of chaos at that particular time, with the kind of things that the Mayans were doing, that many people felt that the civilization was coming to an end. So, the Osirians—these were people who believed in the concepts that Osiris had stood for, which was essentially the Brotherhoods’ ideals—emigrated to North Africa. They had been the ones who brought the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy of Holies, which was contained in the Ark, to Africa.


The Priests Become the Shamballa and Agarthi

In this era of the development of the communities of Thule, the priests were learning more about mental techniques and controlling people at a distance. They were using forms of sorcery on the leaders of Atlantis in order to undermine what they were doing there. Perhaps it was out of revenge, I do not know exactly. But ever since that time—they were later called the Shamballa and another group who kind of slid off from the original one who are called the Agarthi, who also were on Thule—have used mental techniques in order to induce false leadership in the world, to undermine spiritual concepts of the people, and to cloud the issues through materialism and things of that sort. They really have been a thorn in the side of mankind.


When Atlantis sank so did Thule. The people of Thule were aware that the Brotherhoods knew that Atlantis was about to sink. They picked up on that mentally and evacuated Thule before it also sank. A million people on Atlantis heeded the warnings of the Brotherhoods and emigrated from Atlantis before it sank. As a matter of fact, some of them just the day before. They were airlifted to a part of the world which is now central Asia. It was just on the other side of the Tibetan range from India where was found the empire of Indian. There was not very many people at all in the high mountains, which since has been called Tibet. The plains, north of that, is where these Atlanteans settled. They called themselves Aryans.


That colony of a million grew to a pretty good size over the next three-thousand years, which is when the next geological capitalism occurred; about seventy-five hundred years ago. As the result of that, the Aryans moved out of that area because the weather was so inclement, after that change, because they suddenly found themselves much closer to the Arctic Circle. Before that they moved out of that part of the world down into India—there was a great invasion. At that time they set up rule over the dark-skinned people and set up a caste system. Some of them moved down into the area which is presently know as Persia and some went north of that area into what might be in southern Russia today. That was the Aryan migration.


Those communities do have families and raise up new ones to take over for the old tyrants that do eventually have to die. There is just about the same number of female Black Mentalists as males.


Shamballists Interfere with the Brahmic Priests

These mentalists from Thule setup their headquarters in Tibet between India and the Aryans; very close to the headquarters that Brotherhoods setup near Llasa, in Tibet. Their main object was to harass Them, as much as possible. They felt pretty safe in doing that because they knew that the Elder Brothers, members of the Brotherhoods, would not try to wipe them out because of the karma involved. So, they gave Them a hard time and also all of people around there, anybody who aspired to spiritual greatness, usually found themselves being tempted by the evil influences of the Shamballa or Agarthi.


The Shamballa were the ones who overcame the efforts of the Brahmic Brotherhood to set up an awareness of higher Truths in Europe, about one-hundred and fifty to two-hundred years ago. As a matter of fact, the Brotherhoods sent wandering bands of Brahmic priests into Europe in order to teach the higher Truths. These were not Hindus; these were Brahmic priests. And so what they had was essentially of the message of the Brotherhoods today.


Origins of Nazism

This movement grew apace in Europe—all these Brahmic schools—and was eventually captured by one Madam Blavatsky, who completely turned it around and subverted it. Madam Blavatsky had been contacted by two Shamballa, who happened to have been visiting London at the time, and invited her to come to Tibet. She spent quite a few years trying to get permission from the government in order to enter Tibet. These men brought her into the cave communicates, that they had, and gave her a whole bunch of false history and the purpose of man and so forth, in order to confuse Christianity and the Brahmic attempts to set up Truth Schools in Europe.


Shamballa Control Blavatsky Who Influences German General Haushofer

They were essentially totally in control, hypnotically, of Blavatsky through the whole thing. Indeed, some of the concepts of Blavatsky, which has to do with Aryan supremacy—Aryan blood being supreme over others, and the mutation of the earth that was supposed to come sometime around the turn of the century—to elevate those of Aryan blood into a new root race which would be far superior to anything else that was going on. That influenced a fellow by the name of [Karl] Haushofer, who was a general in the German army, who had been in the diplomatic corps with the German government in India where he learned about some of these things. He actually delved into all kinds of occult things. He became quite powerful as a black magician. When he came back to Germany, situations where so setup that he was taken with Hitler. When Hitler started into power he [Haushofer] undertook to make him a magician also. It was Haushofer’s ideas, that were taken entirely from Blavatsky’s super-race concept that was the philosophical foundation for Nazism.


So, Hitler found himself used by a lot of different people. There was the cult called, the Thule-Gesellschaft, which was an organization devoted to the study of black magic. He built them into—put them under their wing. A fellow by the name of [Josef “Sepp”] Dietrich taught him what he knew about black magic.


Members of the Agarthi Moved to Berlin

It was the Shamballa that taught Hitler the black magic. As a matter of fact, Haushofer encouraged the government to send expeditions to bring some of the Shamballa and Agarthi members to Germany. The Shamballa were not interested mainly because they had such thorough control of most of the lodges and secret organizations of the world that they thought that they were doing better where they were. The Agarthi did send about fifty people. They actually lived there in Berlin. They helped Hitler direct the occult aspects of Nazism. They were the ones who suggested that Hitler gather together all the Gypsies in Europe and make one mass sacrifice out of them to invoke the powers of evil which would then work on the side of the Nazi. There was one-hundred and fifty-thousand. He took awhile to kill off that many but Himler did a pretty good job. He was very efficient in things of that sort. As a matter of fact, they all committed suicide when the Russians took over. That really mystified them for awhile; what were these Tibetans doing? But eventually that got sorted out by people who were aware of the occult aspects of Nazism and there were many people who were warning about that particular phase of human history. So, they were able to put it together pretty quickly.


The “Spear of Destiny?”

As far as  Spear of Destiny I would not say that the it has some great power or great occult power to give anybody total control over anything. It is a talisman that can be used for good or evil, but it is not a device, or a thing, which has power in itself. I think people, if they believe in a talisman—usually the main purpose of a talisman, if they believe in it, then they feel that somehow or other they are invincible and that was why Hitler was so concerned to get hold of it. That goes, again, to the whole occult aspect of the thing, carrying out the ideas that Blavatsky had initiated and then taking some of the particular turns of the Germanic mind and some of their ideas about heroism and the Holy Grail and all those kinds of good things and putting them into a mythology which became Nazism. Nazism really was an entirely different science. Whatever view that Judaic-Christian scientists took, they took the opposite. The idea that Hans Hoerbiger came up with and which became national policies that everybody had to believe that we lived on the inside of the globe and that the stars were not hot objects but which were glistening ice. Everybody had to sign a document that they believed that if they wanted to hold a position in the government or academia, in Nazi Germany.


Nazi Germany took off in a direction of insanity for about twelve years. It is so difficult to believe that that whole aspect was completely ignored during the trials of Nuremberg, after the close of the war. Nobody believed it because it was so incredible. But those were the things that they where playing with. But what we are dealing with is sorcery and mentalism, hypnotic suggestion, telepathically from a distance by the Shamballist and Agarthi communities on the rest of the world. What their motivations are just totally beyond my belief. I cannot comprehend why the Shamballist do the things that they do or what their motivations are in the long run.


What Shangri La Was Really Like

Blavatsky gave the impression that Shamballa is kind of like Shangri La—the height of everything that we should be seeing. But their cave communities are really pretty barren places. I would not say that they were beautiful in any way. There were few Europeans who ever saw those things besides the Nazi agents. The Red Chinese cleaned them out. They seemed to know who they were. But so many of the important people of the Shamballa and Agarthi were aware of this that they skedaddled and let them wipe out the common folks in the cave communities. So, they are still operating from someplace else. I do not know where they are. We used to know where they were.


Alice Bailey’s Information Came from Blavatsky

A lot of Alice Bailey’s information tells the more exciting metaphysical concepts of the last century came from the things that Blavatsky wrote. People just kind of “took off” from that point. Many occult writers of those days started talking about the “root races” and the history of the world and things. Blavatsky even came up with names of people who she said were ascended masters. Her two principle teachers, xe "Mentalists, Tibetan:Characters:Koothumi"Koothumi and El Morya were definitely chiefs of the Shamballa. She tried to cast around for people who sounded like they really knew something that might possibly be people who Europeans could more relate to so she picked names like St. Germain who was one who had not been around for a long time. But since he was into occultism and what have you he came to be one of those famous people of that time, she latched onto him. He must have been one. She named several others and elevated them suddenly and historically into the ranks of being ascended masters and they were nothing of the sort. But, if you get into the history sometimes, of one [Comte de] St. Germain. He was a fascinating character. The other one who lived at the same time and worked with him was [Alessandro di] Cagliostro. He was involved in the Queen’s Necklace Scandal in France before the fall of Arrisson. He actually had nothing to do with it but he should have. But that is when he really became kind of enshrined in history as the measly type. She had to pick him for something. Some of the best exposes of St. Germain and Cagliostro comes from Goethe. He was one of the most positive metaphysician of his day.


Do the Shamballists Know They Are Doing Evil?

It is true that the Shamballa do know they know that they are doing evil. This is the path that they have chosen. They have all kinds of methods of calling up what they call the devil. They work with black magic and sorcery continuously. That is their stock-in-trade. Now, the devil they call up is not the real devil. It is some nether entity like the Dweller at the Threshold that they are able to call for.


Who Are the Black Mentalists?

The term, Dweller at the Threshold, refers to one of the lowest of evil entities. When people who, through various breathing exercises like Hatha Yoga, try to project themselves into Astral Awareness when they are not Egoically elevated enough in order to come through at the higher levels, they find themselves projected first into the lower realms of the Astral Plane and that is where the lower entity dwells. He will capture them and either possess them or drive them insane. He is a really scary type. They can actually terrorize you with as many nightmares as you can imagine. Most people, as a matter of fact, who try to pass the Dweller at the Threshold do not do so. So that is a human entity, a discarnate Black Mentalist. The Shamballasts and the Agarthis are human beings who have learned the techniques of mental control. Anyone can be susceptible to them. All we have to do is to have ambition to control others in some way through political or some means. Then we are prime candidates for their influence.


Negative Influence Today

They have undone a lot of people. And they are still doing it. They, probably more than anybody else, are into whatever kind of techniques can be used to undermine people today. They make music popular which witches have been using for a long time to make people angry and degrade them. They use particular rhythms, whatever tunes they add to them are immaterial. Making drug use popular particularly getting into hard-drugs which are really destructive to an individual. There is a concerted effort on the part of nether-entity types to undermine mankind. They are incredibly successful at the present time.


Hope For the Evil Ones

I will put this out for what it is worth even though it does not have much practical application for several millennia yet to come. As I understand it, there will be a special place on Earth where persons who are rather far behind in their development will be gathered, or allowed to incarnate, and gather there to give them special assistance to hasten their possible development to Mastership. That will probably be another three- to four-thousand years from now. It will definitely be after the Millennia when Melchizadek reigns.




The Pursuit of Metaphysical Mysteries