Behind the New Age

Note of Introduction: This article probes deeper into some of the reasons why the decision was made to separate The Adelphi Organization as much as possible from identification with me New Age. This article is not intended to be a comprehensive review of all references made to the subject of “The New Age.” It does provide some very helpful background on the subject and also demonstrates why Richard Kieninger cautioned readers of his 1984 edition of “The Ultimate Frontier to be very wary of the neo-paganist trend in contemporary social movements.



In October of 1984, Richard Kieninger insisted on clearly distancing The Adelphi Organization from the “New Age” movement since many people tended to lump TAO’s work and philosophy in with the New Age. This was surprising new direction for many young students of the Brotherhoods since The Stelle Group had, two years previous, announced that living in the community of Stelle was no longer restricted to members. Why this sudden change of direction? What was wrong with the New Age? Answering this question became an intense research project that expanded amazingly and supplied a number of fascinating connections. The whole perspective on the New Age changed radically in the light of this information. Since then, many have come to understand the connection between the phrase, New Age, and the darker side of spirituality. In short, the roots of the New Age show that it is neither a people nor an environmentally friendly movement. Here are the historically accurate facts.


The essence of the conclusion is this: that the New Age is a diabolical plot, presented under the guise of goodness, in order to ensnare and mislead people who are dedicated to making a better world. The Black Mentalists are behind it, and was connected with Nazism, the Shamballists, and Theosophy, particularly Alice A. Bailey. This sounds strong, but the conclusion is based on research.


First, where the term “New Age” originate? Most people have heard the phrase in a generally positive sense for most of their lives. The most structured discussions of the New Age were in the books of Alice A. Bailey. Some of them even have “New Age” in the title, such as “Discipleship in the New Age” and “Education in the New Age.”


Looking at the copyright date is enlightening. One book that calls for “seed groups for the New Age” was written in 1937. That goes back to our grandparent’s generation; a far cry from the new, New Age talk of the sixties. These books were promoting the movement quite heavily long before the deluge of “New Age” books we see now. Bailey’s books appeal to the person looking for a “deeper” spiritual meaning of life. This was one of the characteristics of the hippies of the sixties—the belief that if everyone were more “spiritually aware” there would be no need for wars and aggressive acts. Perhaps persons seeking spiritual enlightenment in the sixties came across Bailey’s ready-made term: the “New Age.”


As some supporting evidence for the concept that the New Age was based on, or influenced by, Bailey’s books, is  the following:

1) The Aquarian Angel: A New Age Primer and Catalog which claims to be a collection of common themes of the New Age. On the inside front cover is the Great Invocation, originating from, and found in, every Bailey book.

2) Donald Keyes, who made the tour circuit a couple of decades ago entitled his lecture,  The Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose a New Age network of “World Servers.” On a free publications table, prominently displayed, were copies of the same Great Invocation. (More on the Great Invocation later.)


Throughout all Bailey’s books, the term “New Age” is used frequently. Another term used frequently is “Shamballah”, which she represented as a center of light and goodness. The Shamballists are supposedly a bridge between humanity and the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy is, according to Bailey, “essentially the group of the lords of the World... they are his Ashram.” (1) Bailey says the New Age is to usher in a period when the lord of the World will “become the ruler of a Sacred Planet, which to date, has not been the case. Our Earth can now become a Sacred Planet...” (2) And, finally, Bailey states: “The New Age will bring in, eventually, a civilization and a culture which will be utterly different to anything hitherto known.”(3) (A. Bailey)


Now all this sounds generally positive, especially the part about “light and goodness,” and it bears some interesting similarities to The Ultimate Frontier’s description of the Great Plan: the concept of a gathering of persons dedicated to creating a new and better world. The Ultimate Frontier also mentions that, “Evil is so subtle that it usually disguises itself as good.” (4) Now consider the plight of the poor Ego incarnating in order to help bring about the New Order and forward the Brotherhoods’ Great Plan for the uplift of mankind. How is he to know which is the real Great Plan and which is evil masquerading as it?


Well, one very distinct difference between the Brotherhoods’ philosophy and Bailey’s philosophy is their attitude toward the Shamballists. In Bailey’s books, the Shamballists are presented as all that is good and beautiful. The Ultimate Frontier, in contrast, states, “The Hierarchy, as the Shamballists call themselves, has been the archenemy of Christ and the Brotherhoods since before the fall of Atlantis. Through telepathic hypnosis, these Hierarchists have been a powerful, evil influence behind religious despots, occultists, and the rulers who became murderers of millions.” (5) Who is right?


To answer this question, other references to the Shamballists were searched. In their book Morning of the Magicians Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier discuss occult forces in Hitler’s Germany in the chapter “A Few Years in the Absolute Elsewhere.” The authors make the point that Hitler’s Secret Service was a magical order, with roots in Tibet. They mention, “...Shamballah and Agarthi, names which will be heard again from the lips of those responsible for the Annenerbe (a part of the Nazi Secret Service) at the Nuremberg Trials...” (6) and refer to the SS as the “Allies of Shamballah.” (7)


In addition, Gerald Suster, author of Hitler, the Occult Messiah writes, “Yet, to the SS men, their (own) actions were perfectly comprehensible. They were the warrior elite of a new civilization ... the high priesthood of the New Age .... Their leaders were magicians who had formed alliances with the mystic Tibetan cities of Agarthi and Shamballah ...” (8) And, in Hitler’s SS by Richard Grunberger, the Annenerbe is mentioned as sponsoring “such bizarre adventures as an expedition to Tibet.” (9) According to Pauwels and Bergier, “It seems that Germany spent more on the researches of the Annenerbe than America did on ... the atomic bomb.” (10)


This seems to indicate that the Shamballists were connected with, and perhaps influential in, Hitler’s Germany. Hitler himself stated, “We are at the outset of a tremendous revolution in moral ideas and man’s spiritual orientation. A New Age of the magic interpretation of the world is coming, an interpretation in terms of will and not the intelligence.” (11) In view of this, perhaps Bailey’s lovely sounding comments on Shamballah (“Shamballa is the place where the Will of God is focused and from which His divine purposes are directed... the patience and sustaining love of the Shamballah are infinite ...) (12) are a little suspect. They are even more suspect when one knows that Alice A. Bailey was a medium, and her control called himself “Djwal Khul, the Tibetan.” The Tibetan claims to be associated with Shamballah, the “spiritual center.” (13)


The Shamballists are in league with the Black Mentalists, and that what happened in Germany during Hitler’s reign was only a dress rehearsal for the Antichrist. So let us take a closer look at what did happen in Germany. Pauwels and Bergier speak of Hitler’s Germany as a completely different reality, based on magic and the occult. They state, “But the Nuremberg judges, the spokesmen for the civilization that had triumphed, did not know them­selves that this war had been a spiritual war.” (14)


Gerald Suster’s book mentions that Nazi Germany’s theology was based on occult writers such as Blavatsky and Gurdjieff and others not so well known today. In addition, it gives a description of what the Nazi Secret Service was doing and how it was organized. The detailed account is bizarre to say the least.


“Those who judged at Nuremberg failed to understand the significance of what they were judging. They were astounded by statements like that of the Commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess: ‘I am completely normal. Even while I was carrying out the task of extermination I led a normal family life and so on.’ The judges were as baffled by the horrors of the camps as they were appalled.


“Yet to the SS men, their actions were perfectly comprehensible. They were the warrior elite of a new civilization (to be) immeasurably superior to the old, (they were) the high priesthood of the New Age, (as well as) the standard bearers of the coming Supermen. Their leaders were magicians who had formed alliances with the mystic Tibetan cities of Agarthi and Shamballah, and had mastered the forces of the living universe. Crimes against humanity? (The SS considered most men as little better than robots, (who) felt little anyway. Compassion? A hateful and sickening virus. Conscience? An excrescense left over from the Christian era. Jews? Racial degenerates far removed from humankind, lower than the animal and twice as dangerous. Concentration camps? A model for the social order of the future. Extermination camps? A vital and necessary stage in world purification for Aryan Man. Gas ovens? Efficient sacrificial ceremonies dedicated to racial purity.


“In their determined drive to bring about the New Order, the SS murdered 14,000,000 men, women and children: roughly 6,000,000 Jews, 5,000,000 Russians, 2,000,000 Poles, 500,000 Gypsies, and 500,000 others including the millions who were subjected to slave labor, or who suffered through torture or unspeakable degradation. It is deeply disturbing to have to add that of the 53,000 SS men who managed the concentration camps and extermination camps, a paltry 600 have been brought to justice. For the sake of the magical vision of Adolf Hitler and his associates, the Second World War claimed the lives of almost 50,000,000 (yes, that really is FIFTY MILLION) human beings.” (15)


To recap, so far: Alice A. Bailey’s books were behind the New Age, and that the Shamballists (through the Tibetan) were behind Alice Bailey. The Shamballists were behind Nazi Germany as well.


As a digression, let us take a look at where the Black Mentalists and Shamballists came from, according to Richard. Toward the end of the Atlantian period, on the island of Thule, a group of priests (in the Mayan civilization), who had been exiled from Atlantis sought control over others. The other people on the island of Thule (who had been induced to go to Thule by these priests) eventually became known as the Shamballist and Agarthi groups. When the Lemurian and Brahmic Brotherhoods were established in India, these groups relocated within close proximity to harass those on the path to perfection. According to The Ultimate Frontier, “The priests of Egypt learned well the powers of Mind, and they perfected Black Mentalism. Priests have used telepathic hypnosis to dominate whole nations in Africa and the Orient (16).... Five of the seven Brotherhoods were established on Egyptian soil to combat the fierce onslaught of the priests and their evil.” (17)


Now if the Shamballists were influencing the New Age, where are they trying to go with it? Richard supplied some possible answers in The Stelle Letter on The Neo-Renaissance. He says:


“The most sinister appropriation of people and ideals is seen in an effective appeal being made to New Age people around the world. Agents of the Tibetan mentalists of Shamballan and Agarthi are getting more and more successful at organizing New Age sentiments into a planetary coalition to establish a political base for a worldwide spiritual dictator to take over. This is being done under the guise of seeking peace via world unity. Unquestionably, the need for peace and global cooperation is urgent, but... Conscientious people are being seduced into preparing to surrender their God-given self-determination to an allegedly “divine” political leader whose appearance on Earth is supposed to be revealed as soon as an alternative New Age political structure has been firmed up. Christ eschewed earthly rulership. He spoke of love and truth to make us free. The Shamballist Hierarchy’s man will speak of love and cleansing the human race as he orders the death of millions of persons who resist obedience to his bid to totally enslave mankind. “Share or die!” will be his slogan, and the planners intend to enforce it on individuals and nations with the aim of reducing everyone to poverty and powerlessness as the new ruler gathers it all to himself. This plan is already in motion; so be watchful!” (18)


Some quotes from Bailey’s material relative to this:


“There is much that must be done to change conditions, institute new values, and produce the bringing in of an entirely new civilization—a civilization which will permit the externalization of the Ashrams, or of the Hierarchy, and a restitution of hierarchical or spiritual control as it was known in the old Atlantean days ... (19)... this embodies the practical use of the new occultism in the Coming New Age.” (20)


“The Hierarchy directs world events, as far as mankind will permit (for the free will and free decision of mankind may not be ignored) ... They impress those who are in contact with them, and through the inflow of ideas and through revelation they definitely influence the tide of affairs. The Hierarchy directs and controls, more than is realized.” (A. Bailey) (21)


“Groups of spiritually minded financiers who are conscious members of an Ashram will take hold of the world economic situation and bring about definite and needed changes. All these activities... are preparatory in nature.” (A. Bailey) (22) (This refers to certain families of British bankers and some Eastern Establishment American bankers who have promoted the Fabian Socialists’ ambition for a One-World government and universal monetary system, primarily through George Bernard Shaw, Bertram Russell, H. G. Wells and Sidney Webb. These people sponsored and funded Annie Besant and Alice Bailey to set the stage for public acceptance of a single world leader under a New World Order.)


“...certain senior members of the Hierarchy will appear and take outer and recognizably physical control of world affairs.” (A. Bailey) (23)


“He (Christ) must come forth and take His place prominently on the world stage, (bringing about) a state of consciousness in which right human relations and worldwide coopera­tion for the good of all will be the universal keynotes. (24)... The Christ who will return will not be like the Christ Who departed (not Christ Jesus but the Aquarian Avatar, Christ Maitreya)... He will not be a silent pensive figure, He will be the enunciator of spiritual statements which will not necessitate interpretation...” (A. Bailey) (25)


“The physical presence upon our planet of such recognized spiritual figures as the lord of the World ... will soon give place to the reorganization (by men of unusual potency) of the political, religious, economic, and social life of the planet.” (A. Bailey) (26)


How, specifically, are the Shamballists influencing the spreading of the New Age and its unwitting and well-meaning participants to support the preparations for the lord of the World? First, by encouraging the use of the Great Invocation. This is already, as stated above, a theme of the New Age. Bailey states: “This new Invocation, if given widespread distribution, can be to the new world religion what the Lord’s Prayer has been to Christianity. (27)... When the Great Invocation is rightly used and the world centres are consequently consciously interrelated, then certain extraplanetary Energies can be called in by the Ruler of Shamballah to aid in the re-adjustments required for the New Age...” (28)


Secondly, the New Age seems to be promoting a resurgence of interest in hypnotism, mediumship, and other occult practices. If you page through magazines such as New Age and Psychology Today and others, there is a great deal of advertising for hypnotism and subliminals. The general public believes these are useful techniques for self-improvement, but according to the Brotherhoods, they lower the threshold of the will to resist takeover by spirits. The Shamballists desire to control others’ wills. As a matter of fact, They have flatly warned individuals against any such use of these techniques: 1) “On Becoming an Initiate,” the section on the Brotherhoods, 2) Observations: “Black Mentalism,” “Negative Influences,” “Hypnotism,” “Insanity and lower Entities,” and “The Wayward Path of Occultism.” Also see chapters 6 and 7 in The Ultimate Frontier.


This is an inroad that the Shamballists will use to unfold their plan in the future. The New Age serves as a subtle influence to encourage persons to lower the threshold of their defenses against hypnotism and spirit control over their brains.


The Ultimate Frontier states, “In effect, each man is a battleground between good and evil; and it is the individual Ego who, blindly or knowingly, determines which forces will prevail in his personal environment. Evil actively seeks domination over an Ego, but the Brotherhoods are dedicated to free will and therefore can overcome evil’s inroads in a man only at his invitation.” (29) And so the battle continues.


In short, evil manifests as Black Mentalists, ancient priests, Shamballists, and Agarthi working to distort truth, control other Egos, and eventually achieve “destruction of soul.” (30) On the other side, Christ and the Brotherhoods are dedicated to free will and assisting us in every non-interfering way possible. If it were not for evil’s influence in the world, perhaps we would advance naturally to Mastership without any Brotherhoods. But because we do have evil’s influence in our world and not much time left until the progression of the life waves, there is definitely a need for an efficient organization to have a Great Plan for assisting mankind to get back on the path to Mastership.



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