The Stelle Group-A Preparatory School


Gail Kieninger


The Stelle Group is a Preparatory School for the training of aspirants to Citizenship in the Nation of God. And much like the Elders’ first school which prepared candidates for residency on the Rhu-Hut Plains, The Stelle Group also has a community associated with it. This may even be the first time since Lemuria that the students have been allowed to live, work, study, and learn at the Preparatory School rather than by taking instructions via correspondence courses.


Although The Stelle Group was originally incorporated to establish a church and related educational institutions, in order to promulgate a higher philosophy of life and to promote the Brotherhood of Man, we were not authorized to teach in the beginning. We were originally to provide a place wherein Egos could practice the Philosophy together and develop the technology necessary for survival at the turn of the century.


In 1968, Richard had a contact with Dr. White, in which Dr. White instructed us to begin to prepare lessons and a method of teaching. In questioning Dr. White further, Richard was told that we would understand the reasons for these new instructions in the next few months. Then one day we received information from another Stelle member that the Fellowship was selling two books written by automatic writing. Our hearts sank for we knew that signaled the end of the Lemurian Brotherhood’s support for the Fellowship. Once again a Preparatory School had chosen to go contrary to the teachings of its Brotherhood. And, of course, the Brotherhood will not support a person or a school which is not on their Team.


Richard had another contact from Dr. White subsequent to these events in which he questioned Dr. White as to why the plans for the Fellowship had fallen through. The answer was “Their direction was their choice to make.” Standard question—standard answer.


And so the responsibility of teaching the Brotherhoods’ Philosophy became ours. As Richard said to me early last year, he now understood why our community was to be called Stelle. For we were the only channel for Dr. Stelle’s information.


We began writing lessons back in 1968-1969 as per instructions; however, 1 cannot say I accepted the responsibility for writing them. Not feeling qualified and certainly not wanting another job to do, I waited for Richard to do it or to push me. But Richard did not want to be responsible for teaching either. And finally, when I started to run some guilt about not following Dr. White’s instructions, I questioned Richard further. I explained that I did not have time to write lessons, and that I did not know how to do it, and he said, “O.K.”—and work on Lesson II drifted away.


In March of 1974, I really knew that we were not getting our teaching program together, and at a Trustees’ meeting, we questioned Richard again about why we weren’t developing the lessons. He informed us that he had told the Brotherhoods that he “did not want to write the lessons and that we would not do so.” He further stated that he could do that, and They would back any decision he made. And so the Brotherhoods seemed to take the old familiar stand, “His direction is his choice to make.”


Shortly after that, on April 1, 1974, Richard passed responsibility and authority on to Jim Howery and myself, and he went his own way.


And now as the responsibility for the teaching of the Brotherhoods’ Philosophy was passed to new persons, the choice of direction had to be made again. Last June, the decision was made. The Stelle Group is a school for those who aspire to Citizenship in the Nation of God. And it will be done!


Our direction, goals, and objectives have been determined. A program for teaching the Philosophy has been set up and the first steps have been taken.


The basic direction of The Stelle Group is to elicit individual growth. Civilization can never be legislated into existence. Only as individuals achieve First Degree will civilization exist, for each responsible and capable Ego is the true building unit of a lasting and purposeful Nation of God.


We are here to teach excellence. Mediocrity is not acceptable. Nor does mediocrity encourage the Brotherhoods’ affiliation with an individual or group of individuals. Some of you are fighting to hang on to your excuses. And you are finding life in Stelle to be oppressive. Let go of your excuses, for remember Christ said that in losing ourselves, we find ourselves. Your excuses are limits which you set upon yourself and if you will not allow yourself any excuses, your growth can be boundless.


Educational programs in The Stelle Group will be geared to those persons who are putting forth effort toward their individual growth and using all the information they presently have to move ahead. Thus the educational programs will be based on the merit system which has its foundation in the 5th Lemurian Law. “All promotions shall be based only upon personal merit and proficiency.”


Orientation classes have been formalized, and all of you who have not received the new material will be expected to attend at your earliest opportunity. The subjects covered include:

Organization of The Stelle Group and Stelle Industries

Personal Growth and Growth of Stelle

Lesson I

Government—Ten Lemurian Laws—By-Laws

Stelle Ways—Traditions


Maturity—Pursuit of Excellence

Social Interrelations—Marriage, Family, Home



You the Teacher


Following completion of the Orientation Classes for new participants, you who have earned the right to more training by reaching a sufficient level of growth and having been applying the information you have already received, will have the opportunity to attend advanced classes. The first of these classes will begin July 5, 1975 and will constitute training for Citizenship.


Any student within The Stelle Group who asks for and merits the information needed for his next steps toward Initiation and who has gone beyond the sources of information presently available to him will attract the attention of The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a group of Brothers who are responsible for working with a particular Preparatory School and aiding its aspirants to reach First Degree.


It is expected that people come to Stelle in order to have discipline, guidance, and evaluation from those who are responsible for the practical application of the Lemurian Philosophy and for the construction of the community which is to help preserve and enhance civilization. However, external discipline is only required until self-discipline becomes functional. External guidance is necessary until the individual can see the path clearly for himself, and external evaluation is only required to the point where the individual has acquired complete self-honesty.


It is sometimes difficult to shed one’s preconceived notions in order to absorb a new teaching. The Brotherhoods watch and grade us all on how well we accept and apply the lessons of life. Fortunately, The Stelle Group is not as invisible and not so remote as the Brotherhoods. You can ask questions and receive direct information.


Open Houses will continue to be held as a place to think together and gather information necessary to solving your daily problems. I would expect that you will come more prepared for Open House, for as in all areas of life, you get out of an experience what you put into it.


During this last year, we have begun a rigorous training program for General Managers. They have a responsibility to run their divisions, but also to be a teacher and friend to those who work for them. I know that they will continually carry more of the load as teachers of the Brotherhoods’ Philosophy.


In Dr. Stelle’s third lesson, he wrote:


“When aspirants for Citizenship in the New Order have succeeded in bringing about a degree of balance within themselves, they will be ready to teach the Philosophy. It will then become possible to inaugurate elementary schools wherein children will be trained in the fundamental Cosmic Principles, together with the accustomed academic work. Unlike adults of this period, children do not have a great deal to unlearn and will more readily accept this new-old Way of Life. This will be especially true when they live in an environment made up of others imbued with like ideals and where there are not distracting influences brought on by old order thinking.”


The elementary school for children has been initiated. It is my intent that it shall be an environment where there are no distracting influences brought on by old order thinking.


I, and the Trustees, will remain available to be of service to you whenever it is for the greatest good of all concerned. But I will not pull or push you. If you choose to be a student here, then understand that you are also choosing to be self-motivated and responsible. This is not a school where the teachers are responsible for turning you on, or for giving you the answers to the questions you did not ask. Neither are the teachers here to test you. The job of a teacher in Stelle is to point the ways and to expect only the best from everyone.


I realize that this makes The Stelle Group a very different kind of school. But remember, The Stelle Group is a school for training aspirants for Citizenship in the Nation of God. And the Nation of God is a very different place. You will be invited to join a Brother­hood when you fulfill the responsibilities of a Brother. The Brothers do not pull you into their organization. They say, “Welcome” when They find you at the door. To be graded, evaluated, and corrected in the areas of one’s growth toward maturity is never comfortable; but then again, if you seek personal improvement you must become aware of your faults and weak points and must come prepared to face yourself.


There must be discipline here until each of us becomes self-disciplined, and that discipline shall be gentle but firm. As you grow, you will notice less discipline in Stelle, for you will be governing yourself.


I think I should point out that you are all good. But that is not enough. You are here to become great. You are all at different levels of Egoic advancement, but I believe you are all capable of achieving First Degree. If you choose to continue as a student here, you will be expected to take the responsibility to guide and direct those who are new and to encourage the new people to grow in the directions they are expected to grow. This means you must become good examples of the Brotherhoods’ Philosophy. It may seem that there is too much work now, but this is an opportunity to grow and learn, and it is a preparation for the time when you will join the Brotherhoods and carry heavier loads. Those who are capable of withstanding the tests now are the ones who will survive to be part of the future Plan.


You are welcome to remain a student here and contribute as a member of The Stelle Group for a lifetime provided you continue to grow Egoicly. That Egoic growth, of course, is the justification for being a student at Stelle. Stelle is not a place where one does his own thing, but rather where one furthers the Brotherhoods’ Plan for mankind. In the very fitting of yourself for participation in the Nation of God, you are building an integral part of it. In the world-at-large, a person is free to stop striving and rest on his laurels, but not in Stelle. If a participant of Stelle does not continue to be an active student, a positive influence, and a contributor to the Work of the Brotherhoods, he has essentially declared his noninvolvement. At that point, his cessation of growth puts him outside of Stelle.


Most of you have heard of the back-up cities in India and South America. Do you remember why they are not making it? The students in the South American city cannot resolve their prejudices and differences, and so they are pulling apart in many directions. The city in India is composed of students who have said to the person carrying responsibility from the Brotherhoods, “We love you. You do your thing, and we will do ours.


As far as I know, there is no back-up for The Stelle Group. We must ever pull together and align ourselves with the Brotherhoods. To accomplish our task will take twenty-five years at best, and that is what we have left.


Thinking back to that night in 1968 when Richard came home and told me of his contact with Dr. White, I remember the conversation so clearly. I asked him, “Did Dr. White say we were doing O.K.?” And Richard said, “I forgot to ask him.” “Well, did he say that They would send us more people?” Richard laughed. “No, but They have another job for us to do.” And then he told me we were supposed to pick up the teaching. My words, “Oh, no! We can’t do that, too. Don’t They know that?” I remember my frustration that the Brotherhoods were being unfair.


Since then, there has been much accommodation allowed. I have grown and made many decisions. The Stelle Group has been maturing, also.


My decision has been made. I did not find it easy to accept the responsibilities and authority inherent in the office I hold. The Stelle Group is and must remain a Preparatory School for Citizenship, and we will develop the technology necessary for survival.


Some of you have already made this decision also. Others of you have a decision yet before you. I did not comprehend what would be expected of me. I could easily say that I did not agree to all this when I chose to join Stelle. But now I know that all of us come for various reasons, and we stay after a year for different reasons. There are yet other reasons for being here after five years. Maybe you came to Stelle because you wanted to build a city, to be safe from the depression, to create a government, or simply because you wanted to live with nice people. I came because I loved a man, and he asked me to marry him and do a job.


I am staying because I am committed to serving the Brotherhoods. And the Brotherhoods have assigned jobs to be done by The Stelle Group in order that these roles in the Great Plan shall be fulfilled.


I am sure that there are Egos who are asking, “Why do the Brotherhoods let The Stelle Group go its own way?” And the standard answer they will receive, “Their direction is a choice that is theirs to make .”