Richard Mentions Stumbling Block #6 for Stelle


One of the biggest problem that The Stelle Group has had is their unwillingness to make a decision because if they make a decision it forces their friends, who happen to be on the minority side of that decision, to go along with it. That is one of the problems with democracy. Which ever way the majority decides to go that is where everybody has got to go. That is part of the rules of the game.


If they see that it is really the way that they should go and the majority of the people feel that way and their really good friends say, ďGee. Thatís not the way to go. I would not want to go that way. That is not the way to go at all. If we went that way, I would quitĒ or something like that. Then they will not vote their convictions. As a matter of fact, they will find some way to keep the vote from really happening. Sometimes it will never come to a vote on it at all. Nobody can go anywhere under those circumstances. Decisions have to be made.


In a democracy, all the hard decisions are yours. You canít put them off on a king or somebody. People become self-limiting under those circumstances [non voting] because decisions have to be made. Even if it is the wrong decision people can get off and start moving in some direction and then pursuing that direction find a better way to go. Anyway, we donít have THE answer so letís not say anything about it at all.


We have tried a number of way of financing and most people were hesitant about requiring everybody to go along with that particular way of financing the construction here. We came up with about four or five different systems. Very innovative and very workable, but nobody wanted to impose their will on other people.


I think with the opening of the city people are going to have to make decisions. Because if they donít somebody else will. I think it is very very good for the Group to have this kind of a situation. Because we have the intelligence and the drive to make things happen it is just something has to mobilize it so they actually make a decision and move in accordance with that decision. And when no decisions are made you canít go anywhere. You just keep going around in circles until you decide which one of many possibilities we are going to pursue.


I do not know where the idea came from that it was kind-hearted not to make decisions. But it seems that it is happening here now.