Emissaries Coming to Stelle


I am definitely assured that the Emissaries, from the Brotherhoods, are still coming to Stelle. You hit the nail on the head; what can we do to accelerate it and that is to demonstrate that we really understand the Lemurian Philosophy and how to operate with it and another important part is to be able to demonstrate to the world, through our pilot community, that our systems are pretty valuable to anybody. We have been pretty much confined, in our operations, to just this one little locality and we have not been particularly interested in letting anybody know where we were or what we were doing.


Once people get the idea that we have something valuable they will also be interested in starting other communities based on what we have proven works. When we have proven those things to the satisfaction of the Elder Brothers, then They will show up in order to assist.


Like all things the Brotherhoods are involved in, until such time that you prove an understanding of the basics there is no point in going on to the next level. And those who have gone to a higher level, within the group, have the obligation of getting the rest of them moved up to a higher level because “each one helps one” is a basic part of the growth of civilization. We are all standing on the shoulders of others who have gone before us. If we want to keep on getting to a higher level we have to do the same thing for those who follow behind us. There is considerable satisfaction on my part that we are well on the road to accomplishing that.