Twenty-Two Years of Newsletters


“Lemuria Builder” Newsletters


April 1966

Vol. 1, No. 1

– OBS: Observation


– McCormick Place Assembly Launches a New Path Toward The Ultimate Frontier


– Transportation Coordinator Needed



– Site Committee Seeks Your Assistance



– Lemuria Law #1





May 1966

Vol. 1, No. 2

– OBS: Observation


– May 1st Meeting Mostly Business



– Next Meeting to Be Held on Sunday, June 5th


– Letters to the Editor



– One Month’s Progress



– Lemuria Law #2





June 1966

Vol. 1, No. 3

– OBS: Space Vehicles, Travelers


Q/A (topics listing)




- Physics of anti-matter



- Nature of time on the astral plane



- Gravity is of the second plane of existence, mind-power



- We “live” on the first plane of existence



- Many dead people cannot at first believe that they are dead



- Hypnosis




- Relationship between insanity and karma



- Past lives readings—accurate or not




- Controlling only your own environment.


– Letters to the Editor



– Car Pool Organized



– Richard’s Travels (East Coast)



– Two Month’s Progress (G. Arnett)



– Lemuria Law #3





July 1966

Vol. 1, No. 4

– OBS: Egoic Advancement vs. Occultism


– Entertainment Committee Plans



– Coming August Meeting



– Stelle Offers Prize for Newsletter Design



– Three Month’s Progress



– Lemuria Law #4





August 1966

Vol. 1, No. 5

– OBS: The Lemuria Builders Club


– Coming Chicagoland Social Event



– Coming September 11 Meeting



– President Wally Shaw Resigns



– Four Month’s Progress



– Amendments to By-Laws



– Lemuria Law #5



– Pay Your Dues Now or Forego the Right to Nominate, Volunteer, or Vote




September 1966

Vol. 1, No. 6

– OBS: Black Mentalism


– September Meeting Was All Business




- Not Too Late to Become Voter




- Weekly Discussion Groups Begin




- Facilities for Children Provided




- Hallowe’en Party




- Two Members Become Parents




- New Temporary Meeting Place Announced



– By-laws Amended about Membership Committee



- Absentee Voting in Annual Election





October 1966

Vol. 1, No. 7

– OBS: Requirements for Initiation into The Brotherhoods

– Regular Weekly Discussion Groups



– Calendar of Future Meetings



– Next Meeting to Be First Sunday of November


– Results of First Annual Election



– More New Visitors at October General Meeting


– Lemurian Law #6





November 1966

– OBS: Jewish History in Early Lemuria



– December Meeting



– Christmas Party



– November Meeting the Last in Addison



– Editorial



– Lemurian Law #7





December 1966

– OBS: Diet



– Echoes of ’66 – Lots of Work Ahead!



– Another Candle—Another Year



– Surviving a Discussion



– January Activities



– ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly!



– Lemurian Law #8





January 1967

Vol. 2, No. 1

– OBS: Some Conflicting Theories on Human Progression

– A First for the New Year



– Letters to the Editor



– Panel Discussion Highlight of January Meeting


The Builders Are Builders (editorial)



– February’s Activities



– Dues



– Easter Breakfast



– Lemurian Law #9





February 1967

Vol. 2, No. 2

– OBS: Serving God’s Purposes


– Snow Snow Snow



– March’s Activities



– Letters to the Editor



– Easter Breakfast



– Excerpt from James Allen



– Spectator Sports (editorial)



– Lemurian Law #10





March 1967

Vol. 2, No. 3

– OBS: Easter


– April Election Slated



– April Activities



– Speaker Relates His Own Life Readings (A. Mankoff)


– And Now, a Two-Point Question …



– Tomorrow Today (editorial)



– Quote from Ben Franklin





April 1967

Vol. 2, No. 4

– OBS: Expected Effects of Seismological Events

– April Meeting Features Discussion



– Christ’s Message Still Relevant



– Radio Play Presented by Activities Committee (“The Next Voice You Hear”)


– Two New Officers Elected



– Special Dinner Program Planned for Builder’s Anniversary


– Letters to the Editor



– An Anniversary Message (editorial)





May 1967

 Vol. 2, No. 5

– OBS: Education and Women’s Role


– Future Projects Outlines



– This Is Your Life! (first anniversary celebration)


– Week Night Activities to Start in June (calendar of events)


– Work Done in Faith (editorial)



– Help Fill Treasure Chest (material donations requested)


– Questions to be Answered in Future Observations


– Quote from Albert Schweitzer





June 1967

Vol. 2, No. 6

– OBS: Mental Power


– Q/A




- Questions answered



– Clubhouse Nears Completion



  The Prophet Excerpts Conclude Day’s Activities


– Semi-Annual Dues Now Payable



– July Features Patriotic Menu and Program



– Morality Determines Social Stability (editorial)


– Quote (Mme. De Stael)



– Questions to be answered in future Observations




July 1967

Vol. 2, No. 7

– OBS: A  Sociological Comment


– Q/A




- Many questions answered



– New President Presides (B. Drell)



America, the Stepping Stone (audio of patriotic readings)


– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Password Quiz [TUF game]



The Pursuit of Excellence (editorial)





August 1967

Vol. 2, No. 8

– OBS: Self–Advancement


– Q/A




- Karma unraveled



– Elections Held



– Password [game played]



– Pottawatomie Picnic



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Hobby Nights



– Happiness Lies Within (editorial)



– Highlights of the Next Meeting



– Poem (Burnham)





September 1967

Vol. 2, No. 9

– OBS: Financing of Stelle


– Q/A




- Karma discussion



– Many Innovations Adopted



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Lemuria Builder Constitution (in the brochure)


– Service with a Smile (editorial)



– Be on Hand to Sign Your Constitution



– Clarifications of August Observations



– Highlights of the Next Meeting





October 1967

Vol. 2, No. 10

– OBS: Sexual Polarity and Soul Mates


– Q/A




- Mundane schools discussed



– Stamp Drive Success



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Highlights of Next Meeting



– Poem (D. Cysewski)



– Importance of Silence (editorial)





November 1967

Vol. 2, No. 11

OBS: Law and Loyalty






- Stelle for North America and Europe



[Stelle] Elementary School to open in 1968



It’s Happening (calendar of events)



Christmas Party



Calling All Cooks



Halloween Fun





December 1967

Vol. 2, No. 12

– OBS: War and Defense


– Q/A




- Proper handling of the deceased




- Mothers staying at home with children until their 18



- Choosing a physical vehicle




- Antichrist defined



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Budget Approval in January



– Semi-Annual Dues Payable January 1st



– Silent Corporate Devotion (editorial)



– Music Lovers Unite





January 1968

Vol. 3, No. 1

– OBS: Democracy and the Co-Operative Spirit

– Q/A




- Astral Plane activities




- How often do people reincarnate




- What about Black Mentalists




- Rearing clairvoyant children



– Start the New Year Right (mailing address check)


– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Business Report





February 1968

Vol. 3, No. 2

OBS: The Twelve Great Virtues






- Karma and the Kingdom of God




- Jehovah receiving negative karma




- Destruction of Eden




- How Eden was destroyed




- Type of government in Stelle and Kingdom of God


It’s Happening (calendar of events)



Mark Twain a Hit (Hal Holbrooke’s presentation)


Quote from The Aquarian Gospel



Reader’s Forum



– [Lemuria] Builders Now Tax–Exempt





March 1968

Vol. 3, No. 3

– OBS: Happiness


– Q/A




- When will people move from Stelle to Philadelphia?



- What will life be like outside of Philadelphia after the turn of the century?



- How many times has Melchizedek used a physical vehicle on Earth?



- Do organ transplants effect retrospection?



- Clairvoyance




- Clairvoyance and children.



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Panel Discusses the Mental Body



– [TUF] Discussion Series Ends This Month





April 1968

 Vol. 3, No. 4

– OBS: Pharaoh Akhnaton


– Q/A




- Brotherhoods’ Schools discussed



– New format for Newsletter



– Circle Seminar Series Begins



– Special Announcement (RK travels to East Coast)


– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Truth (quotes from Schopenhauer and Emerson)




May 1968

Vol. 3, No. 5

– OBS: Benefits of Culture, Beauty and Prosperity

– Q/A




- Retreat not necessary for advancement



– New Vice-President Elected



– Business Meetings Rescheduled



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Newsletter to Be Expanded



– Additional School Announcements Available


– Positive Karma Discussed





June 1968

Vol. 3, No. 6

– OBS: Comments on Education


– Q/A




- Responsibility to spread info in TUF




- Inertia in motivating ourselves




- Finding time for meditation with a large family



- Different groups of Egos incarnate for special purposes


– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– Membership Dues Now Payable



– Surprise birthday party for Gail Kieninger



– Stelle Perspective




- Stelle School Needs Equipment




- School board to Meet with Parents





July 1968

Vol. 3, No. 7

– OBS: Factors in Moral Decay


– Q/A




- Attitude can overcome inertia



– Seminar Notes



– Guide for Authors



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



– New Treasurer to Be Elected



– Stelle Perspective




-Second School Meeting Planned




-Your Contribution Appreciated




-Student Applications Being Accepted





August 1968

Vol. 3, No. 8

– OBS: Requirements for Membership in The Stelle Group

– Q/A




- The Bible on reincarnation



– Seminar Notes




-Responsibility to Be Discussed



There Is a Difference!



– Readers’ Forum



– Editor’s Desk: There Is a Difference!



– New Dimensions



– It’s Happening (calendar of events)



To the West with the Kieningers (N. Laub)


– Stelle Perspective




-Parents and School Board Meet




-News of The Stelle Group





September 1968

Vol. 3, No. 9

– OBS: The Beauty in Complexity


– Q/A




- 7% of Egos are alternators




- Stelle will be built




- Human nature no excuse for failure.



– Meeting News




- New Meeting Format




- Election Nominations



– Editor’s Desk: Your Concept of Stelle



– New Dimensions (editors)



– Reader’s Forum



– Picnic Panorama (photo essay)



– The Pursuit of Excellence (quote from The Ultimate Frontier)


If (Rudyard Kipling)





October 1968

Vol. 3, No. 10

– OBS: On Heroes and Heroism


– Q/A




- Did Atlantis exist




- What about UFOs




- Can Initiation be achieved consciously




- How can Stelle be defended




- How is personality determined




- How can an Ego determine the circumstances of his next incarnation



- Karma and illness



– Self-Inspired Key to Growth (L. Whitten)



– Meeting Notes: New Meeting Format Finds Favor


– Editor’s Desk: Self-Inspired Service Key to Growth


– Reader’s Forum



– Hamlet, act I, iii (William Shakespeare)



– Election Report: Officers for 1969 Announced


The Builders (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


– Karma (quote from The Ultimate Frontier)





November 1968

Vol. 3, No. 11

– OBS: God


– Q/A




- Stelle in the year 2000




- Stelle in 2000




- Life on Other Planets




- Progression of the Lifewaves




- “Game Playing”




- Nature and role of authority in the New Order


– Meeting Notes: Recording Secretary Named.


– Editor’s Desk: Dealing Effectively with Others (L.Whitten)


– Virtues Series Available on Tape



– Reader’s Forum



– Seminar Notes




- Youth in Need of Positive Guidance




- Communication: A Two-Way Street



– Poem (D. Cysewsji)



– Quote from Stelle, A City for Tomorrow





December 1968

Vol. 3, No. 12

– OBS: Meditation and Prayer


– Q/A




- Origins of karmic liability




- Building emotional maturity




- Perils of inspiration and mediumship



A Close Look at the Stelle Elementary School (C. Johnson)



- A Crucial Stage




- Old Order vs. New



– Editor’s Desk: “Season’s Greetings



– Semi-Annual Dues Now Payable



– Seminar Notes




- Education in the New Age




- Student Independence Limited




- Each Child Has Personal Worth




- Competition Is Part of the System




- Self-Discipline is Essential




- The Teacher’s Role



– School in Session (photo essay)





January 1969

Vol. 4, No. 1

– OBS: Feminine Involvement in Stelle


– Q/A




- Astral awareness




- Consciousness barrier a learning device




- Past lives not relevant




- The Brotherhoods




- Meaning of “final glorified physical vehicle”



- Is Mind and Ego separate




- Definition of awareness and consciousness


– Seminar Notes (by L. Mason)




- Developing the Great Virtues




- Evening Review




- Positive Thinking Required



– [Lemuria] Builders Brochure Available



– Alfie: (by B. Drell)



Planning the City of Stelle (C. Woody)


The Birth of a City (C. Johnson)



– Editor’s Desk: “The Associate Editors



– Meeting news: “Officers Begin New Term



Opportunity for Writers



A Thought Concerning Perfection and Excellence (by Jim Mason)


Who Are They—Where Do They Come From? (D. Cysewski)


– Visual Aids Needed for School



Stelle I (poem by A. Mankoff)





February 1969

Vol. 4, No. 2

– OBS: Success of Adelphi Dependent on Individual Growth

– Seminar Notes: “Self-Awareness” (C. Woody)


– 1969 Budget Approved



– Q/A




- Brotherhoods teach individuals and groups unobtrusively



- How people choose their marriage partner.



- Making the move to Stelle and settling down


Stelle—A Scenic Tour in 1981 (J. Creasy)


Stelle Perspective: “New Horizons (M. McCurry)


Mind is the Master Power (James Allen)





March 1969

Vol. 4, No. 3

– OBS: The Pursuit of Excellence


Lateral Thinking—Expanding your Mental Avenues (M. McCurry)


– Q/A




- Is the subconscious different from the conscious part of the Mind


– Learning to forgive ourselves



– Alfie: “Entertainment?”



– Seating Capacity Increased





April 1969

Vol. 4, No. 4

– OBS: The Remnant


– Q/A




- Life lessons are individually tailored to each person by the Brotherhoods



- Emissaries coming to Stelle




- Brotherhoods' role as teachers




- Immaculate Conception




- Did Lemuria really exist?



– Alfie: “Proper Perspective”



What’s Left—What’s Right? (D. Cysewski)



– Membership Committee Election





May 1969

Vol. 4, No. 5

– OBS: Finding Oneself vs. Making Oneself


– Q/A




- Can prayer overcome pending accidents



- Any significance to numbers “7” and “12” in TUF



- Pythagoras was an Initiate




- Language in Lemuria




- Will Stelle be incorporated




- Dangers of yoga




- Advantage of using mantras or sounds to meditate


– Alfie: “Why Should Things Be Any Different This Time”


The Psychedelic Drama (C. Johnson)



Words for a Tune (poem by C. English)




June 1969

Vol. 4, No. 7

OBS: Love






- Karma and retribution




- Progress of Stelle?




- How many people in Stelle?






Pulse of the City (T. Pukula)




- Pedestrian Movement




- Public Transportation



Ideas for a City (J. Goodman)





July 1969

Vol. 4, No. 7

– OBS: Propriety in Dress and Grooming


– Q/A




- How does law of Non-Interference apply to parents and  children



- Advancement and Progression of the Life Waves



- World’s karmic debt being returned




- What about others than the 144,000




- Philadelphia—Successor to Stelle




- Other Stelle–type places in the world




- Principles of tithing




- Learning 144 trades or professions




- Learning through intuition vs. study




- Precipitation explained




- Opportunity for Egoic growth



– Alfie: “Planned Communities”



Joining The Stelle Group



Planned Communities (B. Drell)



From Rainbows to Reality





August 1969

Vol. 4, No. 8

– OBS: Social Standards


– Q/A




- Is Dr. White real




- How was The Ultimate Frontier written



- Atlantis info not to be trusted




- Vegetarianism discouraged.




- Closed community not contrary to Christ’s teachings



- Omission of duty accrues negative karma



- Doing the work of the Brotherhoods



Hard–Binding “The Ultimate Frontier”



– Alfie: no title





September 1969

Vol. 4, No. 9

– OBS: Marriage and Romanticism


– Q/A




- Geologic changes in western U.S.




- Time exists only on the physical plane




- What is the Great White Brotherhood




- What is the Order of Melchizedek




- How to attain Egoic Advancement




- An Ego is never destroyed




- Free will and working for the Brotherhoods



- What is good—what is better



– Alfie: “The Power of Commitment”



A Business Is Born [Stelle Woodworking Co.] (D. Jones)


The Initial Industry





October 1969

Vol. 4, No. 10

– OBS: The Peaceful Messiah


Elderly Persons and Stelle (C. English)




- Oldsters Contribute to Stelle




- Participation at a Distance




- Dependent Oldsters of Members of The Stelle Group


– Q/A




- 1000 groups doing good but not backed by Brotherhoods



- How do mystically inclined people fit into Stelle



- Seeking Egoic advancement through action vs. meditation



- Eighth Lemurian Law




- Turning the other cheek




- Sixth Lemurian Law




- When does an Ego incarnate




- Time reversal




- What is the significance of dreams




- Does karma keep coming in vicious circle


– Alfie: “Accepting the Familiar”



Pursuit of Excellence





November 1969

Vol. 4, No. 11

– OBS: Ecology Protected in Lemuria


– Q/A




- History of Black Mentalism




- Yoga not ideal way




- Chakras



– Alfie: “Magnificent, Indeed”





December 1969

Vol. 4, No. 12

– OBS: Competition in Education


– Q/A




- History of Gurdgieff & Ospenski




- How is new people’s money handled in Stelle



- History of the Ark of the Covenant



– Alfie: “More Concern”





January 1970

Vol. 5, No. 1

– OBS: The Challenge of Population Growth


– Q/A




- Ouija boards




- Gaining advancement by attending church



- Primitive people closer to advancement




- Malefactors in Lemuria inducted into Defense Corps



- Will people in all parts of the world survive cataclysms



- Will efforts be made to bring people into NoG after cataclysms?


– Alfie: “Rainbow Power”





February 1970

Vol. 5, No. 2

– OBS: Morality and Childrearing


– Q/A




- Symbols and emotions used to convey messages telepathically



- Do we use our personal energy to create things



- Are we conscious of what we’re learning on the physical plane



- Benefits of rapid growth being an Initiate



- Joseph as an allegory of growth of Jewish nation


– Alfie: “Returning to the Path”





March 1970

Vol. 5, No. 3

– OBS: Morality and Youth


– Request for funds



– Six Steps of Precipitation



– On Joining the Great Day (poem)



– Alfie: “Yes, It Can and Will Be Done”





April 1970

Vol. 5, No. 4

OBS: Life Essences






- Role of prophecy




- Significance of RK’s thumb loss




- How to achieve clairvoyance




- What kind of school/instruction is available to Initiates



- How does Cosmic Consciousness relate to the Virtues




May 1970

Vol. 5, No. 5

– OBS: Emotions, Desires, Instincts and Drives

– Q/A




- Questions about schools of metaphysics




- Spiritual program of TSG




- Christ returns in 900 years




- Plan for helping the world after Armageddon



- Progress on building Stelle





June 1970

Vol. 5, No. 6

– OBS: Living One’s Convictions


– Q/A




- Names of Seven Lesser Brotherhoods; their rays and mysteries



- Purpose of karma




- Events at the Progression of Life Waves


On Self-Motivation (C. English) from Stelle School Newsletter


Issues and Non-Issues (D. Cysewski)





July 1970

Vol. 5, No. 7

– OBS: Problem Solving


– Q/A




- What happens when we pray




- Is it proper to defend against attackers




- Man’s relationship to God




- Churchward’s history of Lemuria




- Carbon-dating “missing links” and time-frame of Lemuria


– Fund raising letter for Stelle School





August 1970

Vol. 5, No. 8

– OBS: “Supermen”


– Q/A




- Meditation played down by TSG




- Problems getting involved with entities




- Brotherhoods’ methods of advancement



- Obligations to family/friends who can’t come to TSG



- Dangers of marijuana



Six Steps of Precipitation (B. Drell)



– Reader’s response to The Challenge of Population Growth




September 1970

Vol. 5, No. 9

– OBS: Improving Civilization


– Q/A




- What is the Antichrist




- What kinds of help are available from the Elder Brothers



- Earth’s magnetism operating motors



A Young Man from Sixteen (M. Hetts)



Stelle in Sight (M. Epps)





October 1970

Vol. 5, No. 10

– OBS: Prosperity and Tithing






- TSG’s view on racial intolerance




- Meaning of Eklal Kueshana




- Requirements for TSG membership




- What is a Black Mentalist




- Controlling your environment through mental means


The Beginning of the Building (B. Drell)—Stelle groundbreaking


Vote with Courage (G. Jeffries)





November 1970

Vol. 5, No. 11

OBS: Sexual Polarity and Soul Mates






- How can wife/mother acquire skills for Initiation (learning through insight)



- Egos are never destroyed



The Handsome and Deformed Legs (B. Franklin),


Meanwhile, Down on the Farm (building Stelle)




December 1970

Vol. 5, No. 12

– OBS: Negative Influences


– Q/A




- Information on marijuana




- How do lower entities influence us





January 1971

Vol. 6, No. 1

– OBS: Black Mentalism


– Q/A




- How does prophecy work and does it interfere with free will



- Hundreds of Brothers incarnated during American Revolution



- What part does art play in Stelle





February 1971

Vol. 6, No. 2

– OBS: Money and Wealth


– Q/A




- Why incarnate into a primitive tribe




- Are talents and character brought into current incarnation


– Reflection of a Learning Day (pictures of Stelle School)




March 1971

Vol. 6, No. 3

– OBS: Hypnotism


– Q/A




- Protecting against interference in relating to others



- Astrology taught in Stelle School




- How to avoid interference living outside Stelle



- Helping people outside of Stelle



- What is mankind’s “cause”




- If mankind’s “cause” is brotherhood, why is Stelle exclusive



- Can hypnosis be used to remember past lives



- Can psychedelic drugs induce a mystical state


To Care Enough (G. Maloney)





April 1971

Vol. 6, No. 4

– OBS: Maintaining Standards


– Q/A




- Give up other church membership when joining Stelle



- Any freedom from karma




- Spiritual guides for people




- Essene gospel and vegetarianism




- Incarnating into Philadelphia



A Capacity for Art (D. Cysewski)



Emotional SeeSaw (R. Riis)





May 1971

Vol. 6, No. 5

– OBS: Controlling One’s Environment


– Q/A




- Why is it so hard for mankind to advance



- Court system in the Nation of God




- Does advancement come through the heart or mind



- Ultimate reality exists regardless of our perception


The Stelle Economy Part I (B. Brown)



The Twelve Great Virtues



Revealing the Truth





June 1971

Vol. 6, No. 6

– OBS: Emotional Maturity


– Q/A




- How do we know if we are on the right path



- Do the Twelve Great Virtues define the way



- Are difficult times always karmically related



- What if individual doesn’t have the strength of self–denial



- What to do with an inheritance




- What effect does our present system have on economic and Egoic growth


Early to Read: Early to Achieve (G. Maloney)




July 1971

Vol. 6, No. 7

– OBS: Dietary Comments


– Q/A




- Clairvoyant parents contact Ego to be born to them



- Can we invite Black Mentalists




- When will people be living in Stelle




- The Brotherhoods program




- How does one develop themselves spiritually



- What was the family structure in Lemuria


An Unseen Enemy (D. Cysewski)



Value in One’s Time (T. Valentine)





August 1971

Vol. 6, No. 8

– OBS: Personal Excellence and Quality


– Q/A




- Is belief in Seven Planes and invisible beings required for Stelle membership



- What activities will be prevalent in Stelle during depression



- Will Stelle be highly mechanized



- Will Stelle be a center for economic recovery



- Will Stelle’s technology be kept secret




- Do you have to allow a person to compensate you



- How does one earn positive karma



Tools for Building (R. Riis)





September 1971

Vol. 6, No. 9

– OBS: Pharaoh Akhnaton


– Q/A




- What of the Pentecostal movement




- Can one be protected by opening up to the Holy Spirit



- Is speaking in tongues a bad thing




- Filipino psychic healers




- Did King Saul consult an oracle




- What about the “I Ching”




- What degree of advancement to read the Akashic Record



- Is the Akashic Record a reflection of the Etheric Plane



- Do we venture into the Astral Plane when we sleep




October 1971

Vol. 7, No. 10

– OBS: Considerations in Childbirth


– Q/A




- When does service become interference



- Will people in Stelle have still have personal fears



- Must a person re–achieve Initiation each lifetime



- Is there a formal recognition each time a person re-achieves Initiation



- Is good and evil an illusion




- Is evil part of a universal oneness




- Is 20% of the population un–hypnotizable



 -No such thing as something for nothing




- Can one learn skills, etc, by mental attunement


Applying Oneself (G. Maloney)



All That Is Admirable (T. Valentine)





November 1971

Vol. 6, No. 11

– OBS: Stelle: A School of Life


– Q/A




- Where should we focus when we pray




- What does Christ look like




- Does selling drugs cause negative karma



- Is it good to dream of what we want and then “grow” into them



- Why will you use money in Stelle




- Do karmic credits translate to money




- How can money make a person better spiritually



- Analogy of a physical church




- Is it better to lose an Ego than to build an Ego



- Is something nothing, and fullness void




- Both being opposite sides of the same coin



- How can one profit from TSG membership


Hallucinations as the World of Spirits (Dr. Wilson Van Dusen)


Spirits Lying To Incarnates (excerpt from Emanuel Swedenborg)








“Stelle Letter” Newsletters




January 1972

– OBS: Nation–Building; Lessons from the Past


Stelle: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (D. Cysewski)


– Q/A




- Who were the Essenes & what was their relationship to Christ’s ministry



- How can one learn their life’s purpose




- What is prayer




- Are gnomes and fairies Etheric bodies




- What is the violet screen and how does one achieve it



- How does one become a Master



- Do moments of blackness mean we are not karmically balanced



- What are moods




- Are prayers for help answered by our own Egos


Civilized Thinking (G. Maloney)





February 1972

– OBS: The Stelle Spirit and Life Style



– Q/A




- Are there less opportunities for beings on lower astral plane



- Will there be a waiting list for incarnating into Philadelphia



- Is abortion murder




- Does Egoic advancement only occur during time of quietness



- What kind of sexual mores will be observed in the Nation of God



- Why no reference to incarnation in the Bible


The Development of Mentality (G. Kieninger) – Stelle School Report


A Simple Thing—Or Was it? (N. Laub)



The Spiritual Challenge (G. Maloney)





March 1972

– OBS: The Advance of Love



– Q/A




- Have Stelle Group members incarnated as a group before



- What is the timetable for the city of Stelle



- Will the city of Stelle be safe during the cataclysm



- Are there a limited number of people that can be accepted into Stelle



- Could there be problems in acquiring land for Stelle



- Can Stelle members follow their own spiritual disciplines or is one imposed



- What type of education and spiritual development are available to TSG members



- What about schools that teach positive mental attitude


The Great Plan in the Great Pyramid, part I (T. Valentine)


Open Mindedness (G. Maloney)





April 1972

– OBS: Self-Advancement



– Q/A




- Education of children at Stelle




- What are the qualifications of a [Stelle school] teacher



- Does listing assets on TSG application mean they’re looking for rich people



- What architectural design will be employed in Stelle



- What kind of materials will be used to build Stelle houses



- Was Ben Franklin a member of the Brotherhoods



- Can you keep non-members from moving into Stelle



- Will Stelle people celebrate any type of liturgy or celebrations



- Who decides if a person is philosophically ready for TSG membership



- Is the community isolated from the rest of the world



- Will TSG members work outside of Stelle



- Why are some people homosexual & sex change operations



- Will TSG members do any type of liturgy or group experiences


The Great Plan in the Great Pyramid, part II (T. Valentine)




May 1972

– OBS: Insanity and Lower Entities



– Q/A




- What is the Ark of the Covenant




- What is the black man’s place in Stelle




- Can a person in Stelle have his own business


The Pyramid Inch and the Year, part III (T. Valentine)


Self–Disillusionment (G. Maloney)





June 1972

New Discovery Superior to Organic Gardening (R. Kieninger)


– Q/A




- Will Stelle offer correspondence courses



- Is men’s short hair in Stelle connected with sex role education



- Is man totally responsible for his future



- Where are the different planes of existence located



- Progression of the Life Wave



- What kinds of problems are being encountered in the formation of Stelle


6000 Years of History in Geometry, Astronomy and Stone,  part IV (T. Valentine)




July 1972

– OBS: Karmic Responsibility



– Q/A




- In building Stelle are you abandoning the rest of the world



- Is the element of compassion missing (re: last question)



- Does RK share decision–making with TSG trustees & how are they selected



- Where will Stelle get business during the Depression



- What is freewill and does it interfere with karma



- Is TSG the only way to spiritual growth



- Is witchcraft getting popular




- Seems there’s another movement to exercise your mind to good for others



- Any difference between white and black magic



- Where will the construction builders of Philadelphia live


The Great Pyramid’s Interior and Chronology, part V (T. Valentine)




August 1972

– OBS: Some Conflicting Theories on Human Progression


– Q/A




- What is Stelle’s attitude toward the healing professions



- Will there be a need for psychotherapy



- Elaborate on Citizenship training



- Difference between cosmic consciousness and clairvoyance



- What are alpha waves




- Does clairvoyance come from unseen entities



- Did Edgar Cayce develop his talents in other lifetimes



- Is TSG’s philosophy that reason and logic supplant “human nature”



- What happened to Mary and Joseph after the birth of Jesus


 – 20th Century As Seen By the Great Pyramid Builders, part VI (T. Valentine)




September 1972

– OBS: Conscience-Forming and Television



– Q/A




- How do people grow in Stelle




- Is most of the growing to conquer the physical plane



- Are the Brotherhoods active anywhere besides Stelle



- Are the Brotherhoods behind any other movements



- Is the cross Melchizedek the same as the traditional Christian cross



- What is the difference between clairaudient dictation and automatic writing


Prejudice as Principle (D. Cysewski)



Essay on Time (M. Valentine)





October 1972

Greenhouse Fund Thermometer (R. Kieninger)


– Q/A




- Elaborate on nightly retrospection




- Why was the site of Stelle chosen




- Can you obtain the technical information that is needed



- How does TSG determine if someone has negative karma



- What will happen to debts and mortgages during the depression



- Does cremation have any effect upon retrospection after transition



- Why is a fairly complete body necessary for retrospection



- Does giving away certain organs affect retrospection



- Can one gain positive karma for donating organs



- If Ego inhabits body during first breath




- Why can some people remember their intrauterine experiences



- How well can high-positioned Stelle people take criticism


The Emergence of a City (G. Maloney)



On the Role of Women in Stelle (D. Cysewski)




November 1972

OBS: Stelle: An Organization as Good as Its Members






- Can violently killed animals emit negative vibrations that effect humans



- Can we say prayers for other people



- What happens to make the Protective Prayer effective



- How long does the protection from the Protective Prayer last



- When will the city of Stelle be inhabited



A Glimmer of Joy (G. Maloney)





December 1972

– OBS: Vibrations and Music



– Q/A




- Women can’t work if they have children under 18



- Is it better if each woman decided to work or not for herself



- How did you arrive at the age of 18




- Is it wrong to project thoughts instead of prayers at people



- What are some factors that will lead to an [economic] depression


Clamoring for a False Messiah (Sidney J. Harris)


Work Ethic vs. Leisure Time (G. Maloney)


Mediocrity and Excellence (T. Valentine)


– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer – $6,973.88




January 1973

– OBS: Pointers in Precipitation



– Q/A




- Does TSG receive negative karma by accepting donations from non-members



- Psychic relationship between humans and plants and between themselves



- What is physical mechanism that explains this (re: last question)



- Does the Etheric Plane have anything to do with acupuncture points



- Are there any provisions for unwed mothers in Stelle



- Which Brotherhoods will the Emissaries come from



- If equal male/female advancement, do they have to be soul-mates



- Do seven of the Brotherhoods work on the physical plane



- How many Brotherhoods are operating in the US



- What are the certain attractions that each Brotherhood has



- What is the most recent Brotherhood




- Who are the famous students of the Coptic Brotherhood



- Does Stelle lend itself more to married or single people



- What karma is received for good intentions but dreadful results



- Can one receive one kind of karma on physical and another on another plane


Sex Roles, the Family, and Civilization (T. Valentine)




February 1973

– Q/A




- Who were the “Elders” of Lemuria



- Why is 1/6 of Earth’s Egos incarnate as opposed to another ratio



- What about medicine in Lemurian and why so much cancer lately


Money Needed for Important Greenhouse Project


The Twelve Great Virtues—Steppingstones to Human Perfection




March 1973

– OBS: Avoiding Tendencies Which Lead to Destruction 


– Q/A




- Do we really need technology



- Has our civilization’s technology gotten out of control



- What about the name of Eklal Kueshana



- What is purpose of the ceremony with Dr. White



- Any restriction on number of children in one family at Stelle



- Would it ever be detrimental to give someone The Ultimate Frontier



- Did the Brotherhoods have any influence upon the American Indians



- Advancement among American Indians who were not technological



- Did Atlanteans use their flying machines to help other civilizations



- Were there flying machines in Lemuria




- Were Lemurian flying machines anti–gravity type



- What do the Brothers call God and do They recognize God as a trinity


Hope—The Foundation of Civilization (G. Maloney)




April 1973

– OBS: Doing Christ’s Work



– Q/A




- What has been accomplished in Stelle




- What about leisure time among the working people in Stelle



- Can a divorcee paying alimony be a Stelle member



- What does it take to become a Master




- What does the “Word” in the beginning stand for



- Will the same skills be used after the turn of the century as are used now



- Does TSG recommend any group practices such as Hatha or Rajah yoga


Workaholics Unanimous (T. Valentine)





May 1973

OBS: The Coming Depression



– Q/A




- How is the Virtue Devotion practiced




- How does being devoted to something keep you from being “blind”



- What is your definition of reality



- Is reality an attitude



- What part does self-image play in reality



- How can one change his self-image




- Can people change the effects of negative thinking



- How much does our opinion of others influence them



Is it advisable to love everybody



Stelle Prepares for Rapid Growth (T. Valentine)




June 1973

– OBS: Emotional Stability and Advancement


– Q/A




- Have TSG members learned to avoid negative karma situations,



- Give some examples of things that have worked out (re: last question)



- Who sets up laws in your community




- Does RK still communicate with Dr. White



- Do Brotherhoods guarantee success of Stelle



- Is it possible that some things in TUF might not work out



- If we’re told that Stelle would be successful, why any uncertainty



- Types of social and economic changes in Stelle during the depression


Archeology—The Jigsaw Puzzle Science, part I (T. Valentine)




July 1973

– OBS: Time and Thought



– Q/A




- How should people prepare for things to come



- What type of orientation will there be prior to move to Philadelphia



- What will happen to animals during airlift



- Will animals be airlifted



- Is there other paths to advancement other than TSG’s way



- Does giving things to friends incur karmic debts



- If gift receiver wants to pay what should one do



- What does speaking in tongues mean in the Bible



- Do children incur karmic debt from their parents



- Is a parent responsible for how their children turn out



- When does a parent’s responsibility for raising their child end


– TSG Seeks More Members



More Evidence of Past Civilizations Destroyed by Cataclysm, part II (T. Valentine)




August 1973

– OBS: The Twelve Great Virtues



– Q/A




- Seems that TSG emphasizes the intellect over the body



- What do the Brothers call God & do They recognize God as a Trinity



- Do you have to a member of the Brotherhoods to be one with God



- Is it easier to advance by contacting a Higher Being to learn all there is to know



- Does TSG do any chanting



– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer



The Value of History and Legend as Evidence of Atlantis, part III (T. Valentine)




September 1973

– OBS: Advancement and Giving



– Q/A




- Do Brotherhoods have provisions for those in other countries with no TUF



- With all going on in country, how will Stelle accomplish its goals



- What will TSG do about preserving the fine arts



- Are TSG children taught the fine arts



Artifacts Link Both Sides of the Atlantic to a Common Culture, part IV (T. Valentine)




October 1973

– OBS: Jewish History in Early Lemuria



– Q/A




- Is there a true religion of man




- Can you say that the Brotherhoods have an organized religion



- What is the purpose of sacraments




- Is the Last Supper supposed to be followed by all



- Was Christ’s analogy of the bread and wine as His body to be taken literally



- Did the Dead Sea Scrolls change our idea of the Old Testament



- Did Jesus ever live other lives




- Does Jesus reside in Western Europe




- Incongruities between TUF’s view of work vs. Bible’s “God will provide



- Are all TSG members allowed to create their own environment


Linguists Point to Cultural Center in Both Atlantic and Pacific, part V (T. Valentine)


Adjusting Upward (N. Gilbert)



– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer – $19,366.77




Nov/Dec 1973

– OBS: Thought Patterns in Child Rearing



– A Busy ’73 work accomplished at Stelle (R. Kieninger)


Less Evidence for Mu Than Atlantis, But It’s Impressive conclusion (T. Valentine)




January 1974

– OBS: Images and Actions



– Q/A




- Is fasting good or bad




- How adaptable is the body to non–pure foods



- Cosmic Consciousness is not achieved by dying



- In achieving Cosmic Consciousness will I meet the “Dweller at the Threshold”


– Stelle Develops Metal Products Division



– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer – $20,763.93




February 1974

– OBS: Prosperity and Tithing



– Q/A




- Why did God create us in the first place



- Is this energy crisis the first step toward the depression



- What is the first step the US took toward the depression



- Do you have a timetable for the depression



- Is it unfair that all start out equal but only some make it to Mastership



- What natural disasters have you predicted—Japan would sink



- How do Black Mentalists exert their power/how does it manifest



- Many people want psychic experience without fear of consequences



- Is witchcraft and astrology bringing something down on us



- Must a person who is advancing meet the Dweller at the Threshold


Parents – Your Child is Watching and Watching (G. Maloney)




March 1974

– OBS: Fallacies of Athletic Competition





April 1974

– OBS: Sages: Earthlings or Aliens?



– Q/A




- Working on a way to physically transport Stelle during time of disasters



- Is there a safe place on Earth during the disasters



- Does TSG sponsor any worship services



- Will Philadelphia be populated by near-perfect humans


Stelle Molded Plastics—New and Growing



– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer – $21,804.63





May 1974

– OBS: Responsibility in Marriage



Promises to Keep (William Arthur Ward)



– Q/A (Gail)




- Is it sorcery to envision someone doing well



- Can sorcery be connected with positive as well as negative thinking



- If you envision TSG members doing well, how do you avoid sorcery



- Would you define sorcery



- How can you keep your thoughts from effecting others



- Is it evil to try to influence someone by thinking about him



- What is TSG’s position on occupational therapy, psychiatry, etc.



- How do these professions effect the professional



- What is TSG’s stance on controlling your mind though prayer



- (re: last question) You have to select stimuli you operate on



- Is Dr. Peale’s philosophy compatible with TSG’s



- What are the reasons for Christ dying on the cross



- Was Christ’s coming for Him to be sacrificed


A Way for Me (J. Machta)





June 1974

– OBS: Healthy Conditions for Civilizations



– Q/A




- What is Brotherhoods attitude toward suffering



- What is an Ego




- Are Egos created with personalities




- Are all past lives remembered during retrospection or just the past one



- If all Egos created equal, why doesn’t everyone develop in the same way



- The first incarnation must be very important



- How does one become a candidate for acceptance into the Brotherhoods



- What is Stelle’s and Brotherhoods’ attitude toward astrology


Water Treatment at Stelle (K. Williams and J. Howery)




July 1974

– OBS: Personal Excellence and Quality



Stelle Piano Shoppe (G. Kunkle)



– Gail Now Handling the Public Meetings



– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer – $26,136.29




August 1974

– OBS: Emotional Maturity



– Gail Q/A




 - Is Protective Prayer for others interference




 - How will Stelle survive during Depression




 - Is the Dweller at the Threshold a human




 - Does disease come from fear




 - What is controlling your environment




 - Do Stelle members receive instruction from Brotherhoods



 - Is IQ determined by environment or fixed at birth


A Psalm of Life (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


Responsibility as a Way of Life (F. Kleinberg)


– Greenhouse Fund Thermometer – $26,136.29




Sep/Oct 1974

– OBS: Stelle as a School



– Gail Q/A




 - When do children begin attending school




 - Is Stelle school related to Montessori




 - Are Montessori schools okay




 - Will children educated outside of Stelle fit in




 - Can women with children work in Stelle




 - Should fathers be involved with children




 - How can a mother raise a six-year old and a baby



 - Does Stelle have a high school


The Evolution of The Stelle School (G. Kieninger)


A Teacher’s Perspective (R. Hardke)



– Letter from Gail for requesting money for Stelle school




Nov/Dec 1974

Stelle: From the Design Viewpoint (G. Watson)


– Gail Q/A




 - What happens after a person is Initiated




 - Why is only Lemurian Brotherhood Initiating people



 - What does Stelle say about the Rapture




 - Are members of any church lost




 - Origin or word Israel




 - 144 trades/professions different for men and women



 - Would a different set of cultural rules be beneficial



 - How can women advance if they are restricted in professions



 - When does an Ego enter its body




 - What is Stelle’ view on abortion




 - Does one spirit inhabit bodies of twins



Visions and Ideals – excerpt (James Allen)



– 2 page color picture of Stelle





January 1975

The Moment of Commitment (J. Howery)



– Gail Q/A




 - Any other Brotherhood communities in the world



 - Will there be a Brotherhoods’ school in Stelle




 - Is Stelle a movement or religion



Guilt—It’s Cause and Prevention (D. Cysewski)


The Path to Inner Peace – excerpt (James Allen)


– Treasurer’s Report (D. Cysewski)





February 1975

– Quote (Ralph Waldo Emerson)



– Gail Q/A




 - Are the Twelve Great Virtues a foundation of Stelle



 - Does each Virtue reflect both spiritual and practical



 - Why is retrospection done in reverse order




 - How can one practice Humility




 - Is karma uniquely for humans



The Relevance of Decision (B. Ramadei)



In Pursuit of Excellence (G. Kieninger)



Ultimately … You Are the Teacher (J. Howery)





No Newsletters (see “Political Timeline”)





November 1975

Brief History of The Stelle Group (TSG trustees)




December 1975

The Growth of Stelle (TSG trustees)



The Quest for Civilization (R. Machiz)



The Handsome and Deformed Legs (B. Franklin)




Jan/Feb 1976

– OBS: The Pursuit of Metaphysical Mysteries


– [RK’s] Contact from the Brotherhoods (TSG Trustees)


Friends of Stelle [groups forming]





May 1976

Vol. 11, no. 2

– OBS: Mystic Awareness


Major Steps Taken on Thirteenth Anniversary of Stelle (TSG trustees)


– Editor’s Column (G. Kunkle)





July 1976

Vol. 11, no. 3

OBS: Rational and Cosmic Views of the World

The Evolution of an Early Program (J. Canahan)




August 1976

Vol. 11, no. 4

– OBS: The U.S.A.


Stelle Molded Plastics Moves to Its New Home in Stelle (C. English & D. Corbin)


Stelle: The Democracy (G. Greene)



– Stelle Has Open House



– Trustees’ Report



– Announcement of the formation of Adelphi



– Relationship with Richard Defined





September 1976

Vol. 11, no. 5

– OBS: The Seven Planes of Existence


Co-Operative Mart (B. Mitchell)



Social Events (F. English)



Joining Our Community (D. Williams)



Mother/Artist (J. Carnahan)



– Trustees’ Report




- Richard Speaks at Meeting in Chicago




- Education in Stelle




- New Plans for the Farmhouse Area





November 1976

Vol. 11, no. 6

– OBS: Stages of Growth in an Organization


The Stelle Group Learning Center - A New Brand of School (M. Goldmund and M. Sepe)


Family Night



Construction in Stelle (Chaman)



Trustees’ Report




- Stelle Credit Union




- Acknowledgment Reached with Neighbors



- Public Meeting Held at Stelle



A Mother’s Investment (C. English)





December 1976

Vol. 11, no. 7

– OBS: The Peaceful Messiah


Six Steps of Mental Precipitation (Common Sense Publishing)


The Orientation Program (F. C. English)


Bee Happy Honey Co. (D. Horn)



– Trustees’ Report




- A Christmas Thank You




- Self–Sufficiency Program




- Sale of 80 Acres




- Remodeling of School Completed



Arbor Day (D. Stauffer)



Barbeque Social (Common Sense Publishing)




January 1977

Vol. 12, no. 1

– OBS: Christianity Versus Christ’s Plan


Elderly Persons and Stelle (C. English)



– Trustees’ Annual Report




- Government




- Physical Development




- Education




- Industry




- Self–Sufficiency




- Relationship with the World Around Us



- Relationship with the Community



– A Letter from the [newsletter] Staff





February 1977

Vol. 12, no. 2

– OBS: Egoic Advancement


A Look at Self-Sufficiency (C. Watson)



Trustees’ Report




- New Year’s Program




- 1977 Priorities




- National Distribution of TUF




- Townhouse Ground–Breaking



– Quote from Lao Tzu



Sowing for the Future (Anon)





March 1977

Vol. 12, no. 3

– OBS: Egocentricity to Sociocentricity


An Economic Model for Stelle (G. Ehmka)


The Stelle Credit Union (G. Ehmka)



– Trustees’ Report




- Small Group Discussions




- Stelle Industries, Inc.




- One Million Dollars in Assets



Love at First Sight (P. Kohnke)



– Results of the Housing Survey (R  Matchiz)


Opening Day at the Stelle Cooperative Mart (R. Matchiz)




April 1977

Vol. 12, no. 4

– OBS: Adelphi – The Workshop


– Q/A




- Do most people receive impressions




- Does suffering hinder perception of other planes



- What about TSG members holding property elsewhere



 - Giving up outside assets not required for TSG membership


– Trustees’ Report




- Founding Day Ball




- Membership Grants Richard Kieninger Special Membership



- Blossoming-of-Stelle Day




- Progress Report on the Small Group Discussion Groups


Preparation for the Future (Anon)





June 1977

Vol. 12, no. 5

Stelle, the City



- Community of Stelle




- The Stelle School




- Industries in Stelle




- Stelle: the Steppingstone





July 1977

Vol. 12, no. 6

– OBS: The Nuclear Family


– Q/A




- What are dreams




- Does Egoic breakthrough to soul knowledge occur through meditation





Statement of Predictions (R. Kieninger)



New Publications Announcement




- The Stelle Group Educational Program




- The Stelle Credit Union: an economic model for the new order




September 1977

Vol. 12, no. 7

– OBS: Emotional Health


– OBS: Thumbnail Definitions of the Ten Qualities of Mind


Constructive Thinking (R. Matchiz)



Stelle’s First Variety Show (R. Rashkin)




November 1977

Vol. 12, no. 8

A Rich Environment in Which to Be a Parent (J. Carnahan)

In the Holiday Spirit (B. Machiz)





December 1977

Not published





February 1978

Vol. 13, no. 1

– The Great Plan of the Brotherhoods—A Closer Look

The Stelle Group and the Great Plan of the Brotherhoods




March 1978

Vol. 13, no. 2

– OBS: Egoic Growth via Balance and Self–Esteem

– Q/A




- In what ways do you see women in Stelle evolving



- How do you see a single parent functioning in Stelle



- Purpose of reliving attitude-forming childhood experiences


Cooperation and the Great Plan (F. C. English)




April 1978

Vol. 13, no. 3

– OBS: Success Consciousness


– Guest Week Program





May 1978

Vol. 13, no. 4

– OBS: Cultural Balance


It’s All in How You Look at It (B. Machiz)



– 4th edition TUF (announcement)





June/July 1978

– OBS: Parenting


Vol. 13, no. 5

The Birth Program in Stelle (C. Forman)


– Results of Trustee Election



New York Meeting





August 1978

Vol. 13, no. 6

– OBS: Child Rearing in the Past


– Q/A




- How important is it in Stelle that the children be silent


On Becoming an Initiate (tapes/book announcement)




September 1978

Vol. 13, no. 7

– OBS: A Cause of Antisocial Violence


– Q/A




- How is an Ego bonded to his infant body



- What keeps another Ego from taking over a body when it falls asleep



- Can a clairvoyant see a person’s Ego outside his body



- Is the “silver cord” factual



- In the beginning was there a definite amount of Egos created



- What is the population of the world now



- Why can’t we know the purposes for our incarnation


– Open House



– Publications





October 1978

Vol. 13, no. 8

– OBS: The Development of the Human Brain






November 1978

– OBS: Mystic Awareness


Vol. 13, no. 9

– Admissions Criteria (R. Matchiz)





December 1978

– OBS: Expected Effects of Seismological Events

Vol. 13, no. 10

Technology and Stelle (T. Wilhelm)



Doomsday Effect (R. Machiz)



On Sharing "The Ultimate Frontier” (R. Matchiz)




January 1979

Vol. 14, no. 1

– The Stelle Group – 1979



- A Historical Perspective [of TSG]




- 1979 – An Overview




- Self–Sufficiency in General




- Organizational Structure





* Department of Administration





* Department of Building





* Department of Education






• Early Learning Program







▫ Early Learning Council







▫ Birth Program







▫ Reading Program






• Modified Montessori Classroom





• Primary Program






• Mother’s Study Group






• Elementary Program






• Secondary Program






• Student Orientation Program






Learning Center Council






• Adult Education Program





* Department of Exchange






• Office of Membership






• Office of the Treasurer






• Office of Development



– Guest Week (K. Greenlee)





February 1979

Vol. 14, no. 2

The Stellwood Story (R. Matchiz)


– An Organizational Change [SII is leasing company]




April 1979

Vol. 14, no. 3

– Q/A



- Why did Jesus & Melchizedek change bodies after the cross



- Explain the host of Egos present during Christ’s crucifixion



- Why did Christ say, “.. Why hast Thou forsaken me”



- In Aquarian Gospel, why is Holy Spirit referred to in the feminine



- Comment on the veracity of The Aquarian Gospel



- Why didn’t Christ want Mary to touch Him when He appeared


Remembrance Day



A Picture of Jesus



The Last Supper





May 1979

Vol. 14, no. 4

– OBS: Factual Data Are Essential for Knowing Truth

Personal Preparedness [Publication] (R. Machiz & T. Wilhelm)


– Frontiersmen: Kelly Greenlee



– Announcement of the On Becoming an Initiate publication


– Announcement of Observations IV





July 1979

Vol. 14, no. 5

Lovingly Assist (Early Learning Council)


– Frontiersmen: The Malletts





September 1979

Vol. 14, no. 6

– OBS: Benefits of Fulfilling Dreams and Increasing Happiness

Social–Sexuality Perspectives (C. Forman)


– Frontiersmen: Tim Farage





October 1979

Vol. 14, no. 7

– Richard Kieninger Speaks at International Conference

Evidence Supports Brotherhoods Cosmology (T. Farage)


Ten Cannots (Abraham Lincoln)



Non–Stop to Heaven (F. C. English)



Christ’s Great Plan publication announced



– Frontiersmen: Taylor family





November 1979

Vol. 14, no. 8

– For the Beauty of the Earth



- Universal Laws




- A Gift of Love




- Tithing




- On Being a Steward




- Don’t Be Surprised




- Organizations That Serve




- Where to Tithe



The Stelle Group’s Observance of God’s Law of Tithes




December 1979

Vol. 14, no. 9

– Stelle’s Self–Sufficiency


– The Board of Trustees’ Report for 1979




- Financial Self–Sufficiency





* Long-Range Strategic Planning & Budgeting




* Advisory Board





* Stelle Cooperative mart





* Gardening




- Agricultural Self–Sufficiency





* Ethanol Plant





* Solar Home



– Unconventional House Will Look Conventional




December 1979

Vol. 14, no. 10

– Stelle Wishes You a Happy New Year


Non-Resident Associate Program (C. Betterton & K. Greenlee)




Jan/Feb 1980

Vol. 15, no. 1

A Pioneer Christmas


Dear Stelle … (N. Laub)



– Guest Week





March 1980

Vol. 15, no. 2

Fuel Self–Sufficiency for Stelle (M. Henretty)

– Frontiersmen: Phyllis Leland



Brotherhood [poem] (Melissa)





April 1980

Vol. 15, no. 3

Early Learning: Another Step (D. Frothingham)






May 1980

Vol. 15, no. 4

– Q/A



- Are you satisfied with Stelle’s progress



Jupiter Effect: Just in Case (John White)



Remnants of Ancient Continent of Mu Found in Oregon? (C. English)




June 1980

Vol. 15, no. 5

Stelle Annual Open House (M. Gilbert)


– Frontiersmen: Al Piel





July 1980

Vol. 15, no. 6

Apex Tool Company – The Beginning of a New Industry (G. Davis)

We Work Our Way to Brotherhood (N. Laub)




  August 1980

 Vol. 15, no. 7

– Q/A



- The Coming Inundation


- Are you working on a way to transport Stelle to a safe place during cataclysms



- What will happen to animal life during cataclysms



- What type of orientation will there be prior to move to Philadelphia



- How should people start preparing for the things to come


Suzuki: The Mother Tongue Method of Music Comes to Stelle (R. Stewart)




September 1980

Vol. 15, no. 8

The Stelle Construction Company (A. Barberg)

– Frontiersmen: Foreman Family





October 1980

Vol. 15, no. 9

Stelle’s Experimental Energy Converter (T. Wilhelm)

– New Publications announced




- TUF Study Guide




- Parenting for Excellence




- Personal Preparedness Vol. II




- Stelle Forum Tape Series





Nov/Dec 1980

– Trustees’ Report for 1980 (J. Roehrig)




- Stewardship




- Self–Sufficiency




- Industrial Base




- New Participants






Not published





March 1981

Vol. 15, no. 1

The Stelle Group Guest Program (C. Betterton & K. Ring)

–Publications inser





April 1981

Vol. 15, no. 2

The Stelle Greenhouse (C. Martin)


– Non–Resident Associate Program (insert)



Philadelphia Fund Established



– Noteworthy Musicians





May 1981

Vol. 15, no. 3

– Q/A



- What is the purpose of karma




- When relating to others, how can you avoid interfering with them



- How will world’s karmic indebtedness be returned



- How will returned karma effect individuals



- Does working for someone and refusing payment, force his negative karma



- Is there hope for freedom for karmic law



- Easy to get negative karma, how do we gain positive karma



- If someone has difficult time is it always negative karma



- Why use money in if motivation is working toward NoG and self–improvement



- If you have positive karma does it translate to more money



- If a car accident is designed to balance a person’s karma, can it be prayed away



- Should a robber be resisted is it would cause death


– Publications insert



An Introduction to The Stelle Group





June 1981

Vol. 16, no. 4

– Government in Stelle



- Divisions of Government





* Legislative Function






• Proposals






• Community Meetings






• Public Hearings






• Small Group Discussions and Task Forces





• Open Forum





* Executive Function





* Judicial Function




- Philosophical Foundations





* Purpose of the Brotherhoods





* Purpose of The Stelle Group





* Purpose of Civilization





* Purpose of Government






Brotherhoods’ Philosophy as Basis of United States Government





• Bill of Rights






• Ten Lemurian Laws




- Courtesy (Excerpts from Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter, 6–1972)



- Customs




- Emotional Maturity





* Government and Business





* Virtue



– Lao Tzu (quote)






July 1981

Vol. 16, no. 5

– OBS: Self–Advancement


The Relation Between Mothering and Development (J. Carnahan)



- Mothering by Mothers and Others




- Mothering Determines the Quality of Culture




- Mothering Sets the Pattern for Individual Development


On Becoming an Initiate [advertising insert]





August 1981

Vol. 16, no. 6

– Q/A (from 1968–69)



- How can one unobtrusively bring TUF information to people



- How can one overcome inertia in self-motivation



- What are mechanics of naturally intensifying our senses for ESP



- Does a person have two consciousnesses: physical and higher


Letter from a Member (R. Sackman)



– Frontiersmen: Ken McCue



– Personal Success Programs [advertising insert]





September 1981

Vol. 16, no.7

– OBS: Overcoming Fear


– TSG Publications [insert]





October 1981

Vol. 16, no.8

Communication: The Ultimate Skill (N. Laub)

– Frontiersmen: They Sepes





November 1981

Vol. 16, no. 9

Armoring: Its Origin and Function (J. Bassett)






December 1981

Vol. 16, no. 10

– Trustees Report for 1981 (L. Guinn)



- Public Relations




- Office of Technology




- Stelle Housing Trust




- Pond Area Gets Facelift




- Video Center




- Non-Resident Associate (NRA) Program




- Stelle Telephone Company





February 1982

Vol. 17, no. 1




- What Is Prosperity    




- How Can You Keep Prosperity




- What Do You Do With Prosperity




- Setting Goals




- Mental Precipitation




- Mastermind



Personal Success Course Announcement





March 1982

Vol. 17, no. 2

Stelle Community Plans for New World Society

– News Coverage of Stelle



– Frontiersmen: Dorothy Finkenbiner





April/May 1982

Vol. 17, no.3

Women in Stelle: Eve-olution (C. Foreman & K. Greenlee)


- Personalities




- Occupations




- Motherhood




- Marriage




- Singlehood




- Evolution





June 1982

Vol. 17, no.4

Education in Stelle (Department of Education)


- Encouraging Love of Learning




- Individualize Learning




- Promote Experiential Education




- Use Success and Mastery Teaching Techniques



- Use a Balanced Holistic Approach




- Motherschool




- Birth Program




- MISPAH Program




- Home Environment Consultant




- Physical Development Consultant




- Music Consultant




- Mother’s Class




- Montessori Classrooms




- Parent’s Resource Program




- Learning Center






Vol. 17, no. 5

Paradigm Shift (C. Colle)



- Politics




- Medicine and Health




- Education




- Economics



– Reorganization [of TSG] for Action [Stelle is open]



- Government




- Residence in Stelle




- Education




- Publications




- Public Relations



– Reorganization [of Adelphi] for Action [private community]



- Government




- Residence in Adelphi




- Publications




- Public Relations






“The Stelle Group Letter” Newsletters 





Vol. 17, No. 6

– OBS: New Age Life in Stelle and Adelphi


Dawn of a New Age City (Heather Norris)




- What Does “New Age” Mean




- What Will It Be Like




- How Do We Get There



– Stelle Today




- The Vision




- The Goal




- Present Manifestation




- Physical Environment




- Personal and Spiritual Growth




- Education




- Government




- Industry and Technology




- The People




- An Invitation




- Make a Decision – Set Your Goal



TUF Fifth Edition announcement






Vol. 17, No. 7

– TSG Trustees Annual Report


– [TSG] Government Changeover Ceremony [SCA by–laws]


– Adelphi’s Directors’ Report






Vol. 18, No. 1

– Stelle—City for Tomorrow


– An Introduction to The Stelle Group



– Housing in Stelle [for sale]






Vol. 18, No. 2

The Stelle-Adelphi Motherschool (L. Guinn)


- Women’s Role




- Teaching




- Discipline




- Love



– Courtesy



Teaching Parenting Skills (M. Engel)


– Frontiersmen: Mary Ann Engle






Vol. 18, No. 3

– Thank You – Your Support Helps Us Get Results

Life and Love publication announcement



– A Report from the Office of Technology




- Help from Our Friends [Bubbles as greenhouse insulation]



- Nonresident Associate Involvement




- Support from Industry




- Would You Like to Help




- Update – Previous Greenhouse Work



– Stelle Community Association



Moving from Stelle to Adelphi (K. Ring)






Vol. 18, No. 4

Ice: The Ultimate Disaster (C. Colle)


Egypt trip with Richard (announcement)



Exposing Subliminal and Conversion Tactics (Dick Sutphen)





Vol. 18, No. 5

– “In Pursuit of The Ultimate Frontier” announcement

– Friendly Neighbor Association



From Behind the Mic with RK (C. Jones)






Vol. 18, No. 6

The New Direction of The Stelle Group (L. Mareno)

Non–Resident Associate Program






Vol. 18, No. 7

– July 4th, 1983, Stelle’s Annual Festival of Joy (C. Colle)

– Nonresident Associate Weekend Report



– Frontiersmen: Arvin Schueneman






Vol. 18, No. 8

Stelle and Adelphi Schools in Action (N. Roehm)


- The Stelle Learning Center




- Teacher Training




- Individualized Learning




- Fostering love of Learning




- Experiential learning




- Goal Setting




- A Balanced Holistic Approach



Morningschool (L. Betterton)



Archeological Field Trip (N. Roehm)



The Stelle/Adelphi School (B. Taylor)



Parenting for Excellence (M. Voyles)



Gymnastics (J. Bassett)





Vol. 18, No. 9

– OBS: The Birthday of Jesus


– Q/A




- Secrets of Achieving Prosperity




- What is tithing




- Where did tithing originate




- For what does tithing compensate




- How can money be a repayment to the Higher Beings,



- We have barely enough to live on, how can we tithe



- Shouldn’t I pay my debts before tithing




- Do I tithe on my gross income or after taxes



- Should I tithe on my inheritance




- Should I tithe on business profits when I reinvest



- Can I split my tithe




- If tithing is a law, how can I contribute freely with thanksgiving



- How do you know if an organization is doing God’s work



- How do TSG and TAO further God’s work


Richard Kieninger on Tithing



Philadelphia Fund – $18,409.47



Entryway Paved in Stelle



Curbs Poured in Adelphi






– OBS: On Heroes and Heroism


Vol. 18, No. 10

The Dimensions of Man (A. Schueneman)



The Adventure of Achieving Initiation (list of Brothers)


– Frontiersmen: Robert Machiz






Vol. 19, No. 1

– TSG Trustees’ Annual Report


– Adelphi’s Trustees Report



– Organizational Chart of the Great Plan



– TSG’s new participation policy



– BBI Course in Dallas






Vol. 19, No. 2

– Lemurian Philosophy Seminars announced



1. Exploring The Ultimate Frontier




2. Be All You Can Be




3. Powers of Mind




4. Personal Responsibility




5. Toward a Better Culture




6. Integrating Science and Philosophy



Guest Week in Stelle (W. Simack)



My Experience with Lemurian Philosophy Seminars (L. Guinn)


I Acquire Courage (M. Haines)



– Frontiersmen: Rich Carter





April 1984

Vol. 19, No. 3

– OBS: Richard Kieninger on Ankhaton


Egypt Experiences with Richard Kieninger (H. Norris)


The Egyptian Museum (Robert Payne)



Unto Thee I Grant (for sale)



Secrets of South America (D. Childress)



Memories of Egypt



– Richard Meets Egyptian Brother from the Hermetic Brotherhood




May 1984

Vol. 19, No. 4

OBS: Comments on Astrology


– Q/A




- What is hypnosis




- How does hypnosis work




- Is it possible to do anything against your standards while hypnotized



- Is it possible to be hypnotized by a decarnate entity



- What is self–hypnosis



Delaying Tactics



– V.I.P. Weekends (M. Hoffman & B. Wilson)


– Frontiersmen: Lorene Chambers



– Natural Science Research





June/July 1984

Vol. 19, No. 5

– Q/A



- How does changing your thoughts improve life 



- Is there something I can do to cultivate this new habit of thinking



- How are prayers answered




- A person’s karmic status determines how their prayer will be answered



- What about the Lemurian Power Reservoir


– Frontiersmen: Charles Betterton



New Homes in Stelle (R. Trenda)



– Stelle Forum insert (advertisement)





August 1984

Vol. 19, No. 6

– OBS: Prosperity Can Be Yours


– Q/A




- Could you be specific about the information window closing



- What avenues will be available for Stelle membership at close of century



- People can still be TSG members but info won’t be as readily available


Foam Home (T. Johnson)



– Frontiersmen: Franz Baertlein





September 1984

Vol. 19, No. 7

– Q/A



- How does smoking marijuana affect the body



- Is alcohol worse than marijuana and why are drugs laws worse



- Why are American Indians using drugs




- What is the best way to deal with marijuana in this country


– TUF 6th edition (announcement)



– Frontiersmen: Kathleen Ring



– Affiliate Program insert (advertisement)





October 1984

Vol. 19, No. 8

– Q/A



- What does receiving the “Holy Spirit” refer to



- Should we “witness” or declare our faith to others in order to win converts



- Should we be evangelizing to save sinners and convert the world



- What does saved by the Grace of God and not our own works



- What did Christ mean when he said, “the Way, the Truth and the Light”



- Was Christ an incarnation of God or was Jesus the son of God



- Is Christ on par with other religious leaders of the past


Stelle Residents Begin Two Foundations



– Robert Machiz becomes TSG Business Manager


Business Development in Stelle (T. Johnson)



– South American Tour with Richard Kieninger (advertisement)


– TSG Publications List insert





November 1984

Vol. 19, No. 9

OBS: The Neo Renaissance


Weddings–Ceremonies of Love (L. Dudash)





December 1984

 Vol. 19, No. 10

– Q/A



- Is the ability to love teachable




- So, the parent’s love is not conditional



Invitational Education (N. Roehm)



Motherschool Activities (M. Engel)



The Stelle School in Dallas (Staff)



– Frontiersmen: Nancy Roehm



Parabolic Reflector or Hot Dog Cooker (Chrash, & P. Fisher,  O. Curry)




Jan/Feb 1985

Vol. 20, No. 1

– Q/A



- Why did you start two communities




- Is there a specific direction to take before the turn of the century


– TSG Annual Report




- Computer Systems




- Technology




- Membership Manuals




- Education




- Lemurian Philosophy Seminars




- Affiliate Program




- Membership




- Public Relations and Publications




- The Ultimate Frontier



– Adelphi Annual Report




- Land Development




- Organizational Changes




- Education




- Preparedness




- Creating the Culture



The Ultimate in Friendship (D. Carrothers)



– Frontiersmen: The Campau’s





March 1985

Vol. 20, No. 2

Creating the Climate (A. Schueneman)



- Definition of Culture




- Transmission of Culture




- Communication




- Individual Growth




- Natural Balance




- Stability




- Emotion and Intellect




- Mature Technology




- Historical Grandeur




- Creating the Climate




- The Stelle Group




- The Adelphi Organization




- The Neo–Renaissance



Dallas Hospitality Weekend (B. Van Dyck)



– Frontiersmen: Marlene Strahota



– Valentine’s Day





April 1985

Vol. 20, No. 3

– Q/A



- Is the Kingdom of God any different from your idea of the Nation of God



- Who will live in the Nation of God




- How can NoG be balanced if non-advanced people can’t live there


– Visit Stelle for Guest Week




- Activities




- Philosophy




- Education




- Health




- Communities




- Meet Richard




- Social Events



– Frontiersmen: George Blackman



– Interview with Richard in Psychic Guide Magazine 




May 1985

Vol. 20, No. 4

Further Verification of TUF


Unraveling the Mysteries of South America (D. Childress)


– Frontiersmen: Jon Haeme



America B.C. (for sale)





June 1985

Vol. 20, No. 5

The Effects of Mother/Child Bonding (H. Norris) 


- Bonding is Natural




- Western Mothering




- Effects of Human bonding




- Mothering




- Fathering




- A Step Toward Brotherhood



– Going to Washington, D.C. [Stelle school trip]



– Frontiersmen: The Langsdales



Improving Your Communication and Parenting advertisement


– National Science Teachers Convention



– School Activities – Stelle and Dallas





July/August 1985

Vol. 20, No. 6

– Q/A



- What would a day in the life of a Brother be like



- Is John [Richard’s Teacher] quite a bit beyond first degree



- Does a person function differently when he becomes an Initiate



- Do Brothers ever go to live in a Brotherhood retreat



- What are the demands of being a Brother



– Hospitality Weekend and Summer Ball in Dallas



Human Resources Program (H. Norris)



– Frontiersmen: Linda Dudash



Chicago Public Meetings Discontinued



– TSG has new Dallas office



Stelle, IL mentioned in Futurist magazine article (8–85)


Ancient Atlantic (for sale)





September 1985

Vol. 20, No. 7

– OBS: Sexual Polarity and Soul Mates


– Q/A




- Does being an “alternator” give a more will–rounded view of existence



- Do alternating Egos have both matriarchal and patriarchal views of the world



- Would the 13th Ego tend to be one sex or the other through the Life Wave